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Why Was The Million Youth March
& Movement Not Covered..9/98

This article asks the question: Why the mainstream media did not cover the positive attempts of the nations young people to organize? Why was there a media blackout on the Million Youth March in New York and the Million Youth Movement in Atlanta.. written by Davey D

The Million Youth March

14 year old Brandon Potter who is the editor of The Testament Hip Hop Newsletter raises a lot of questions regarding this event. As a white person he expresses his reservations about the motives of The MYM.

Police Acts Of Terrorism Bring
True Hate Messages To Harlem..9/98

This excellent article was written by Sis. Marpessa Kupendua of the Afrikan.net News Service.. She provides an eye witness account of all that went down during the Million Youth March that took place in New York City. The police tactics used were nothing nice..

Born To Kill?: The Murder of Sherrice Iverson

This article talks about the case of a 7 year old black girl who was killed and raped in the bathroom stalll of a Las Vegas Casino by a 19 year white male. Author Dr Earl Ofari Hutchinson breaks it down about the ins and outs of this case..

Privilege Of Empire

Death Row inmate, political prisoner and writer Mumia Abdul Jamal breaks it all down about President Clinton and his bombing attempts.

Are You Feeling Old?..8/98

Radio legend Frankie Crocker points out a lot of the landmark events and happenings that college bound kids will have by-passed in their lifetime...written by Frankie Crocker

A Messed Up Senate Bill..7/98

Congressman Frank Riggs of California is trying to pass a bill that would eliminate affirmative action and all types of finacial aid. Be sure to check it out

How To Raise A Pimp..7/98

Darryl L Fortson MD breaks it down as he suggests the type of things we should do to avoid raising our young men to be pimps. It's an iciteful article...This article first appeared in the Indiana Tribune

The Y2K problem And You..7/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard talks about the impending problems we will all face in the year 2000, if we don't get our computers fixed.There's a situation developing where are computers and everything attached to them, may not work because they won't recognize the year 2000.

Those Old Folks Be Knowin'..7/98

There's some good reasons for us to honor and respect the elders of our community. They are walking treasures that have a whole lot of game we can be laced with..written by Davey D

Untold News Stories..7/98

This is the summary of the Street Knowledge Show which attempted to highlight all the various news stories that have been overlooked because of the Monica Lewinski fiasco. Written by Chris Navalta

Who Are Our Kids Heroes?..7/98

It's 10pm and do you know who's talking to your kids? Is it 2Pac?, Michael Jordan?, The Spice Girls? Are you a hero to your kid? This article asks that long and hard question. It explores the influences in our kids lives...written by Davey D

Why Is KRON TV-SF Playa Hatin'?

There's a tv station in SF that a Black man is trying to buy. It will be one of the first Black owned tv stations in a major markett within the whole country. KRON TV which is an NBC affiliate is fighting hard to block the sale? Why?..written by Harrison Chastang

NOW Vs Iron Mike Tyson..6/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard talks about how the Nevada Chapter of NOW is trying to get Mike Tyson banned from boxing.. Is this a publicity stunt? Is this racism by white women? Are Black men being scapegoated? Lee answers all these questions in the most compelling way..

Mike Tyson: Will He Get Reinstated?

This is the summary to a Street Knowledge Show that focused on the Mike Tyson vs NOW issue. Written by Chris Navalta

Gods Word About Gays..6/30/98

This article is a Special Editorial written by Damon Pierson. He's pretty upset at all the people who came out to watch the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.. He thinks it's an indication of how we're falling apart as a society. He brings out some Biblical scripture to support his claims.. He also doesn't like the fact that Gays are attaching themselves to the Civil Rights Movement..

Gays And Their 'Un-Natural Ways'.. 6/30/98

This article is in response to a Special Editorial by Davey D. It raises the question of why we as Christians focus on the 'sinful' behavior of Gays while overlooking the sinful behavior in our own backyard. If being Gay is a sin..is it more of a sin then being a mack daddy playa, hustla or a wife beater? written by Davey D

Is Being Gay A Trend?..6/98

This show focused on the increased exposure of the gay lifestyle.. What was being explored was the fact that so many people are coming out the closet..or are they? Are more and more people experimenting with their sexuality because it's the cool thing to do?..written by Chris Navalta

Filipine Independence-100 Years..6/98

This show focused on the centennial celebration of Filipine Independance. It spoke to the current issues impacting the world's largest Filipino population outside the Phillipines...written by Chris Navalta

Extracting Punishment..Bruce Willis Gets Checked

This article focuses on the way the Jewish Community checked actor Bruce Willis for saying he admires Minister Farrakhon. Their actions raise an interesting point about the Black community.. Why aren't we so deligent about checking folks who we find offensive..written by Davey D

One On One With Mayor-Elect Jerry Brown?..6/7/98

This show focused on Oakland's newly elected Mayor Jerry Brown.. Street Knowledge had a heart to heart one on one conversation with him.. Mayor Elect Brown outlines his plans for Oakland...written by Chris Navalta

Meet The Press-Election Endorsements?..5/31/98

This focuses on the the upcoming [june 2 1998] Elections.. Endorsements and insights regarding the key issues and candidates effecting the Bay Area are discussed...written by Chris Navalta

The Race Relations Sham...6/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard talks about how President Clinton's Race Relations Townhall meetings were nothing but a big sham.. He questions the relevancy of Affirmative Action..and he breaks it down about how we always miss the mark when we have serious discussions about race relations in this country.

Mayor Moonbean.. 6/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard talks about what's in store for the city of Oakland, now that former governer Jerry Brown has been elected.. He says we should be in store for a show called 'Mayor Moonbeam'.

Get Yo' Pimp On..6/2/98

This article focuses on the way Nike pimps young Black kids from the inner city.. It explains how the pimp/ho game really works...And it examines how foolish we are to purchase 200 dollar sneakers that cost less then 20 dollars to make. Written by Davey D

Why Latrell Spreewill Will Win His Lawsuit...6/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard give up the info as to why basketball star Latrell Spreewill will win his lawsuit against the NBA.. Hint: he's not the only player in recent times to beatdown a coach..

Why Al Checchi Matters..6/98

Political columnist Lee Hubbard lets you know the dealio on Mr Al Checchi who is vying to be Cali's next governor..

Nigga Or Nigger What's The Deal?..6/98

This article focuses on the pervasive use of the N word within hip hop.. It was in response to a recent poll in which the N word was cited as being the most overused word within hip hop culture. Written by Davey D

Where The Race Commission Belongs... 5/98

Columnist Lee Hubbard observes race relations here in the Bay Area..and it's relationship to the hip hop community..Perhaps President Clinton should be holding his race panels here..

The Oakland Mayoral Race..An Outsider's Look..5/98

Columnist Lee Hubbard gives a somewhat tongue in cheek look at one of the nation's most colorful elections.. Read Lee break it down..

Are We Natural Born Killers?.. 5/98

This focuses on the recent killings at a high school in Springfield Oregon. We gathered several young people together who are making a difference in the community for a roundtable discussion. Written by Chris Navalta

Mumia & Hillary..5/98

Free Mumia supporters in France run into problems with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton..

Does Reggie White's Homophobic Remarks
Represent The Thinking Of Most Blacks

Author Dr Earl Ofari Hutchinson provides an understanding of attitudes towards gays within the African American community.

You Know You're A Corporate Negroe...

A humorous look at our corporate mentality... Are you a corporate Negroe? Read and find out..

20 Signs That You're From New York

A humorous look to help you know that you're from The Big Apple.

21 Signs That You're From San Francisco

A humorous look at the San Francisco within you...

Who Will Oakland Rappers Endorse For Mayor..4/98

This article examines the current political climate that exist in Oakland Cali..as the Mayoral races heat up.. [April '98]. The question to be asked is out of the 13 candidates.. who will seek out the hip hop vote..? Written by Davey D

The Word Nigga And It's Usage...4/98

This was an article that appeared in the San Jose Metro newspaper. It was written by J. Douglas Allen-Taylor. It focuses on the various uses of the infamous 'N' word.. Definitely worth checking out..

Hip Hop & Black Culture: One & The Same?..4/98

This article was reprinted from a newsletter sent out by DaKillaB.. It was featured in Hip Hop Newsletter#6..For more info contact:DaKillaB. This article attempts to challenge the notion that Hip Hop Culture is Black Culture.. Writer NyceStylez doesn't think this assumption is accurate.. Read and find out why..4/6/98

A Response: Hip Hop Is Indeed Black Culture..4/98

This article was written by author, rap artists, journalist and community activist Adissa The Bishop of Hip Hop.. He attempts to drop science as to why Hip Hop Culture is indeed Black Culture..

An Open Letter From Assata Shakur..4/98

2Pac's aunt.. Assata Shakur.. previously known as Joanne Charismad has been living in exile in Cuba. She was accussed of shooting a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973. She later escaped from prison and has hiding out in Cuba.. Recently New Jersey Governor Whitman has demanded that Assata be returned to the US.. She is currently offering 50 thousand dollars.. and has made this her number one priority. Assata offers up an indepth response to all this..

An Open Letter To Governor Whitman..4/98

This is a letter in support of 2Pac's aunt Assata Shakur. It protests the recent actions taken by New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman.. It also encourages people to send in letters of protest..

Black Owned Newspaper Firebombed

Is racism still alive? Perhaps... In Jackson Miss, a Black-owned Newspaper was firebombed after amassing a history of being political active and critical of governement officials..

Martin Luther King Day...by Allen Harris

Author Allen Harris.. offers up the real deal about King and his impact on society...

Food For Thought #1

Obstacles in our path can be opportunities for us if we turn things around..

Food For Thought #2

Never overlook the little people in your life...

A Perspective On Farrakhon

In response to a letter questioning the perspectives and beliefs attached to the Nation Of Islam.. Yours truly Davey D offers a perspective

Hitler's Forgotten Black Victims

Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Troops.. terrorized Blacks as well as Jews..

Lack Of Protection

According to this article there's genetic slavery going on in Panama

Are Black Children Being Brainwashed

This inflammoratory article will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.. According to this author Black History is wrong history..and we are being brainwashed..

Editorial: Let's Save Humanity

Here the editor takes a good look at our the proposed bailout of Asia's troubled economy

Wierd Laws

A humorous yet accurate look at this nation's obscure laws

Black Panther Historical Tours

Former Black Panther memebers now conduct tours throughout the city of Oakland.. which was the birthplace of the Black Panther Party

What Was Black Wallstreet...

Author Ron Wallace talks about the bombing of Tulsa's Oklahoma Black community in 1919.. North Tulsa was a properous community known as Black Wallstreet...The recent bombimngs was not the first time Oklahoma was bombed

Spike Lee And The 'N' Word

Film director Spike Lee lashes out at his fellow directors who allow the use of the word 'Nigger' in the dialogue of their motion pictures...

Willie Lynch Speech

Here's the partial text of the infamous speech given by slave owner Willie Lynch during the 1800s.. He explains to his fellow slave owners techniques to keep their slaves divided and disunited...Minister Louis Farrakhon of the Nation Of Islam.. talked about this letter during the historic Million Man March..

Chuck D Speaks.. B-2 Bomber

Public Enemy's Chuck D spits the truth about the wasted resources used on building the Stealth B-2 Bomber

Chuck D Speaks.. Police Brutality

Public Enemy's Chuck D hits hard on the recent aquittal of a Pittsburg, Pa police officer who was accussed of killing the cousin of a Pittsburg Steeler football player.

The Voting Rights Act.. Beware

The landmark 1964 Voter's Right act which eliminated discriminatory practices making it difficult for African Americans to vote...is now in danger of being revoked..

Civil Rights..Gimme A Break by Zinny Abraham

Jericho March '98 by Makani Themba

A Time For Change In Oakland by Zinny Abraham

An Editorial On Suge Knight

Facts On Affirmative Action

Why Prop 209 Passed?

Guns Don't Kill People...by Clarence Lusane

Time for a Sober Assessment of Liquor Advertising

So What If I'm A Black Woman? [Poem]

Institutional Racism At Cal State San Marcos

Basic Facts About the War on Drugs

Set It Off vs Get On Da Bus

What is Black?

Street Knowledge Radio Show Transcripts & Directory

Police Brutality In Santa Ana

What Is Your Political Opinion On Some Important Issue

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