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The WTC Attacks
by Ernie Paniciolli

First, before anything keep in mind the loss of life pain and suffering of the victims and the survivors. The impact of this day will be felt for generations. No religion, political party, belief structure, cause or grudge can justify or condone this beast like act. Our lives will not be the same in America or any other place in the world. The financial loss alone will be felt even in the poorest shantytown in the Third World. Anywhere else in this world especially Japan, the Presidents, and CEO’s of the hijacked airlines would have been on TV apologizing and offering to resign for allowing not one, but possibly five planes to be hijacked. To my knowledge, this has not yet happened.

A sad coincidence or irony is the airlines involved were American and United and now every minute we hear the call for a United America. Were the hijackers trying to tell us something like using 9-11 (911) as the day to commit this crime? Many folks slept on prophecy and when what they though was the millennium had passed they snickered at scripture and prophecy. If the millennium is the celebration of the 2000th birthday of Christ, then it must be celebrated in 2001. Does Revelation 18 refer to the World Trade Center; I for one suggest it does and further it talks of New York City as well. We must now go from the spiritual to the political and ask what does the future hold for our youth and the so-called Hip-Hop generation. Try these on for size to see who benefited from this crime against humanity.

(1) Forced induction into the military.

(2) A vast erosion of civil rights and civil liberties.

(3) Possible Martial Law.

(4) Widespread layoffs and financial hardships including a stand still of the airline, hotel and tourism industries.

(5) Massive deportation of thousands of undocumented aliens who have committed no crime being poor, hungry and having the desire to work and feed their families.

(6) Racial and ethnic profiling, both by the government and misguided "patriotic Americans".

Experience has taught me nothing happens in a vacuum, the week before the horror America, Zionism and Israel were being skewered at the Conference On Racism, America was being asked to pay reparations which would amount to billions of dollars. All signs and the stock market indicated America was headed into a recession and the tensions in the Middle East were at the boiling point Americans were divided over whether or not we had witnessed a Coup d’etat and a stolen presidential election. There are voices even now that suggest this horror might be the second phase of that Coup d’etat or another phase of the activities of the establishment of The New world Order.

We must never feed into the Zealot mind set. Never believe as so many do that we alone are the chosen people, that our religion our God is the only valid form of worship. That our way is the only way or that God has put you on this Earth to shame or civilize the heathens. Fundamentalism, zealotry and racial bigotry will create wars and hatred for generations to come. The worst enemies of peace on this planet are the zealots and fundamentalists, they can be found in every religion. They all worship some musty book and not the creator it is supposed to represent. They all feel they are the chosen of God, that they are somehow wiser, more enlightened more sacred, more holy, than other people who share the Earth. They all have scapegoats, the filthy Jews, the dirty Arabs, the dumb niggers, those honkies, those stinking dot-heads, those porch monkies, etc., etc., etc. Remember the words of Haile Selassie as sung by Bob Marley "Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war……."

Lets analyze this Osama bin Laden scenario carefully, he is an avowed enemy and hater of America, and if he were to admit or boast about having committed this horror he would become the terrorist "super hero" and poster boy. If he did it, one of the most heinous act of modern history why would he not take credit for it? A great rule of thumb is that whenever anything important happens turn on the VCR and record every news flash. I taped about 24 hours of events that happened too fast to be filtered or censored. One amazing item I "caught on tape" was "someone called the Secret Service on Air Force One, had their phone numbers and secret codes and said we’re coming for you now" while Bush was in the air fleeing Washington. Either these assassins had "inside" help every step of the way or else all the money we have poured into defense and security has been wasted, stolen or misused. If "angry, red blooded Americans" are seeking justice by killing and beating up Arabs, Muslims and other "Middle Eastern" types did they do the same when the Oklahoma City bomber was revealed to be a blonde haired, blue eyed "good ol boy’?

On a more personal note I visited the fantastic restaurant Windows On The World at the top of the World Trade Center for my daughters birthday just a couple of weeks before the explosions and felt sick with dread, told my family we’ve got to split and saw dead people dancing in the club. I have been in those building hundreds of times and never before experienced anything like that premonition. My daughter saw the plane crash into the second tower and the buildings crumble from her window at work.

Lastly I suggest those of you who read to please check out "Rule By Secrecy" by Jim Marrs and to check out www.rense.com. These may help you explore other insights into what happened and where we may be heading in the next few weeks and months.
My heart aches and I suggest this is a powerful time for unity as human beings on this Earth. We need reason, calm, hope and prayer to get through this together. This is a good time to be kind and gentle to folks, you don’t know if the person next to you lost a love one, a friend or their job or is just in shock or denial

Peace Ernie Paniccioli


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