Letters To The Editor-June '98

Droppin' Bombs Of Knowledge...6/30/98
Gays And Their 'Un-Natural Ways'

This article is in response to a Special Editorial by Damon Pierson. It raises the question of why we as Christians focus on the 'sinful' behavior of Gays while overlooking the sinful behavior in our own backyard. If being Gay is a sin..is it more of a sin then being a mack daddy playa, hustla or a wife beater?

Davey D

You have written words that ring crystal clear to me. As a proud, out, African-American lesbian, my belief is that God doesn't care WHO you love, just as long as you show love. Folks are quick to quote biblical passages, but as you said, they then pay homage to those who commit adultery, mentally/physically abuse their partners and/or children, rape, kill, etc. etc. Why should any care which sex sleeps in my bed? Who I sleep with doesn't define me. I"m still a upstanding, professional and a nice person too.

Keep on speak the truth, brotha...

Thank-you for writing about this topic. I've read and enjoyed several of your articles and finally decided to respond to this one. I share your concern with condemning one sin more than others. Sometimes it seems that church members scapegoat homosexuals to make their own sleeping around and questionable financial management seem less wrong. Scripture makes it clear that God hates ALL sin and that some are an abomination to Him.

As much as I know and believe that God is love, the Bible makes it plain that God is also just, pure, holy and will not be toyed with. Selfish pride is what God hates the most and it's that character flaw that perpetuates the kind of arrogance we portray before the Lord in way we condone all forms of sexual immorality in society. Pride is what motivates us to reject Biblical guidelines and establish our own. Pride is what keeps us from admitting that we must be responsible for actions and accountable to God one day.

Using Christ as an example, He loved the sinner and hated the sin. That's the model I try to use. I will not accept homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle any more than I would a couple shacking up together. Regardless of the laws passed and privilege granted, I will base my moral code on timeless Biblical standards. I have acquaintances whose personal lives I don't approve of, but I'm compelled to show God's love regardless. I'm only responsible for what I do with God's word---I can force anyone else to accept His truth.

It's good to challenge folks' assumptions about what is right and wrong all the time-to put ethical relativism in check. Too many are down right lazy about moral decisions. Thanks for the thought-provoking article.


You have captured my sentiments perfectly, Thank you. You may or may not be aware of a situation here in Atlanta where a reverend of a community (a black man) called Kirkwood is calling for action against white gays taking over the neighborhood (the flyers circulated specified "White Gays" even though unbeknownst to the reverend there are black gays in that neighborhood also). In this case the gays have always been in the neighborhood but because they began picketing in front of two crack houses (after the police took limited action) one of which was a house owned by a member in the reverends congregation, the reverend called for action against them. Strangely enough, the member of the congregation (a black woman) was brought up on charges of selling drugs out of this house and the reverend appeared as a supprise character witness for the defendant. I am not a resident of Kirkwood, nor am I gay, but I am christian and I had to let you know you hit the nail on the head...


First of all, brother thanks for the article.

Your opinions were very straight forward. I live in Atlanta, the so-called gay Mecca of the south and I was cleaning and the following came to my mind. Recently, a group of angry African-Americans citizens, led by a preacher held several rallies protesting the so called take over of their neighborhood. The neighborhood in question is the Kirkwood community whose street dwellers include drug dealers and prostitutes. In recent months, several white and black gay individuals have relocated to this community located near historic Grant Park. The citizens that live in this community consist mostly of older/younger black residents felt like they were being taken over by white gays. The media got hold of the story and tempers and been flaring. Bible carrying preachers and citing the bible and condemning homosexuals and the "lifestyle." How ironic is this? When their children hear them curse and talk about people, when their children witness drug deals, when their children stay up late watching Jerry Springer, when their children are failing in school. How ironic is this because several affluent neighborhoods make sure blacks are kept out? How ironic that you pointed out about "players" and "mack daddy."

One would think that we could live anywhere we choose.

Anyway I guess we were doing some cleaning on the same day and these thoughts just came to our heads.

Gary M. Longstreet Atlanta, GA


I read your comments on "Gays and Their Unnatural Ways." In a short sentence, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. I can't see how any God-fearing person can condemn a homosexual and condone/praise men who are sexually and emotionally abusive (In my mind, playas are just as abusive as those who abuse children. It does not matter that the people involved are adults. Abuse is abuse!)

On judgment day, I believe there are going to be some disappointed people: there are some folks who will see homosexuals heading into the pearly gates while some critics will be left behind. When these critics start concentrating on their own lives, they'll be less quick to criticize human beings who have a sexual orientation different from theirs. If these critics want to criticize homosexuals, they should also include playas' behavior and treatment of women.

Until judgment day comes, I remind myself that "those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" and that I have to concentrate on my life, goals, and dreams.

Lesyle Gant

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