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June 30 1998

The other day while I was cleaning out my backyard, I kept thinking how ironic it is that you will hear all this outrage about how all these homosexuals are ruining our society with their immoral, unnatural behavior. Yet the same critics are surprisingly silent when it comes to condemning the high profile sport figures, movie stars and entertainer "lady killer" and "player" types who run rampant in our society. In fact these same critics may even hold some of these adulterous folks in high esteem and make heroes out of them. These same critics are strangely silent when our women folk are being beat down by our own brothers and again they are sometimes held in high esteem. These critics are seemingly nowhere to be seen when some young 13-14 year old sistas are being swept off their feet and impregnated by some kid who's 21+. I have to wonder if these critics were out there being mentors to these kids...

I ask this because I'll hear folks say things like God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. But we all know damn well that God didn't make Adam to be no pimp daddy playa who had a license to "mack" on all the honeys running around the Garden of Eve...he certainly didn't give Adam no license to go beatin' up on Eve...and I'm sure before Adam got busy, God would've liked the brother to be married and wait until Eve was of legal age.

Someone sent me this editorial the other day stating that he was upset with SF's Gay Pride Parade.. He said we should condemn our gay brothas and sistas and be upset with their "unnatural deviant behavior." The author included some Biblical passages supporting his outrage and went on and on about their [gays] lack of moral integrity.. I found the article interesting and compelling. I wrote the author back asking if he' written HBO a similar letter because that recent special "Pimps Up Hos Down" was filled with "unnatural deviant behavior."

I couldn't help but wonder if God is more upset with people for being gay then he is with people for committing other types of "sins?" I mean, is God more pissed off at RuPaul for being openly gay than with Ice T for being a pimp, or with Bobby Brown for alledgedly committing adultery and hitting his wife or with Lil Kim for being sexually explicit? I had to wonder if my buying a RuPaul record or by continuing to subscribe to HBO and not write a letter of protest, if I was rubber stamping "deviant unnatural behavior and lifestyles?" I had to wonder if I came out and dissed my gay brothas and sistas while turning a blind eye and def ear to my other sinning brethren, if I would win more points with the Lord? And if I came out against everyone who was sinning, would I be guilty of passing judgement? I pondered those questions all day while cleaning out the weeds in my backyard.

written by
Davey D
c 1998

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