Black Wu-Tang manager Cedric Muhammed provides daily insightful political break downs and analysis within Black America and beyond. He has incredible access and regularly breaks bread with power movers and shakers on Capitol Hill.

The Urban Think Tank-This organization is headed by Yvonne Bynoe and Chic Smith and is Hip Hop's first official 'Think Tank'. Their publication Doula is a must have for anyone who is serious about Hip Hop and Politics. Their website has lots of insightful well researched articles.

Pop and Politics-Ferai Chedeya is a former correspondent for CNN and ABC News. She's a young sister who is part of the Hip Hop generation who has authored several books including the classic 'Don't Believe The Hype' which talks shows how mainstream news manipulates people. Her website is a wealth of political information that can be easily understood by all.

Rap Coalition-This is a must see website if you are in anyway involved with the music biz. Wendy Day is a an artist advocate who uses her website to provide brutal, honest insights into the 'ins' and 'outs' of the industry. She even provides real contracts that have been signed by unknowing artists who have gotten ripped off. She is considered to be one of the most powerful people in Hip Hop and has helped out everyone from Cash Money to Master P to Onyx broker deals or break lopsided contracts. Record label execs tremble when her name is mentioned. homeboys Chuck and Grouchy Greg have put in much work and have positioned themselves to be the AP or Reuters news service for Hip Hop..Their daily news alerts which are sent via 2way is essential for record industry folks.. D's website project.. This is a great place to post up your music for the world to hear! You will also find videos and short movies and Hip Hop columnists from all around the world.. Be sure to peep out Chuck's other and Slam Jamz

HipHopSite-This is one of the most comprehensive and best websites on the net. Warren Peace and his partner Pizzo have done an incredible job keeping us up on all the latest releases. Not only that, their on line store is the 'end all, be all' stop for folks who are really determined to stay abreast of things...

OHHLA-The On Line Hip Hop Lyrics Archive is essential for both headz and concerned parents who wish to see for themselves what their kid's favorite rap artists are saying. Steve 'Flash' who is from Iowa has been holding it down and providing a great service for the Hip Hop community. Not only that, he has had to do major battles with the dreaded RIAA and the Harry Fox publishing agency which have tried to shut him down on several occasions. It seems like they really don't like common folks being able to read the lyrics of their artists. Despite it all OHHLA has endured and continues to be a main staple in the online Hip Hop world...

Okay Player-This is one of the largest and best known Hip Hop websites. It was founded by ?uest Love of The Roots and is a 'must visit' place. Here you will find up to date information on not only the Roots, but also their extended family members like D'Angelo, Common, Dilated Peoples, Talib Kweli and many others.They even have daily comic strips from Boondock's comic strip writer Aaron McGruder. Their message boards are off the hook as ?uest Love and some of the others cats frequently post up and argue with folks.

SOHH-Support On Line Hip Hop is one of the older Hip Hop sites on the net. It was founded by Steven Samuels formerly of the rap group Troubleneck Brothers and Felicia Palmer who used to hold it down at Essence Magazine. Together they have kept things moving with everything ranging from the annual On Line Hip Hop Awards to a website that is full of information well worth peeping.

Conscious Hip Hop-Tired of 'bling bling' and mindless 'gangster rap'? This website is the place for you. Intelligent writing and keen insight is what you will find here...They are definitely worth peeping.. are the new kids on the block, but they are determined to fully represent Hip Hop's Fifth Element which is knowledge. They have some cool articles and lots of insight..

The Universal Zulu Nation-This is Hip Hop's oldest and most enduring organization. Once a feared gang during Hip Hop's early years, Zulu Nation which was founded by Afrika Bambaaataa, now has more then 10 thousand members and chapters all over the world. They strive to fully represent Hip Hop's 5th Element-Knowledge.

The Rocksteady Crew-What would Hip Hop be without the Rocksteady Crew? They are Hip Hop's second oldest organization and have kept the essence of b-boying and Hip Hop dance alive. Hip Hop without Rocksteady is like pancakes without syrup.

Old School Hip Hop- A great site for those who need to learn about the Old School... This site has a ton of information on the pioneers that laid the foundation for Hip Hop culture.

MC Lyte-This is my homegirl MC Lyte who has always held it down. Stop by her site and let her know I sent ya... Who knows she might even kick a vicious freestyle for you..

The Wake Up Show-Sway and King Tech are Hip Hop legends who broadcast to well over 13 million fans a week. Their World Famous Wake Up Show is the place where all sorts of rappers ranging from Eminem to Chino XL have gotten their shine. The WUS was recently made into a movie. Go to the site and listen to some real Hip Hop.

Rap Attack Lives- West Coast pioneer DJ Nasty Nes is best known for his work in the early 80s with Seattle's Sir Mix-A-Lot. Lately he's been making noise with his online industry publication Rap Attack Lives. The name derives from Nes' Hip Hop radio show which first aired in 1980. If you need up to date industry info, be sure to peep out this website..

SF Bayview Newspaper - This is one of the country's dopest Black newspapers. It's a publication that myself and numerous other Hip Hop writers regularly pen articles for.. Be sure to peep them out. In fact you may even want to submit your own story.

Hard Knock Radio -This is the official website for our daily award winning radio show-Hard Knock Radio. Check here for updates and upcoming guests.

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