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  • Is West Coast Rap Obsolete? Long time West Coast Hip Hop artist Kam pens an article that speaks to the current trend by the media to shun west coast Hip Hop from the airwaves. Kam touches on amuch larger problem which is starting to unnerve many within Hip Hop....5/24

  • Hip Hop vs Civil Rights Hip Hop journalist Lee Hubbard writes about the contentious mayoral election in Newark, New Jersey that pitted an old guard Civil Rights veteran against an up and coming offspring of the Hip Hop generation. Hubbard breaks down this emerging generational divide and how it played itself out in the 2002 election...5/20/02

  • Hip Hop's True Godfather Celebrates A B-Day The hardest working man in show business-Soul Brother number 1: James Brown celebrates a birthday. We take alook back and let people know why he was the true Godfather to Hip Hop music and culture...5/3/02

  • The Crackdown on Internet Radio pt 1 This article gives the 4-11 on why the RIAA and major record labels are trying their best to shut down Internet Radio. It has a lot to do with derailing potential competition as opposed to curtailing Internet piracy...4/26/02

  • How Radio Really Works: The Crackdown on Internet Radio pt 2 Ever wonder why you have to hear the same 10 records on your local radio station day in and day out? This article breaks down some of the politics behind the way records get played. It also concludes why the RIAA is attempting to shut down Internet Radio..4/26/02

  • NWA: Straight Outta ComptonThis is an incredible article twritten by Terry McDermott that first appeaered in the April 14th Sunday edition of the Los Angles Times. It gives a full break down of the 'world's most dangerous group'...4/14/02

  • The West Coast Hip Hop Summit: Who? What? Where? Why? & How? This article gives an indepth break down as to what actually took place at this historic and contentious Hip Hop summit. Everyone from Minister Farrakhan to Suge Knight spoke at this event, providing both insight as well as controversial remarks...2/19/02

  • Franti, Marley, Terrorism & Cointel-Pro This article focuses on a conversation with Hip Hop artist Michael Franti who came through the radio station to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday. The article traces the legacy of Marley and his impact on Black music. It also focuses on the cointel-pro efforts of the FBI to undermine Marley. A connection is made to the current efforts underway to monitor today's Hip Hop artists by using the current laws to combat terrorism...2/13/02

  • Nas, The Roots, Sambos & Porch MonkeysThis article focuses on the current war of words between Jay-Z , Nas and now The Roots. Apparently Nas feels the The Roots have overstepped their bounds by performing on MTV with Jay-Z. This article breaks down the ins and outs of this emcee battle and whether or not the Roots were out of pocket...2/9/02

  • Silence Is Golden: Hip Hop Watch Your Back This article deals with the new Patriotism 2001 anti-terrosrist bill. We explore how the new laws will impact the Hip Hop generation...10/26/01

  • Remember Disco King Mario A brief run down of one of Hip Hop's lesser known yet very important pioneers... Disco King Mario...8/17/01

  • Hip Hop Journalist Crises Blackelectorate.com's Cedric Muhammed breaks down the 4-1-1 on Hip Hop journalism and the things preventing it from reaching its full potential...7/28/01

  • Farrakhan Breaks It Down: The Hip Hop Summit Cedric Muhammed of Blackelectorate.com gives the full run down of the historic speech delivered by Nation of Islam leader Minister Farrakhan at the June 2001 Hip Hop summit. This speach was considred to be the minsister's best and most important speech...6/18/01

  • Conspicuous Consumption In this article Blackelectorate.com's Cedric Muhammed gives a serious run down about materialism within Hip Hop..5/28/01

  • Hip Hop's Unspoken Ten Commandments Writer Step[hanie Gadlin gives an indepth run down about Hip Hop' Unspoken Ten Commandments. Stephanie brings an interesting twist to this topic...3/21/01

  • Zulu Nation: From Gangs to Glory
    As Hip Hop's largest and oldest organization gets set to celebrate its 26th Anniversary.. We give a brief break down of the History behind this wonderful organization started by Afrika Bambaataa... 11/2000

  • Al Gore & Hip Hop
    As the November 7th 2000 Presidential elections draw near we focus on Vice President Al Gore's lack of reaching out to the Hip Hop community...10/28/2000

  • History of Graf Part 1
    This is a terrific article that comes courtesy of
    It gives a wonderful break down of the ins and outs of graf from its earliest days. This is a wonderful resource for folks who are trying to get a good understanding of Graf..On their website you find a directory that spotlights all the key writers and crews from back in the days as well as pictures and links to other sites..Enjoy the info and either visit their website or drop these cats a line and let 'em know what you think.. mailto:At149st@aol.com

  • Respect Those Who Came Before You
    This article gives a run down of Hip Hop's pioneers from coast to coast. It asks that we ask Hip Hop fans give thanks to all those who came before us and put it down for Hip Hop..11/99

  • How To Organize Hip Hoppers
    This article is actually a response to a letter in which some one inquired as to how you go about organizing Hip Hoppers for political activism. The response gives a few suggestions to keep in mind...11/99

  • Hip Hop And It's Critics Why Dis E-40?
    This article focuses on the role of the Hip Hop album critic. It focuses on an unsavory review authored by Blaze Magazine toward Bay Area Rap Star E-40..10/99

  • The Multi-Cultural Myth & Debate
    This article is really positioned in the form of a debate. It was actually a response to several emails by a guy named Necro who feels that Hip Hop is Multicultural and that it was that way from day one. I have a number of countering responses.. 7/99

  • Why Should Color Matter? by Chris Hall WRAS Atlanta
    In this article Hip Hop DJ Chris Hall raises some penetrating questions as to why Em inem is being shunned because of skin color. He points out the hypocrisy and foolishness in maintaining such an attitude. He also talks about people being fake and distorting Hip Hop culture. He talks about the love people have for fake gangstas while simultaneously objecting to Eminem. A really good and interesting article that all should read...5/99

  • Yes Color Does Matter If You're Not In Control...
    This article was in response to the article written by Chris Hall. It raises the question as to who controls the presentation of images and how that effects our perception of Hip Hop. This whole debate is not really about Eminem and his exposure, but instead who controls the marketing of Em...5/99

  • What Is A Hip Hop Sellout? pt 1
    This is the first of 3 articles dealing with one of Hip Hop's most engaging questions.. Who is a sellout and why?..6/99

  • Oliver Wang's Take on Sellouts pt 2
    Hip Hop writer Oliver Wang responds to Davey D's article on Sell Outs and offers a unique perspective.. 6/99

  • Daddy O's Take On Sellouts pt 3
    This is the last of 3 articles on sellouts. Here legendary rapper Daddy O of Stetsasonic gives a breakdown of Hip Hop sellouts.. 6/99

  • KRS-One Will End Canibus' Career.
    This article focuses on the recent inflammatory remarks made by KRS-One. He claimed that he would end the recording careers of anyone who dares to battle him. He focuses on up and coming star Canibus. Needless to say this has set off a firestorm..8/98

  • Did Wyclef Pull A Gun?
    This article deals with the issue of digruntled artists and their relationship with the media. Here we focus on the recent controversy surrounding Wyclef Jean of the Fugees. He was accused of pulling a gun on a writer.. This artcle also focuses on the steps that artists should be taking so they won't be at the mercy of a biased media... 8/98

  • Is The Hip Hop Media Doing A Good Job?
    This article focuses on the current state of radio and hip hop. In particular it examines the current state of college radio which in many ways has been co-opted by the record industry...8/98

  • Are White Rappers Privleged ?
    This Article focuses on the white rap artists and the undue amount of attention they receive from the media. The article sets off to examine whether or not white rap artists are being hyped because of skin color or because they have raw skills...7/98

  • Nigga Or Nigger What's The Deal?
    This article focuses on the pervasive use of the N word within hip hop.. It was in response to a recent poll in which the N word was cited as being the most overused word within hip hop culture...5/98

  • Why Rap Is So Powerful?
    This article focuses on the current situation confronting Bay Area rap artist Mac Dre and his lyrics.. This article chronicles the African Oral Tradition in which rap is a manifestation. It shows how throughout history the words spoken by African Americans were of deep concern.This is a deep article that'll leave you thinking...4/98

  • Don't Dis Master P
    This article focuses on the current popularity of Master P.. Folks are trying to figure out why he has become so popular..Folks are also starting to call him a 'sell out' because he's now being played on commercial radio. The question is..'Why is Master P a sell out when commercial radio avoided playing him until they had no choice because he 'blew up'?...4/98

  • Hip Hop & Black Culture: One & The Same?
    This article was reprinted from a newsletter sent out by DaKillaB.. It was featured in Hip Hop Newsletter#6..For more info contact:DaKillaB. This article attempts to challenge the notion that Hip Hop Culture is Black Culture.. Writer NyceStylez doesn't think this assumption is accurate.. Read and find out why..4/6/98

  • A Response: Hip Hop Is Indeed Black Culture
    This article was written by author, rap artists, journalist and community activist Adissa The Bishop of Hip Hop.. He attempts to drop science as to why Hip Hop Culture is indeed Black Culture..

  • Who Will Oakland Rappers Endorse For Mayor
    This article examines the current political climate that exist in Oakland Cali..as the Mayoral races heat up.. [April '98]. The question to be asked is out of the 13 candidates.. who will seek out the hip hop vote..?

  • Club Kritic Magazine
    This is a new upstart publication put out by the former members of the Bay Area rap group Zero Tolerance..EV Dog.. the editor and chief has gone out and explored the Bay Area Club Scene...Check out the first issue.

  • How We Treat Women Within Hip Hop
    Women are increasingly being disrespected within hip hop.. Why this is happening could be attributed to a variety of factors.. This article explores the mistreatment of our hip hop sistas..

  • A Letter From Michelle S of KMEL
    So ya wanna know how come commercial radioi doesn't play all the latest jams? Ya wanna know what factors are at work keeping commercial radio from 'keepin' it real? Michelle S.. program director of commercial powerhouse KMEL puts it on the line and provides you with the full 4-1-1.

  • The Hip Hop Declaration Of Independence
    Here's a declaration from two of the Bay Area's best known hip hop journalist.. They want to pull out from the hip hop nation.. and they want you to follow...

  • The Nation Of Islam Hip Hop Peace Summit
    Here's the full 4-1-1 on a historic gathering that took place April 3 1997 in Chicago.. It tells the real story behind the East vs West Coast War within Hip Hop and how it will end....

  • Do G's Really Make The World Go Round?
    A satirical look at the whole 'gangsta rap' trend within hip hop... Geraldo started this whole thing...

  • Notorious BIG Gunned Down
    This article gives the full story regarding the recent death of Notorious BIG...

  • Is Hip Hop Dying ?
    This is a feature article the examines the current state of hip hop music and culture.. In '97 one can seriously ask the question 'Is hip hop dying ?' .. What has happened to it's creativity?

  • Will Hip Hop Ever Demand Respect?
    This article focuses on the recent speech given by Vibe Magazine CEO..Keith Clinkscale.. He spoke at the Gavin Convention and raised the all important question as to why the Hip Hop community allows itself to be disrespected...

  • How The East Coast Started This Bi-Coastal War
    This article gives a historical break down about the roots of hip hop's current civil war.

  • The History Of Hip Hop
    This article gives a basic account of the origins of hip hop.. It's a great read for those who are new to this...enjoy..

  • Hip Hop In Germany
    This article gives an indepth look into Germany's Hip Hop scene.. This article was donated courtsey of The Bomb Magazine.

  • Break Dancin' In The UK
    This article first appeared in The Bomb Magazine..It gives a pretty good historical break down of hip hop dancin' within the UK.

  • Is Hip Hop Culture Black Culture?
    This article attempts to put into perspective the ethnic roots of hip hop culture. It will tell you why and how Hip Hop is Black culture.

  • Will Rap Artists Run
    For Political Office In '96?

    This article focuses on the political viability of rap artist. If Sonny Bono can get elected to congress why can't KRS-One or Chuck D?

  • Hip Hop & Funk
    This article talks about the relationship between hip hop and funk music.. It ain't no accident that George Clinton and Roger Troutman are involved in everyone's music...

  • Blaxploitation Movies And Hip Hop
    My man JR Valery writes an insightful article that explores the influence old school movies like The Mack and Superfly have had on Hip Hop culture..

  • '95 Urban Guerilla Street Beat Awards
    This is our annual end of the year tongue N cheek hip hop awards..Who had the album of the year?..Check it out for yourself...

  • Record People Are Shady
    This article tells you how to avoid the pitfalls of the music biz. It tells you about all the rappers who are struggling to get paid and what steps they are taking to collect their loot.

  • East Coast Vs West Coast
    What's this bi-coastal war about? How does one hate an entire coast? We examine the roots to this brewing conflict.

  • Words From Bambaataa
    This article which first ran in The Bomb Magazine gives an insightful look into the mind and philosophy of Hip Hop's true ambassador and Grand Daddy...Afrika Bambaataa.

  • Bambaataa's Personal Statement
    This article is actually a statement from Afrika Bambaataa which addresses the East/West Coast rivalry as well as the old school vs new school debate that has plagued hip hop. Read what one of Hip Hop's pioneers has to say on these topics.

  • Bay Area Filipino Hip Hop DJs
    The Bay Area has some of the best djs in the world. Almost all of them are Filipino. This article which first ran in Harry Allen's online publication Rap Dot Com explores this phenomenon.

  • The Bomb Compilation LP
    This article first ran in the Bomb Magazine It talks about the plight of hip hoop djs and a new compilation lp that features djs flexing their skills..

  • How To Make A Record
    This article first ran in the publication Vinyl Exchange, which is a local Bay Area Newsletter. DJ Stef gives you a Step By Step account on how to make your own record. It's a great article.

  • DJ Cee Is Killed In A Drive By
    This article is actually a news brief that talks about the killing of Ray Luv's dj DJ Cee. He was the victim of a drive by gone wrong.