• 04-04-03...FNV #125: Paris Censored/Edwin Starr Passes
  • 04-01-03...FNV #124 Hip Hop Has Been Trademarked
  • 03/28/03...FNV #123: FBI Surveilling Franti & Spearhead
  • 03/25/03...FNV #122: Simmons Blasts Demos,Hillary & MTV
  • 03/13/03...FNV #121 Congress Trying to Ban Rap
  • 03/06/03...FNV #120: Hip Hop Journalist Brutalized By Police

  • 12/30/02...FNV: Al Sharpton Speaks on Hip Hop/ Slick Rick vs The INS
  • 12/16/02...FNV: Notes of a Hip Hop Head -Editorial-
  • 12/16/02...FNV: Notes of a Hip Hop Head/Em vs Benzino on Hot 97
  • 12/12/02...FNV:JMJ Investigation Widens/Jermaine Dupri vs The IRS
  • 12/05/02...FNV: INS Tries To Smash on Slick Rick/ An Interview w/ Damon Dash

  • 11/22/02...FNV: Crash Crew Celebrate 25th/ Did Kool Keith Rob A Nite Club?
  • 11/14/02...FNV: Suge's Offices Raided By Police/ Community Set To Jam Up KMEL
  • 11/08/02...FNV: Zulu Nation: From Gangs to Glory/Paris' Open Letter to Def Jam
  • 11/05/02...FNV: Feds Set to Probe Jam Master Jay Killing

  • 10/31/02...FNV: Remembering Jam Master Jay In The Midst of Chaos
  • 10/29/02...FNV: Hip Hop's Grim Undertones
  • 10/28/02...FNV: Philly & Maryland Rappers Come Together/Interview w/ Kevin Powell
  • 10/24/02...FNV: The Wake Up Show Returns/ Raekwon Leaves Loud
  • 10/17/02...FNV: Power 106 Underfire: Too Much Shade Sheist/ Rap the Vote
  • 10/10/02...FNV:Hip Hop Quiz #2/ Interview w/ Dot-A-Rock
  • 10/08/02...FNV: Dame Dash Gets Jumped in Paris/An Interview w/ Talib
  • 10/03/02...FNV: Hip Hop Says 'Not In Our Name'/Hip Hop Gets Its First Mayor

  • 09/27/02...FNV: O'Reilly Goes After Snoop/ Hot 97 Backs Up Funkmaster Flex
  • 09/20/02...FNV: Wildstyle 20th Anniversary Reunion/ Male Supremacy in Hip Hop
  • 09/17/02...FNV: Ice Cube Joins Aftermath/ Funkmaster Flex Accused of Payola
  • 09/13/02...FNV: MTV Censors Public Enemy/ Vansilk Challenges Jay-z and Nas
  • 09/06/02...FNV: LA Times Causing More Drama-Biggie vs 2Pac
  • 09/05/02...FNV: Ludacris' Mom Slams O'Reilly/ What Backpackers Need to Do

  • 08/29/02...FNV: Ludacris Gets Shut Down/ Bill O'Reilly is a Pompus, Hypocritical...
  • 08/28/02...FNV: Boots Set to Teach in Oakland High Schools/ Snoop Gives Up Weed
  • 08/16/02...FNV: Talib & Sway to Host Black August/ Cynthia McKinney on Hip Hop
  • 08/14/02...FNV: Nas Says 'No' to Jay-Z/ KRS to Hold Conference on 9-11
  • 08/09/02...FNV: RIAA Shuts Down Hip Hop Website/ Interview w/ Chuck D
  • 08/09/02...FNV: Interview w/ Chuck D pt 2 [Old School, New School and Soul]
  • 08/09/02...FNV: Interview w/ Chuck D pt 3 [Media Mind Control & Payola]
  • 08/02/02...FNV: The Integration of the Hip Hop Nation/Hip Hop Crime Wave
  • 08/02/02...FNV: A Response to Minister Paul Scott [pt2]

  • 07/31/02...FNV: GW Theodores Celebrates 27 Years/ Slick Rick vs the INS
  • 07/23/02...FNV: Rocksteady Celebrates 25 Years/Bay Area Slang
  • 07/14/02...FNV: Gays and Hip Hop/Rise Up Hip Hop Nation Wise Up
  • 07/11/02...FNV: Sharpton, Cochran and Michael Jackson Take on Music Biz

  • 06/25/02...FNV: Do We Boycott Nelly?/ RIAA Gangsters Shut Down Internet Radio
  • 06/25/02...FNV: Bakari Kitwana Speaks on the Hip Hop Generation
  • 06/05/02...FNV: Hip Hop Rally Draws 100 Thousand/ R Kelly Indicted
  • 05/31/02...FNV: Hip Hop vs City Hall/ The Eminem Show Review
  • 04/26/02...FNV:Lisa'Left Eye' Lopez Dies In Crash / Crack Down on Internet Radio
  • 04/25/02...FNV: Hard Times Befall Writer Charlie Braxton/ Hip Hop and Pop
  • 04/23/02...FNV: How Hip Hop Destroyed Black Power
  • 04/18/02...FNV: Kool Moe Dee Is Back/ Ras Baraka Runs For Office
  • 08/15/01...FNV: Remembering Disco King Mario/Jay_z Hooks up w/ Jacko

  • 06/28/01...FNV:Baby Boy or Baby Bomb/ Lil Mo Attacked in SF
  • 01/05/01...FNV:Eminem & Industry Hypocrociscy/ Xzibits' Ironic Performance
  • 01/02/01...FNV:Furious 5 Sue LL/ Foxy Brown Fights Drug Addiction

    12/19/00..FNV:Jingle Ball Jam Cancelled/ Jerry Heller Returns
    12/15/00..FNV:Busta Bounces/ Jam Master Jay on EBAY
    12/11/00..FNV: KRS-One's Refinitions/ No New NWA Album
    12/06/00..FNV:High Rents Killing Bay Area Hip Hop
    12/04/00..FNV:Did Shyne Represent?
    12/04/00..FNV:An Open Letter From KRS-One
    12/01/00..FNV:It's World AIDS Day-Do You Remember Eazy E

    11/28/00..FNV:ODB Caught In Philly/ Al Sharpton To Bring Hip Hop To Cuba
    11/21/00..FNV:ODB Stuns Crowd/Coming Straight Outta Lodi
    11/18/00..FNV:DJ Screw Dies/B-Real to Replace Zack De La Rocha??

    08/25/00..FNV: Source Fiasco Update/Buy Chicago Campaign
    08/23/00..FNV: Drama, Madness & Mayhem at the Source Awards
    08/21/00..FNV: Ruff Ryders To T-Pup Etc/ DNC; Police Protestors & ....
    08/11/00..FNV: Outkast vs Johnnie Cochran / SF Housing Projects Get..
    08/05/00..FNV:Confrontation Camp Strikes Bush/ Notes on Rocksteady

    07/28/00..FNV: Snoop's Angels/ Al Sharpton's Redeem The Dream!
    07/25/00..FNV: Drama For Juvenile/ Black August 2000
    07/20/00..FNV:Drama at Canibus Party/ Is Keith Murray Innocent?
    07/18/00..FNV: Straight Outta Hunters Point Documentary/ Upski Responds
    07/13/00..FNV: Da Brat Hits Silver Screen/ The White Boy Schuffle
    07/11/00..FNV: Chuck D vs Hillary Rosen/ Drama In Detroit For Dr Dre
    07/05/00..FNV: De La Soul on HBO/ LA Tragedy Mausberg Murdered
    07/01/00..FNV: Russel vs Giuliani/ H R Brown Saga Updates

    06/27/00..FNV:Drama At Hot 97 Summerjam/ Furious Five Sue Will Smith

    04/21/00..FNV:Ice T Frees Pal/ Money B Party Tragedy
    04/19/00..FNV: Madison! the Aftermath of a Dope Conference
    04/14/00..FNV:Hip Hop Touches Down In Madison
    04/12/00..FNV:Common Launches Charity/ GM Caz Returns
    04/10/00..FNV:2Pac Lost Tapes Uncovered/Chicago HOB Boycott
    04/07/00..FNV:Made Men Speak Out/ D'Angelo Throws Down
    04/06/00..FNV:Chicago Hip Hoppers To Boycott HOB
    04/04/00..FNV:Drama In Boston w/ Lox & Made Men/ The King Legacy

    03/31/00..FNV:Chuck D To Speak At Conference/Rakim Sues KRS-One
    06/06/00..FNV: Politics-Hip Hop Style
    03/03/00..FNV: Chuck D Wants Music/Boycott Hot 97

    12/10/99..FNV:Owning Our Own/Bill Clinton & Freestyles!
    12/09/99..FNV:Ex Cop May Mave Killed Biggie!
    12/07/99..FNV:The Jay-Z Drama/ The 2Pac Conference
    12/02/99..FNV:Simmons To Do Mini-Series/ Philly DJ Shot

    11/30/99..FNV:Digital Underground members Arrested
    11/24/99..FNV:Kool Keith Is Mad
    11/22/99..FNV:ODB Has His Day In Court
    11/19/99..FNV:Rosa Parks Loses/Willie D To Box
    11/11/99..FNV:Mos Def Touches Down/ Boots' 35 Emcees
    11/06/99..FNV:EPMD Cut Show/ Asian Hip Hoppers

    10/25/99..FNV:Common Says Hands Off Assata

    08/26/99..FNV:Sam Sneed Has Cancer
    08/20/99..FNV:Reporting Live From LA
    08/18/99..FNV:The Truth Hurts/ A Day In The West
    08/16/99..FNV:Rakim Returns/ Puffy Walks Out
    08/13/99..FNV:Jesse Jackson's Hip Hop Summit
    08/13/99..FNV:KRS-One Commentary
    08/12/99..FNV:The Coup & Dead Prez/ Ed Lover Quits
    08/02/99..FNV:Baka Boyz Quit

    07/23/99..FNV:Father MC Arrested/ Gays In Hip Hop pt2
    07/21/99..FNV:UK's Tim Westwood Shot/ Eve is Robbed
    07/19/99..FNV:Stop Blaming Hip Hop! Blame Woodstock!
    07/19/99..FNV:E-40 Clears His Name..

    05/28/99..FNV:Ice Cube Starts Filming
    05/21/99..FNV:Hip Hop's Multi-Cultural Myth
    05/18/99..FNV:Happy Memorial Day
    05/10/99..FNV:Slim Shady Causes Brawl
    05/06/99..FNV:What's The Next Hot Spot?

    04/22/99..FNV:Did Suge Knight Kill Biggie?
    04/20/99..FNV:Dwayne Wiggins Is Filing Charges
    04/12/99..FNV:Suspects Arrested In Freaky Tah's Murder

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