Doesn't Affirmative Action mean quotas?

No, quotas have been illegal in the United States since the Supreme Court's Bakke Decision in 1978.

Isn't Affirmative Action "Reverse Discrimination"?

No, Affirmative Action plans do not discriminate against anyone competing for any position. They actually increase the pool of qualified applicants by using aggressive recruitment and outreach techniques.

Is Affirmative Action still necessary?

Yes, Affirmative Action programs can only be created in response to a history and continuing legacy of discrimination proven by statistics; then a program is narrowly tailored to achieve the stated goal.

Doesn't Affirmative Action make innocent individuals pay for society's wrongs?

No, whenever there are more candidates than positions, someone is going to be disappointed. Ultimately, we must create a society in which everyone has access to good jobs and a good education. In the meantime, Affirmative action helps ensure that society's benefits and disappointments are distributed fairly.

What is Affirmative Action?

Affirmative Action is a powerful tool used to stop and correct discrimination in employment, education and public contracting today. Affirmative Action creates programs which seek to ensure equal access to opportunities for all people, not just men and women of color.

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