Play or Be Played
Come November 7th

by Davey D

There is less than 24 hours to go before what is shaping up to be one of the closest Presidential elections in 40 years. Hopeful the Hip Hop community steps up and represents. I've said this before in past articles, with an election so close the Hip Hop community can go out and make a difference. I'm hoping and praying that we are not that 40-50% that has decided voting doesn't matter. Let me put it to you simply and kick some real game for you...The bottom line is this...


In other words the name of the game IS TO KEEP US OUT OF THE GAME. It is no mistake that politicians are oftentimes vague, long winded, boring and confusing. Its no mistake that they do things to turn us off and keep us disinterested.. That's part of the plan. They lull us to sleep and chase us away from the political process so that they can do whatever they want without you understanding so you can put them in check. Unfortunately for us, many elected officials act like pimps, players and hustlers in the sense that they try to run drama on us so we stay distracted. The main objective is to keep you dumbed down, uninvolved and clueless to the game. The less he has to answer to you the better..The less people vote, the better it is for politicians because then they never have to deal directly with you.. I found this out when I went to the Democratic Convention. It was an eye opening experience. By being involved and by staying informed we put salt on the game.. We prevent ourselves from being played..

A lot of these political types come to the table with a set game plan. New voters who are hip to the issues mess them up especially when we start putting demands on them. For example, a politician may get a huge campaign contribution from some big oil company that wants to build a new plant. The politician tries to figure out where to put the plant. He knows better then to try and put it in some rich white area cause those cats will jam him up and vote him out office. He won't do it a community where there are a lot of elderly people because they vote in large numbers. So he winds up putting the toxic plant in some poor run down community where he expects us to sit back and do nothing. They way this politician is thinking is like this; 'The hell with all them Black people in Hunters Point or East Oakland.. They don't vote so I don't care about them'. That politician is counting on the community NOT TO FIGHT BACK. And he's counting on the community not to read up on the information.

Its kind of like those Senators in New Jersey who are attempting to pass legislation to ban the sale of certain types of rap music. They figured they can score points at Hip Hop's expense. They've probably figured out that headz in New Jersey would never check them on this.. They aren't counting on a Redman, the Outsidaz and any other high profile groups from New Jersey to speak out, scream on them and lead the charge to vote them out of office... And they certainly don't anticipate the fans to speak out..Another situation like this exist in St Louis where the Mayor refused to give Nelly the key to the city. He must be thinking he can win some extra votes for his re-election campaign by dissing Hip Hop. He must be counting on the Hip Hop community to sit back and take it by not voting. Too bad Nelly didn't flip those three million albums he sold into votes.. That Mayor would've never dissed baseball slugger Mark McGuire like that, because he knew there are enough sport fans in St Louis that would vote against him for the dis.. But he figured he could get away with smacking the Hip Hop community.. The sad part is we could really make a difference.. We've been led to believe through trickery and bamboozle-like techniques that it can't happen.

A perfect example, of politicians hoping we stay out the game is New York Mayor Giuliani. Despite all the police brutality issues and his on going bad relationship with the Black community, he never saw us as a true threat because when he did his field research and took his polls, he knew our crowd was going to stay out to lunch and remain political uninvolved. Now there were cats like Screwball, Nas and Pharaohe Monch who did songs dissing the Mayor, but his overall attitude seemed to suggest that he wasn't concerned because cats weren't going to flip those songs and album sales into votes. Hence Giuliani got elected to a second term as Mayor and during that time things have gotten worse.

I always tell cats that the power respects power.. Hip Hop has so much potential to be a threat. Politicians know this so they try our best to make it easy for us to walk away in frustration and not be involved.. I hope tomorrow we collectively make ourselves a viable threat.. Keep in mind the way the game is played is such that the objective is for us to be played.. Politicians work the angles the way a Mack Daddy or player work the angles when they try to play women.. You can see all the similarities..

A true player who is trying to run game on three or four women at a time uses a variety of techniques and distractions to make that happen. All of them our designed to keep her from getting hipped to the game and seeing the larger picture.. The player starts off by seeking females who he can easily manipulate. He prays on those who are ignorant, naive and suffer from low self esteem. Next, he'll do things like marginally satisfying them so that they never questions him.. He may do things to keep them financially and emotionally dependent upon him or he may resort to playing one woman off the other as they try for his affections..The whole time the player is pushing emotional buttons and playing on their low self esteem to keep from standing up for herself and changing the conditions they're around.. The woman may not be satisfied or happy but the player has flipped the script and gotten them to believe that they can't do anything about it.. Hence some wind up staying in a emotionally and sometimes physically abusive situation. At first they may hopes for better days and then after a while they resigns themselves to accepting these messed up conditions. She comes to expect herself to get played.. The player doesn't care.. His only concern is that no one doesn't mess up his plan and screw up his hustle by figuring things out..

Politicians try to do the same thing with all of us..They push our emotional buttons and get us all worked up and pissed off to the point that we walk away from the game. We leave thinking that nothing we do can or will ever make a difference..The politician like the player isn't interested in a two sided conversation. He wants to do all the talking and wants us to just blindly listen. Like the politician like the player will try to get away with as much as they possibly can.. He'll walk all over you until you stand up for yourself.
Now I won't sit up and here and paint a rosy picture and pretend that Voting is gonna end all of our problems. It won't..But there is no denying that its a very strong start. Your immediate participation forces people to deal with you on different terms. Ultimately we want to get to a point where become continuously active on a daily basis. Politics has got to be part of our everyday lifestyle. Maybe it means forming an organization.. or better yet joining one that is already out there doing the job.The bottom line is this.. we have got to stand up and vote this this election day..

There's a lot more at stake then just Al Gore and George Bush.. There's tons of local propositions and measures that will impact you for sure.. For example, here in Cali, brothers are always beefing about unfair prison terms for minor offenses like carrying weed.. On the ballot is Prop 36 which would eliminate jail time for being caught with weed. You would get counseling or go into a diversion program as opposed to time in one of these new and improved slave camps. While there are a lot of headz who are up on this..and are heading to the polls.. there are others who are simply playing themselves by saying it don't matter.. How can you not vote for something that helps repeal prison terms for non-violent offenses like carrying weed? Call it corny, call it a bunch of hot air, call it a waste of time..but please remember what I wrote about how players operate. They'll get a naive woman who is sprung, hollering the same things when you try to break things down to her.' If you're thinking that its a waste of time, then you just played yourself..You fell into the trap..

Remember this
In the words of Jessie Jackson.. Take Your Souls to the polls.. Tuesday November 7th..
by Davey D

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