written by Brandon Potter

As many of you know by now, a man named Khallid Abdul Muhammad organized a rally called the 'Million Youth March.' The march recently appeared in Harlem, New York. Over 6,000 African-Americans attended the event, in which several ministers and black activists, including Rev. Al Sharpton, preached to the large attendance.

I watched clippings of this assemply on MSNBC recently, and to be honest, I really became angered at Mr. Muhammad's comments regarding whites and Jews, especially his reference to whites and Jews as "blood-sucking bastards."

Anytime you witness a pro-black event, you will basically hear two things. One, black people are being discriminated, and two, that the "white man" is a devil, white trash, etc. I'm a white male, 14, and I am really becoming irritated by these comments disrespecting myself. I can not speak for the rest of my race, because I know many whites are extremely prejudice against blacks, but what many of these activists neglect is that many whites are not. For example, these men complain that the "white man" made them into slaves, but yet they do not show any gratitude to President Lincoln for all of his work to unslave them. Where would these men be now if President Lincoln never gave his effort for the end of slavery?

Another thing which upset me, was the many chants of "Black Power." If you turn on Jerry Springer, you'll usually see the Ku Klux Klan on. One of their popular "trade-marks" is "White Power." Along with this pro-white chant comes a strong boo from the audience (which I believe IS called for), but when a black person yells "Black Power," it's looked at as some type of positive action salute. In plain English, that's bullshit. Both of these chants are extremely ignorant, and in my opinion, should be looked at as an influence for violence. It's very unbalanced when a black man can call all whites "blood suckers" and get recognition for it, and if a white were to call blacks a "nigger" or "coon", whites are in all kinds of stuff. Whites can be taken to court, sued, etc.

See, no person asks to be a certain color. Nor can a person change what their ancestors have done. I think these men who possess such a strong hate, should really look at things a different way. Yeah, you should be proud of your culture. You should work to prevent police brutality. But when you start to blame one particular race for all of your problems, it's just plain wrong. These men complain about how they used to be discriminated, and how Rosa Parks had to sit in the back of the bus. Do they think it's easy for whites? Is it easy to have an ignorant man full of hate go in front of thousands calling me, a man who he has never met, a devil, white trash, blood sucker, or a cracker? Put yourself in my shoes. A 14 year old kid, who has never discriminated a person of any race, is being called a blood sucker. All whites are devils, huh? Go to a local hospital in the newborn unit. Are those infants devils? Mr. Muhammad has a very strong influence. He could easily target hateful whites, besides the whole race. When of the things I read on was that MYM was working towards a Black / Arab / Asian / Native American / Hispanic unity; basically a unity between every race besides whites.

These men are Baptists to my knowledge. I'm sure Christ is pleased with they're actions. So in conclusion, as DMX (a black man) said on his album "If you never met me, you got no right to judge me / I got a good heart, but this heart could get ugly" When everyone judges on individualality and not race, all of this hate will stop. The ball is in these men's courts. They can either stop it while they have the power to, or wait until the hate gets so powerful it destroys all of us. Thank you all for listening to my opinions. Proper Equality Activates Controlled Emotions!


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