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I'm replying to what a sell out in hip-hop is. A sell out in hip-hop is someone who doesn't move toward all of us as a goal. In your examples of the old school, you did'nt mention it was all those acts against the world. No features on R&B records, no Flash producing for Kashif shit. Sellouts are folks who do it for the money alone regardless to whether or not we (Hip-Hop) win. Every group you mentioned made some sort of dough short or long. But We fought to get played in the clubs, on radio etc.

We still have other battles to fight,but after the dough a lot of cats and chicks get content. As far as I can see, if Missy or Rass or Short were to fail tommorow alot of execs could care less and would go on to sign the next act. We (meaning my generation of Hip-Hop) fought for each other to win and triumph, sellouts don't. And that's how to spot 'em. If we don't spend our money we make off the culture to advance the culture, we're ALL selling out, bottom line.

Daddy-O (Stetsasonic)

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