Paris Responds: Pt 4

TX:Is the US supposed to be the World Police, or is it enough that we pick & choose our fights as long as we are sincere about helping the people of that region?

Paris: You tell me, are we supposed to be the world's police? Are we supposed to consistently murder and be murdered for other people's concerns? Who does the fighting, and who always dies? Surely not the children of lawmakers and politicians. They always elude conflict, just as Bush Jr. did with the help of his pop. Order and read the Book FORTUNATE SON: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President, second edition (
) for additional uncut info on our supposed Commander-In-Chief. By they way, who says we're sincere? The corporate-sponsored, propaganda-spewing media? Since when have we ever "helped" anybody with nothing to gain ourselves? Think!

Part 5

TX:Would Paris agree with the bombings in Israel? Please note that I don't agree with some of Israel's tactics or motives either.

Paris:I tend to not venture into debates regarding the Middle East. Simply ponder that the ongoing conflict revolves around "Occupied Territory" and that ALL of our media in the United States is pro-Israel and then begin to formulate your own opinion. Think! If Native Americans began blowing up shit over here for theft of their land, would they be justified? Rocks & slingshots against armed soldiers and nuclear weapons...hmmm...

Part 6

TX: Would Paris really have preferred Al Gore as president? His wife was the one who began explicitly censoring hiphop. The Democratic Party has just about the same amount of self-interests as Republicans. I've read Bush v. Gore and under our Constitution the right decision was made. There's no way around that.

Paris: What right decision? No way around what? This is bigger than Hip-Hop. How many people and/or companies in popular media now would openly entertain a message like mine given the current political climate generated by THIS administration?

Believe me, there are many, many people out there who feel as I do, who are tired of the propaganda and constant media bombardment and lack of any news and/or entertainment of substance. Look at the superficial state of hip-hop now. Where are all of the major labels who claim to be for the people? For the street? Down with the real? Who claim that change in hip-hop is needed? Wasn't it Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam, who recently brought up this very fact at a major hip-hop conference? Well? Pitiful. Remember that people buy what is glorified and given to them. Instead of progressive acts that people are hungering for we now have constant negativity. Look at the countless references to ecstacy in popular music as an example. Amerikkka's new manufactured genocide drug of choice. Where are the lyrical standards enforcers now?

Now of course I know the Democratic Party has it's evils, I'm not disputing that in the least. But it is definitely the lessor of the two evils, as it doesn't have such a severe record of systematic exclusion and racist bias. Both Bushes, John Ashcroft, David Duke, Ralph Reed, Pat Buchannan, Orrin Hatch, Dick Armey, Ward Connerly, Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and a host of others are all Republicans, remember. And there's no way around THAT.

TX: I can understand where Paris is coming from and the distrust he has. I am not disputing that our country is not without its own "skeletons", but I don't take ANYTHING at face value. I need proof. Without it, I really cannot accept as truth that the US had all this planned. There are too many factors where things can go wrong and seriously lead to global destruction. I don't think any government wants that. There'd be nothin' left to rule!

Paris: There would be EVERYTHING left to rule with a subservient, docile population good for nothing but consumerism. Again, ask yourself who really has gained as a result of the attacks last September. A climate of fear and the constant media reminders of a "terror threat" keep us blindly backing anything the government wants to do. All we need now is bar codes on our foreheads. Do you know the population of Afghanistan is over 70% teenagers? Who are we really at war with, and why?

Are you going to trust me, your brother with nothing to gain but grief from an out-of-control oppressive dictatorship (my record's not for sale), or our government and media who have (dis)respectfully done and covered up some of the most vicious dirt ever in history? Call me unpatriotic if you like, but that would be a blind assumption. Know that it is more unpatriotic to NOT question the government and it's actions, especially when your rights are being violated and so many people are adversely affected by what it does. Understand that when our government acts like this, THE WHOLE WORLD LOSES.

The first casualty of war is the truth.
written by Paris

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