You Know You're A Corporate Negroe

1) You know all the company mailroom workers, janitors, cafeteria workers, oh, and Security guards

2) You keep getting emails about being a -Child of the 80's-, -a fancy Negro-, or -You know you ghetto when...-

3) You answer your phone in standard English until your hear that it's a personal call - at which point you proceed to speak in Ebonics.

4) You wait till the White people leave the elevator to start talking slang with a fellow Corporate Negro

5) You suddenly want to use your middle initial on everything (i.e. business cards, name plaques, monograms, etc.)

-- OR --

 5-a) You start using your first initial and middle name on everything (i.e. "S. Renee Johnson") because you don't want your co-workers to know your real first name is "Shaniquithia"

6) Most of your friends fall in this category.

7) When OJ was acquitted, you tried to front like you thought he was guilty to your coworkers.

8) You never come out-of-pocket for office supplies - not even for your home office

9) You work on your unemployed friends' resumes during your work day. 10) You consider -Casual Day- a privilege

11) You think being a -Buppie- is a good thing

12) You abuse your corporate discount on car rentals, hotels, etc.

13) You have no REAL friends at work

14) You feel burdened when your white counterparts invite you to -hang out- or -grab a drink- with them after work.

15) Your long distance bill at home is never high because you abuse your company's long distance

16) You live for First Fridays of the month or any -After-work office party- where you'll be surrounded by other Corporate Negroes

17) Your way of fighting -the cause- is forwarding racially motivated emails to all the black people you know

18) You think that any black person without an office job is -ghetto-

19) You've got a Source or Vibe Magazine stashed somewhere in your desk

20) You receive this email and/or plan on forwarding it on (to your other Corporate Negroes) when you're done reading it

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