What is Black?

I find it ironic that you feel affirmative action is the answer to you and your peoples plight. Do you think that the government can regulate race relations? When you were a child and you pick a team to play kick ball did you pick players based on there ethnic back ground or there athletic ability?

If you were hurt and was sent to a hospital do you want the best care or do you want less care as long as the doctor is black? When the chinese came over from there country it was common to see signs in restuarants and business saying no chinese. But the chinese made there on way. The jews were killed in masses and inslaved long before the black people were. They made there own way. Not the whining way. Get on with your life and quit listening to hate mongers like Jesse Jackson and Farrakan tell you the white man keeps you down. Next time a black man kills a black man try getting upset with that rather when a white man kills a blck man. After all blacks are responsible for 67% of all murders. Is that the white mans fault too? Guess what. I am black too and no one tells me I can't do anything!