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June 2003

  • Rise Up Hip Hop Nation: Realizing Our Righteous Power by Kristine Wright
  • Are Rappers Paid to Push the Courvoisier?
  • Seven Years Later 2Pac's Words Live On by Opio L Sokonio
  • Black on Black Violence Within Hip Hop by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Rappers Please Stop Singing by Devone Holt
  • My Love Letter to Hip Hop by Bitter B
  • Hip Hop's Islamic Influence by Marian Liu

    April/May 2003

  • 2 Live and Die For Hip Hop by Min Paul Scott
  • The Hip Hop Wars by Umar Ben Ivan
  • Art vs the Artist by Adissa Banjoko
  • Is Hip Hop Dead? by Walter Dawkins
  • What Next? Operation 'Hood' Freedom? by Minister Paul Scott

  • Davey D's List Hip Hop Anti-War Songs
  • Piracy and Bootlegging Is Terrorism
  • Chuck D Speaks on 50 Cent, Jay-z and Toure
  • Toure Responds to Chuck D Criticism
  • Hip Hop's Open Letter to George Bush
  • Bumpy Knuckles Says He's Hip Hop and You're Not!...
  • Saluting the Women Who Proceeded Bay Area Hip Hop

    March 10 2003
  • Voletta Wallace Remembers Her Son Notorious Big by All Hip Hop.com
  • Saluting the Women Who Proceeded Bay Area Hip Hop by Davey D
  • The Difference Between R Kelly and Elvis by Shemia
  • Do Rap Videos Cause Bad Behavior? by Blackelectorate.com
  • A Response to Last Week's MTV Emcee Battle Fiasco by Tim Savage
  • Politicians, Activists, and Rap Artists Step Up
  • Hip Hop Speaks-Speak Out on Hip Hop Mysogony by Kevin Powell
  • Corporate Radio: The Day Protest Music Died

    February 2003

  • Michael Jackson and Black History:Leave Me Alone by Morpheus
  • The Politics Behind the DC Snipers by JR and Steve Coakly
  • 10 Things To Consider Before U Enlist in the Military by SF Bayview
  • Is Hip Hop Still A Voice of the Voiceless? by Bakari Kitwana
  • Are Rappers Terrorists? Is Hip Hop Unpatriotic? by Patriotic.net
  • Black Community: Turn Off the Radio! by Bob Law
  • Pepsi Yields Money But No Respect! by Cedric Muhammed
  • White Like Me: 10 Codes of Ethics For White People In Hip Hop by J Love

  • Hip Hop Nation Rise Up pt 3 by Kristine Wright
  • What's Driving All the Recent Michael Jackson News Coverage? by Soulone
  • The NBA Allstar Weekend Was BS! by Bitter B&%tch
  • Feeling the Funk of Racism: King Holiday 2003 by Minister Paul Scott
  • Eminem: The Prodigal Son Has Come Home by Cedric Muhammed
  • The Cutural Jacking of Hip Hop by Bakari Akil II
  • Whites Love Hip Hop So Get Over It by Thomas Schuman
  • Fear of a Culture Bandit by Bakari Kitwana
  • The Hip Hop Generation by Rev Al Sharpton
  • Ballot or Bullets 2002 by Adissa Banjoko

  • Make Room For Conscious Hip Hop by Bakari Akil II... 8/6/02

  • The Integration of the Hip Hop Nation by Minister Paul Scott...8/3/02

  • Response to Minister Paul Scott: Whites Do Matter In Hip Hop by Cap

  • Hip Hop Hatin' That Hate Produced by Minister Paul Scott...7/28/02

  • Rise Up Hip Hop Nation Wise Up pt 1 by Kristine Wright...7/14/02

  • Rise Up Hip Hop Nation Wise Up pt 2 by Kristine Wright...7/14/02

  • Nelly vs KRS1: A Political Overview by Ernie Paniccioli...7/5/02

  • Is West Coast Rap Obsolete? by Kam for SOHH.com 5/24/02

  • What Is Love? Everything! by Adissa Banjoko..5/20/02

  • Violence After Rap Show: Is Hip Hop to Blame? by Davey D 5/20/02

  • The Hip-Hop Hypocrisy by Marlon LeTerrance..5/14/02

  • The Homo-Erotic Nature of Hip Hop by Illseed of AllHipHop.com...4/30/02

  • How Hip Hop Destroyed Black Power by Min Paul Scott...4/13/02

  • She Watches Channel Zero by Jeriko One..3/29/02

  • The Greatest Emcee of All Time by Dave Nason...3/14/02

  • Disposable Heroes of Hip Hop by Edward Dejesus...3/12/02

  • Flex Your Power: A Challenge For Russell Simmons by Elbe..3/12/02

  • Are Backpackers Really Conscious? by Dove...3/4/02

  • An Open Letter to Suge Knight by Chris...2/26/02

  • Hip Hop the Age of Ignorance by Adissa...2/13/02

  • Franti, Marley, Terrorism & Cointel-Pro by Davey D..2/13/02

  • Silence Is Golden: Hip Hop by Davey D 10/26/01

  • Is Hip Hop Relevent? by Oliver Wang...9/25/01

  • Hip Hop Can Call For Peace by Jeff Chang...9/20

  • The WTC Attacks by Ernie Paniccioli..9/20

  • A Message of Peace by DJ Kuttin' Kandi..9/12/01

  • How We Treat Women In Hip Hop by Davey D9/4/01

  • Star, Aaliyah and Hot 97 by Davey D8/30/01

  • Hot 97 Has Got to Go by April Silver..8/30/01

  • Myth of the Great Black Pimp by Adissa Banjoko 8/21/01

  • Russell Simmons: You Are Not...by Rosa Clemente

  • Conspicuous Consumption by Cedric Muhammed 5/28/01

  • Hip Hop's Ten [Unspoken Commandments].. by Stephanie Gadlin 3/21/01

  • It's World AIDS Day-Do You Remember Eazy E?

  • To Play or Be Played Come November 7th

  • Al Gore & Hip Hop...10/28/00 by Davey D

  • Respect Those Who Came Before Us..11-25-99

  • When Hip Hop Was Illegal by KRS-One

  • Hip Hop Trump? by Mark Riley

  • Hip Hop And It's Critics! Why Dis E-40?..10-13-99

  • Jesse Jackson's Hip Hop Summit..8-7-99

  • What Is A Hip Hop Sellout?..6-30-99

  • Oliver Wang's Take on Sellouts..6..30..99

  • Daddy O's Take On Sellouts..6-30-99

  • Why Label Hip Hop Black or White?..6-23-99

  • What Happened At Woodstock?

  • Multi-Culturalism In Hip Hop...5-21-99

  • Slim Shady Has His Priveledges..5-13-99

  • Slim Shady Has His Priveledges [unedited]

  • Would Puffy Beat Down John Gotti?..4-22-99

  • Why Do We Keep Running In Our Videos?..3-22-99

  • An Open Letter from Mos Def..2/99

  • The Hip Hop Response To Police Brutality..3-9-99

  • Filipinos and Hip Hop Culture

  • Gays, Lesbians and Hip Hop Culture...6-27-97

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