Street Knowledge.. The Million March And The Definition of Manhood

transcribed by JR Valrey
STREET KNOWLEDGE.. transript from 9/3/95
This is a brief run down of the commentary from the guest who appeared on KMEL's Street Knowledge on September 3 1995...The show focused on the Million Man March and the definition of man hood

The definition of a man; what defines manhood?


Who had something to say?

Keith X- a local minister of the Nation of Islam (Mosque 26 Oakland) He said that the Million Man March is a march were Black men can set aside their many labels and unify. It is also a march where Black men can offer atonement to God and one another, and demand atonement from the U.S. government. He believes the key to development is truth. He also said that a man is defined by his relationship with the creator. He believes women should be held with the utmost respect. He quoted the Holy Koran as saying "bear reverence to the womb that bore you."

Robert Clark- member of Iota Phi Theta fraternity - He said that Black people's original African "Rights of Passage" was destroyed when coming to America to keep us subservient. As a result of this Black people, in America, created their own kinds of "Rights of Passage". (Gangs, Churches, Mosque, Fraternities, and Sororities) He said that all methods of "Rights of Passage" contain seven qualities; which are separation, location in a sacred place, symbolic death and burial, testing revelation, testing it again, symbolic resurrection, and reintroduction into society.

Nolan Jones - a member of SIMBA - He said that his program is a mentor ship program for African American males that are between the ages of 15-24 because they are the most likely to be killed. He also said that his organization teaches young Black males who they are, and responsibility.

Gail Ortega - a member of UGIMA - He said that putting ones hands on others deciphers that the perpetrator is revealing their poverty of mind. If we are going to rise above this poverty, we are going have to give a level of humane respect to everyone. He said Black people used to have the obligation to watch over each other's family and children but in a capitalist society we lost that; we are told every family is for themselves. He believes that the media makes more money showing Black males in a negative light than in a positive one. He said that the power one possesses is not in ones ability to control one's woman, it is in the ability to control oneself. He quoted the Bible as saying Do not be harsh with your wife, treat her as the weaker vessel

Jeff Herd - a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi - He said that African American males must get back to their spiritual base. He also said that the first aspect of being a man means learning to respect oneself and others. Do not define ones self by education, job, or house. Define oneself by what is on the inside.

Donald Miller - minister at Allen Temple Church - He said that every male is not a man. He said that to define ritual of passage one must respect every element of life. He said that his church empowers youth by teaching them that there is a tomorrow.

D-Knowledge - Qwest recording artist/poet - He delivered to the show the art of spoken word. One of his two poems heard was called "Does It Make You a Man".