Street Knowledge Shows

7/7/96..Open Mic

No Guests.. Callers were invited to call up and talk about whatever topics they wanted .. The main focus was centered around the recently held Oakland Festival Of The Lake and the current Friends Helping Friends Pyramid Scheme...

7/14/96..Relationships.. Dating In The 90s..

This was a light hearted show that focused on dating and the various facets that are associated with it....The main focus was lack of commitment in the 90s.

Debra Cooper.. Host of Heartbeat.. Soul Beat TV
MusarAnnan... Temple of Al Islam/relationship conselor
Roxanne... Computer Dating Service
Gil of the Love Zone..KMEL

7/21/96... Prostitution... Should It Be Legalized..? The Sex Industry

The show focused on the recent discussions to possibly legalize Prostitution here in San Francisco... It focused on the current moves to unionize prostitutes.. It also brought to light the role pimps play in the world's oldest profession...We focused on female as well as male prostitutes..We also spoke to a former prostitute who is running for SF Supervisor..Show also focused on sex industry in erotic dancers and sex stores..We also focused on the current trend within Hip Hop to embrace the sex industry.

Margo St James.. SF Supervisor candidate.. founder of Coyote..former prostitute
Veronica Mooney.. member of Coyote and former Prostitute
Vic St Blaze... male prostitute and current male pimp
Kalid...4080 Magazine writer.. did article on hip hop and pornography
Gorgeous Dre.. rapper and current pimp
Susan...Good Vibrations Store
Debra Shane...erotic film director...
Haley...erotic dancer/Image & Style
Brown Sugar..male erotic dancer/Image & Style

7/28/96... Smoking And It's Effect On Youth..

The show focused on the recent remarks about smoking by Bob Dole and it's effects on young people...It also examined California's current anti-smoking ordinances... and the recent move from President Clinton to limit the sale of cigerettes via vending machines.. to young people... The show also focused on the efforts of a youth group to help discourage smaoking among young people...

Anna Kalaher... Youth Leadership Institute..
Brenda James.. Tobacco Free Project
Raymond Sasso... candidate for SF Supervisor.. supports Smokers Rights
Friends Of The Tobacco Industry
Lobbyist For Tobbacco Industry..

8/4/96... The Music Biz

The show focused ways in which folks can make it in the music business...Of particular focus was the ways in which upcoming artist can obtain radio airplay.. and how to market their material.. The show also directed up and coming artist to various resources and support groups here in the Bay Area....

Guest: Everything You Better Know About The Music Biz..
Sway.. host of the Wake Up Show
Ricky Lee... Editor Hits Magazine
Fuzzy... Warner Brothers
Bobby Torres.. Street Promoter/ Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition

8/11/96... Welfare Reform

The show focused on the current situation surrounding the new welfare reform bill... Special attention was paid to the plight of women..inparticular white women who actually make up the majority of the welfare rolls.. We also involved the countering arguments..including those voiced by conservative African Americans who feel Welfare has crippled the Black community...

Karyn Brooks... National Organization Of Women
Jesse Patterson.. Brothers Of A New Destiny {BOND}... Project 21
Dana Spatz ....National Organization Of Women
Tindu Okorodudu..Executive Board of Social Workers Union..535
Frank Jewett.. .Santa Clara Young Republicans..
Lisa Kalustia... California Dept of Social Services/ Rep For Gov Pete Wilson

8/18/96...Abortion.. Pro Or Con

The show focused on the Republican Convention and the abortion arguments...This was inspired by all the hoopla that was caused at the Republican Convention which was held in San Diego... The debate focused on the positions taken by General Colin Powell vs the Christian Coalition. Operation Rescue was scheduled to be on the show and they pulled out at the last minute...

Barbara Ellis...National Organization of Women/East Bay
Nancy Thompkins... California Abortions Rights Action League
Neal Valrey... Teenage father
Melanie Dewberry.. Girls Incorporated
[3 student counselors... Fata Miller,
Robert Traynaham... Black America Political Action Committee... {Cancelled}
Mike Ross.. Operation Rescue... [Cancelled}

8/25/96..Affirmative Action

This show focused on the controversial Proposition 209 which would end affirmative action programs here in California.. It's a been a major campaign theme for everyone and an emotional issue for all...The emphasis was on the way affirmative action had effective white Americans...

Paul Rockwell....Angry White Guys For Affirmative Action
Julius Green...political activist.. San Francisco State
Pamela Lewis... Yes On Prop 209 Campaign
Leo Chang...Students For Against Prop 209...
MC Hammer...rap artist

9/1/96...Vacation.. The Best Of Summer Jam

9/8/96...CIA & The Crack Connection

This show focused on the recent reports that came out of the San Jose Mercury News.. There were a series of stories called 'Dark Alliances' which traced the introduction of crack cocaine into LA's African American community via the CIA.... This show was intense as all the main players in the center of this controversy were on board.. The show also inspired other media outlets to cover this story... 20/20 and 60 minutes were scheduled to interview the people who were guest on this show.

Gary Webb.. reporter San Jose of Dark Alliances..
Maxine Waters.. Congresswoamn.. South Central LA
Makani Themba..drug policy advosor/ Marin Institute
Chris 'Pipe Dreams.. The War On Drugs'
Brother Keith Muhammed.. Nation Of Islam
Brother Gary.. Nation Of Islam

9/15/96..Prison Visitation Rights..

This show was in repsonse to numerous requests for us to do a show that focused on the recently passed Bill that would prohibit congegal visits for prisoners on death row...It also spoke about the importance of family and prison..and the role they play in the rehabilitation of people who are incarcerated..We also promoted..

Dorsey Nunn.. Prisoners With Children
Reverend Steve Paneta.. Victory Outreach
Eddie Carvel.. Victory Outreach
Julianna..Center For Abuse Prevention
Erica... Prisoners Right Organization
Governor Pete Wilson Office.. spokesperson
Spokesperson from Prisoners Union..

9/22/96..Hip Hop Summit....Ending The War Between East & West

This show focused on the Hip Hop Summit which was taking place in New York during the aftermath of 2Pac's death.. It was basically a precurser for the upcoming Gavin Convention entitled Sessions.. The show focused on Hip Hop's orgins as well as its current state of affairs...It featured rare appearances from Hip Hop Music's pioneers

DJ Kool Herc.. pioneering Rap artist
DJ Afrika Bambaataa.. pioneering rap artist
DJ Grandmaster Flash..pioneering rap artist
Rappin' 4Tay.. rap artist
Thembisa Mshaka .. rap editor for Gavin Mgazine
DJ Fear... rap artist
Brother Christopher Muhammed.. Nation Of Islam..

9/29/96...Hip Hop & Politics

This show was a follow up to the panel discussion that I put together for Gavin's Hip Hop Convention.. It focused on the Hip Hop and its role in politics.. The show was designed to get people politically aware and motivated..

Dick Gregory.. Political Activists..Comedian.. Civil Rights Worker
Chuck D.. rap artist for Public Enemy
Michael Franti.. Spearhead
Boots..rap artist for The Coup/ Young Comrades
3 Members For Young Comrades
Andrea Foggey.. co-ordinator for Rock The Vote
Adissa The Bishop Of Hip Hop... writer.. political activist

10/6/96... Domestic Violence...How Bad Is It?

This show focused on domestic violence and its current state.. especially with respect to young people.. It was also the start of domestic violence awareness month.. A lot of information regarding shelters and related activities during October were given out.... It also focused on the recent legislation signed by President Clinton.. A spokesperson from the white house called into the show to help address this issue..

Reps... Men Over Coming Violence... MOVE Rep.. Washington DC.. White House Rep.. Casa De Madres.. Rep.. Rosalie House

10/13/96.. The Black Panther's 30th Anniversary..

This show focused on the history and evolution of the Black Panther Party.. which was founded here in Oakland 30 years ago.. It focused on the various community enrichment programs that the Panthers were best known for...It spoke to the formation of the New Black Panther Party.. It also spoke to the intense political training Panthers underwent..

Bobby Seale... Co-Founder of the Black Panther Party
Emry Dickson..founder of Seattle Chapter and coordinator for 30th Anniversary
Tureka Lewis.. first female Panther.. consultant to the movie Panther
Kathleen Cleaver.. former chair of Black Panther Party..

10/20/96.. The Political Agenda For '96..

This show focused on the various propositions that will be voted upon during the upcoming November elections... Political consultants and anaylsts were called together to help in this process...Show was designed to educate our listeners.... Part 1

Mayor Elihu Harris.. Oakland..
Gregory Lewis....Political reporter for SF Examiner..
Taj James... Political Activist
Zinny Abraham.. Political/ Financial Advisor to Mayor Harris

10/27/96.. The Political Agenda For '96 Pt 2

This show was a continuation from last week's show.. This particular show focused on the the propositions and measures and key races in other parts of the Bay Area...

Ronald ColdHurst.. Democratic Party
Ken Garcia..political reporter.. SF Examiner
2Reps California Youth Vote
Ron McPherson.. Political Consultant.. San Jose

11/3/96... The Political Agenda For '96 Pt 3.. Dole vs Clinton .. Prop 209

This is the final show in the 3 part series designed to inform and educate listeners about various.. issues especially the Presidential race and Prop 209..

Senator Barbara Boxer
Congressman Tom Campbell
Former Congressman Julian Bond
Taj James.. Political activist

11/10/96.....Open Mic... Free Form....

11/17/96...The Power Of Words...

This show focused on the prolific use of the 'N' word and the 'B' word.. It also focused on the derogratory terms used towards Asians..In particular the unflattering remarks made by retired general Colin Powell... And it focused on the Power Of The Word through a spiritual sense..

Cliff Gahagan.. author of 'Why Should I Be Called Nigger'
Aletha Yip... reporter for Asian Week..

11/24/96... Interracial Relations and Off Spring...

This show focused on the various factors surrounding interracial relationships.. It also took a long hard look at the experiences of interracial offspring.. Special attention was paid to the union between Asians and whites..

Deborah Cooper... Netnoir/ Pinache Singles Club
Jonathan Wafer... actor/ activist
Jesse Paterson... BOND.. [Brotherhood Of A New Destiny]
Heather Rippiere.. mixed off spring
Tommy Linear..mixed off spring

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