What Is Hip Hop..Directory

  • Afrika Bambaataa's Definition of Hip Hop

  • Grand Master Flash's Definition of Hip Hop

  • DJ Kool Herc's Definition of Hip Hop

  • What Is Hip Hop?..by Davey D

  • What Is Rap?...by Davey D

  • The History Of Hip Hop..by Davey D

  • Interview w/DJ Kool Herc '89..by Davey D

  • Interview w/Grand Master Flash '96..by Davey D

  • Interview w/Afrika Bambaataa '96... by Davey D

  • Interview w/Kool DJ Red Alert... by Davey D

  • Interview w/The Crash Crew... by Davey D

  • Interview w/Crazy Legs of the Rocksteady Crew by Davey D

  • Interview w/Pete DJ Jones...by Jayquan

  • Interview w/Mele-Mel...by Jayquan

  • The History of Hip Hop Dance ...by Popmaster Fabel

  • What is an Emcee?... by Grand Master Caz

  • The Hip Hop DJ.. by DXT [formerly Grand Mixer DST]

  • History of 'Graf'... by True 222 [Phase 2]

  • The History of Graffiti Pt 1 by At149st.com

  • Why Rap Is So Powerful?..by Davey D

  • Is Hip Hop Black Culture?..by Nicestylez

  • A Response..Hip Hop Is Black Culture..by Adissa

  • Is Hip Hop Black Culture?..Letters

  • What Is Real Hip Hop ?..3/98

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