Why Al Checchi Matters

I don't care where you stand on most of the issues, but I thought it should be stated that you should vote for Al Checchi for Governor. Checchiwas the only candidate that meet with the black publishers in the state to voice his concerns about the African American community.

He has also took out ads in all of the black papers. Harmon has avoided the black community like a plague and Gray Davis is Dull is hell and has been mouthing the talk but he hasn't advertised in black publications and he hasn't reached out to the black vote..

Chechi was the only candidate who publicly said he will put a ballot initiative to overturn propositon 209. He also advocated making funds available for black businesses. None of the other candidates have said such. He was also the NAACP man of the year in 1989, for whatever that is worth.

Checchi has also tried to reach out to the hip hop crowd by taking ads out on KMEL. Vote for Checchi, he is the only one that has tried to keep it real. He is also the only candidate that can beat Dan Lungren and if I had to I had to choose between Lungren and Harmon, I would pick Lungren. I rather have the real deal than a phony. And Lungren will smash Davis in a race. Checchi is the only candidate that can beat Lungren.

And besides this, Maxine Waters has come out and said she will support Chechi. That is enough for me. Waters is a strong sister and she knows all the candidates and she picked Chechi.

There are also a lot of issues such as billingual education Prop 227, union money being collected Prop 226, the race for Oakland's Mayoral race-go Shannon Reeves- and other issues. I will be talking about this on Sunday morning on Davey D's hip hop poltical show on KMEL at 9 a.m. Check it out!

Remember get out and vote, and bring 4 or 5 people with you.

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