Would Puffy
Beat Down John Gotti?

April 22 1999
by Davey D.

Do you think Puffy took a few giant steps backwards for his part in the recent beat down of fellow record executive Steve Stoute? How does one go from raising a million dollars for the Christopher Wallace Foundation in the name of bringing about peace and ending violence, to knocking another brother upside the head? Let's say at the worst case scenario, Nas' manager intentionally went out of his way to dis Puffy. Don't you think a lawsuit targeting him and the deep pockets of Nas' label Columbia records would've been better? Couldn't Puff have called and worked it out like Nas suggested in a recent interview? It just amazes me we have brotha attacking brotha and none of them own the major outlets involved? Puffy even with his Bad Boy label is under Arista records. He doesn't own that.. Nas' video material is owned by Sony/Columbia records. He doesn't own that. Neither one of these guys owns MTV which aired the video.

You don't see Arista owner Clive Davis rolling up and handing out beat downs to Sony/Columbia President Tommy Mottola over a disagreement. So why do we continuously engage in such activities? If I was a 'shot caller, big baller' I would've sued the hell out of Sony/Columbia records which is ultimately responsible for what gets released by their artist. I would've held a press conference, sued the record company and gave the money to charity. Now that would've been sending a message and good public relations move.

All these selective Black on Black beat downs going on within the record industry brings me back to the points I raised a few weeks back when I questioned the reasons 'We keep running in our videos'? Lets just say the person who released the video to MTV was John Gotti as opposed to Steve Stoute, would a beat down have occurred? Let's say it was Tommy Mottola, would Puffy have bumrushed the offices and beat him down? I don't think so.

Did Puffy gather up his boys and beat down Arista owner Clive Davis after Clive ripped him in the press when Forbes Magazine put Puffy on the cover? Hell no! So why the public beating of this guy who is trying to blow up in the biz like himself? Would there have been a beat down if it was Suge Knight releasing the video? People are speculating this whole thing was a way for Puff to regain street credibility. Let's hope not. Heck if that's the case, let Puff take some aggressive stances against the police who shot Diallo. Bring the Puffy Beat Down crew to guys who fired 41 shots. Let him show up at the Millions For Mumia Rally in Philadelphia and lead the crowd in ways to 'Beat Down' an oppressive system that believes in building more prisons than schools. That'll get you credibility. There's always ways for us to work out differences and resolve problems other then highly publicized selective beat downs. Don't you think?

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