Chuck D Speaks... The B-2 Bomber

Check this out.. We're spending 2 billion dollars a pop on the high tech B-52 Stealth Bomber and it doesn't even work. Now what would happen if we spent the same amount on making our schools high tech?

You think we'd have a better defense against our enemies? Let's look at the B-2 Bombers sorted history.. At first.. the plane's radar couldn't tell a rain cloud from a mountainside. Now.. the most expensive aircraft can't even go out in the rain. Congress reported that the plane's skin.. the stuff that gives it it's radar evading stealth stuff.. simply goes wacky in rain. It can't take heat or humidity any better and without it's stealth.. it's useless. It can't go overseas.. where it would do the most good in battle.. They just don't have climate controlled shelters over there to house sensitive craft. Without it's can't do its job as a nuclear bomber.. so what good is it?

B-2 defenders say it can still carry conventional bombs.. but one Congressman pointed out..that's like sending a lambergini into a combat zone to pick up groceries..Again I have to question the Congressional wisdom that says you pour good money after bad to solve a problem research says might never be fixed.. What's happened to our priorities? Why aren't we spending the same resources to make sure our children can do battle in the high tech market place.. The Pentagon says it doesn't want or need the B-2.. Yet Congress happlessly pledged to build more.. At what point does Congress bite the bullet and say 'Hey.. we made a mistake'..? At what point do we say the defense of our nation is better served by computer savvy children than by a sick plane?

Chuck D
Public Enemy
Fox Network News

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