Black Culture & Hip-Hop:
One & the Same?

An Article written by NyceStylez

People seem to attribute Hip-Hop's success among the masses due to the assumed fact that Hip-Hop is black culture. It's a mistake that I can understand, since most of the faces one sees involved in Hip-Hop seem to be of African-American descent. But then again, when you watch the television, you don't see much Hip-Hop, or even rap. Only BET and MTV will play rap videos, and it's not like they've got real Hip-Hop on these two channels twenty-four- seven. So, when the casual observer walks along the "Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B" section of their local branch of Camelot, Sam Goody, or K-Mart, all they seem to see are black faces. Therefore, it's only natural for the casual observer to think that Hip-Hop is black culture.

I'm here today to challenge this myth. And that's precisely what it is: a false myth. Sure, most of the exposed rap artists and emcees out there are African-American, but what about the DJs? What about the graff writers out there? What about the b-boys and b-girls out there? What about all the people who respect the culture and follow it and love it? What about the people who contribute to Hip-Hop magazines and newsletters? What about all the people who read that damn shit? If one could count all those people, one could easily see that Hip-Hop isn't black culture. Rather, Hip-Hop is a part of black culture and Hop's universal, dammit! It's fuckin' universal because members of practically every society out there's rockin' to this shit!! I wouldn't be surprised if some X-Files case out in the cosmos is listening to some Invisible Skratch Piklz right now.

It didn't start out as black culture, either, because Hip-Hop has always been its own culture. Let me say that shit again, just in case you didn't catch that. Hip-Hop has always been its own culture. Not all of the fathers and godfathers of Hip-Hop were African-American. The original breakers were black and hispanic. The first graff writer, Taki, was Greek. Speaking of graff, Seen isn't black. I could go on and on, but it would be quite long and boring, so I'll just stop here with my point that Hip-Hop was composed of different races, different ethnic groups, different styles, and different cultures. Hip-Hop still is composed of all these things, as well as different age groups, different nationalities, and straight up different people.

So can you see why people into Hip-Hop aren't "acting black"? Can you see why people need to know the truth rather than spread the myth? African- American culture is different from Hip-Hop, although the two do have a relation. Asian-American culture is different from Hip-Hop, although the two do have a relation. Hispanic-American culture.... etc. You know what I'm trying to say. Hip-Hop is its own culture, so don't mix it with any other. Peace to all my Hip-Hop brothers and sisters. Support Hip-Hop unity.

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[This article was reprinted from DaKillaBs Hip Hop Newsletter #6
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