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  • The Myth of Dr Martin Luther King Conservative writer and editor Marcus Epstein breaks down the media myths that are often heralded by conservatives about Dr King. Its definitely an interesting and thought provoaking read... written by Marcus Epstein-1/18/03

  • Clear Channel: The Media Mammoth That Stole the Airwaves This article gives a detailed and very clear break down radio giant Clear Channel and its practices.... written by Jeff Pearlstein- 1/03

  • Is KMEL The People's Station? This is an in depth 14 page report that attempts to assess the relationship between the landmark SF urban radio station KMEL and the larger community of color it serves. The report found there were some serious discrepancies ranging from the type of music played to the lack of accessibility from local rap artists and the lack of diverse messages in their public affairs shows. This is a ground breaking report put together by the Youth Media Council and members of the Bay Area's Hip Hop community... by Youth Media Council-12/02

  • The Politics of Russell Simmons This article provides an indepth analysis of Russell Simmons and his political aspirations.... written by Cedric Muhammed of

  • Letter to the FCC and Congress About Payola and Radio Consolidation This is an important letter/article that focuses on the reasons why media consolidation has been a bad thing. It talks about the ways radio stations circumvent strict rules forbidden payola. It also focuses on Clear Channel Communications being amajor offender and violater of various laws... written by Broad Artist Coalition-5/23/02

  • No Masses No Movement This is an article that recently appeared in the Village Voice. It examines the current Reparations Movement and asserts that the main organizers are disconnected from the everyday politics of the hood. It's an interesting read that highlights the current divide between the Civil Rights Generation and the Hip Hop Generation... written by Adamma Ince-[Village Voice] 5/22/02

  • Rapper's Red Glare Washington Post writer David Segal sits down with Boots Riley of The Coup and talks about everything from politics to his music. Segal came under fire last year when he picked The Coup's album 'Party Music' as one of his favorites of the year... written by David Segal-[Washington Post] 5/22/02

  • Clear Channel Radio's Big Bully This is an insightful multi-part landmark series that appears on that gives a definitive break down about Clear Channel Entertainment. This is the huge media conglomerate that owns most of the country's radio stations and concert venues.... written by Erich Boehlert

  • Pay for Play-Why Does Radio Suck?
  • Fighting for Pay to Play
  • Clear Channel: The Tough Company
  • More Shake Ups in the Radio Biz
  • Suit: Clear Channel is an Illegal Monopoly
  • Rock-n-Radio Rumble

  • Hip Hop vs Civil Rights Hip Hop journalist Lee Hubbard writes about the contentious mayoral election in Newark, New Jersey that pitted an old guard Civil Rights veteran against an up and coming offspring of the Hip Hop generation. Hubbard breaks down this emerging generational divide and how it played itself out in the 2002 election... written by Lee Hubbard-5/20/02

  • Paris Responds to the War on Terrorism Hip Hop artist Paris recently released a scorching song that took on President Bush and the current war on Terrorism. His song 'What Would You Do?' excited a lot of folks as well as raised some serious questions. One critic shot off a number of questions about Paris' viewpoints. He responded elequently complete with supporting reference material. This is the first of 4 parts...written by Paris-3/28/02

  • Paris Responds pt 2...written by Paris-3/28/02
  • Paris Responds pt 3...written by Paris-3/28/02
  • Paris Responds pt 4...written by Paris-3/28/02

  • Styling & Profiling: Privacy & The Hip Hop Generation After 9/11Hip Hop activist and journalist Jeff Chang talks about the current policies that have been put in place to fight the War on Terrorism. he talks about the ways this war will impact the Hip Hop community...written by Jeff Chang-3/24/02

  • Franti, Marley, Terrorism & Cointel-Pro This article focuses on a conversation with Hip Hop artist Michael Franti who came through the radio station to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. The article traces the legacy of Marley and his impact on Black music. It also focuses on the cointel-pro efforts of the FBI to undermine Marley. A connection is made to the current efforts underway to monitor today's Hip Hop artists by using the current laws to combat terrorism...written by Davey D-2/13/02

  • Conversations w/ Hip Hop Journalists Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton pt 1

    Hip Hop journalist Kevin Powell who is best known for his role on MTV's Real World hooks up with Southern activist and journalist Charlie Braxton to have a series of conversations that examine all the issues surrounding 9-11. They focus on our nation's policies and what may have lead up to the attacks. They also focus on the role Hip Hop artists have played in the aftermath. many artists have suddenly taken up the flag while simultaneously ignoring dire conditions in the hood. They also speak on the attemptes to silence voices of dissent in particular actor Danny Glover and comic strip writer Aaron Mcgruder. This is the first of 4 parts...written by Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton-3/24/02

  • Conversations w/ Hip Hop Journalists Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton pt 2...written by Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton-3/24/02

  • Conversations w/ Hip Hop Journalists Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton pt 3...written by Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton-3/24/02

  • Conversations w/ Hip Hop Journalists Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton pt 4...written by Kevin Powell & Charlie Braxton-3/24/02

  • Silence Is Golden: Hip Hop Watch Your Back This article deals with the new Patriotism 2001 anti-terrosrist bill. We explore how the new laws will impact the Hip Hop generation...written by Davey D-10/26/01

  • One Muslim's Opinion on the Terror in NY Bahlul is a young Hip Hopper who offers up a perspective and understanding of what its like to be Muslim after the terrorist attacks on Spetember 11th. He provides a solid breakdown and gives us a lot to think about...written by Bahlul-10/11/01

  • Boots Speaks Out About 9-11 The day after the horrific tragedies of 9-11, we had Boots Riley of the Coup on our radio show. Boots had come under fire because coincidently his album cover for their new release 'Party Music' had a picture of the World Trade Towers being blown up. The cover was pulled, but Boots was steadfast in his politics. Here's what he had to say...written by Davey D w/ Boots of the Coup-9/20/01

  • The Lone Voice of Dissent Activist and NAACP President Shannon Reeves takes issue with Congresswoamn Barbara Lee who casted the lone vote in Congress against President George Bush and his war on terrorism. This editorial offers up a different perspective that one may find within the Hip Hip Nation...written by Shannon F Reeves-9/19/01

  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee Explains Her Lone Vote This is the historic interview where California Congresswoman Barbara Lee explains the reasons behind her lone vote against President Bush's call to war. It was the first interview she granted to anyone after that vote. Its also the infamous interview that many believe may have lead to my being canned from Clear Channel radio station KMEL...written by Davey D w/ Congresswoman Barbara Lee-9/18/01

  • Farrakhan Breaks It Down: The Hip Hop Summit Cedric Muhammed of gives the full run down of the historic speech delivered by Nation of Islam leader Minister Farrakhan at the June 2001 Hip Hop summit. This speach was considred to be the minsister's best and most important speech...written by Davey D-6/18/01

  • Thomas Warms The Bench A scatching commentary about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' record and his lack of commentary during the historic hearing which will determine who wins the presidency between Vice president Al Gore & texas Governor George Bush.... written by Courtland Milloy [Washington Post]-12/3/00

  • Al Gore & Hip Hop This article focuses on the lack of communication and involvement Vice President Al Gore had with the Hip Hop community during the 2000 election. Could this be one of the reason's why he didn't do as well as he could've in 2000...written by Davey D-10/28/00

  • Play or be Played On November 7th This article focuses on the consequences the Hip Hop Nation will suffer if they don't show up to the polls and vote on November 7th... written by Davey D-11/6/00

  • Eye Witness To The Million Family March...
    10/30/00 written by Junious R Stanton

  • After the Debate:Truth Squad or Tall TalesA commentary after the 3rd Presidential debate between Al Gore and George Bush...
    10/18/00 written by Brenda Sutton

  • Drama In Selma: Hip Hoppers Are Needed! This article focuses on the heated campaign led by Hip Hop activist to oust long time Selma, Alabama Mayor Joe Smitherman. They amassed the Joe Gotta Go campaign. Here's the run down of what went down... written by Davey D-8/31/00

  • Prop 21 Passes: 170 Arrested ...This article centers on the activities that took place in the aftermath of Prop 21-The Juvenile Crime Initiative being passed in California. Hip Hop activist in the Bay Area took to the streets as more then 170 people got arrested....written by Davey D-3/6/00

  • Third Eye Fights Back Against Prop 21 The Bay Area's premier Hip Hop organizations helps lead the charge against the Juvenile Crime Initiative-Prop 21written by Davey D-2/4/00

  • Black Power Gets A Bad Rap: [H Rap Brown] This article focuses on the situation surrounding former Black Power advocate and SNCC leader, H Rap brown who was accussed of shooting two sheriff deputies... written by Prof Jonathan D Farley-3/6/00

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