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KMEL, Northern California's Top-rated Radio Station, is proud to present its new, LIVE, community show, STREET KNOWLEDGE, with host Davey D. Billed as a talk show for the hip hop generation, STREET KNOWLEDGE is primarily a discussion based show with some music, designed to educate and stimulate young people by presenting information in a hip, cool way. The basic premise is that while there are many important issues effecting the lives of young people, they don't often get an opportunity to discuss or hear these issues on their favorite medium. KMEL which is by far the station of choice for Northern California's young people tries to make a difference.

Each week the show will throw an important issue on the table for discussion. We try to language it both in perspective as well as presentation so that those in the hip hop/MTV generation will have a firm understanding. The weekly featured panel of experts will act as co-hosts to present their various perspectives. Our goal is to provoke thought in our ethnically diverse listenership by shedding light on important topics. Street Knowledge has addressed a wide range of issues ranging from the Interracial Dating to African American and Latino American Civil Rights Movement to Gun Control to the effect the media has on young people to censorship. We've done shows that focused on police/community relations and featured the police chiefs from the Bay Area's 3 largest cities..San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland as well as shows that focused on politics and it's relationship to hip hop. This particular show featured people like veteran civil rights activist Dick Gregory and Public Enemy's Chuck D

Street Knowledge is known for its exciting guest, many of whom are at the top of their field and yet still very relatable to the hip hop generation. Recent guests have included: First Lady Hillary Clinton, former California Assembly Speaker and now San Francisco MayorWillie Brown , film director Dennis Nakano of the movie 'White Man's Burden', Rev Jesse Jackson, Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris, KRON news reporters Belva Davis and Pam Moore, Glide Memorial Church's Rev Cecil Williams, producer/director Melvin Van Peeples, former Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale , KGO TV Reporter Sydney Kohara and KPIX news reporter Barbara Rogers .

Street Knowledge has also featured an abundance of recording artist including Chuck D of Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, The Fugees Paris, Michael Franti of the group Spearhead, Montel Jordan, B-Real of Cypress Hill, The Luniz,, Mohammed Bilal from MTV's Real World, E-40, hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, free style singer Stevie B, Scarface recording artist The Conscious Daughters, funk artist Roger Troutman, Charlie Wilson of The GAP Band, and Dwayne Wiggins of Toni Tony Tone to name a select few.

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