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FNV Nov 24 '99 Kool Keith Is Mad

FNV Nov 22 '99 ODB Has His Day In Court

FNV Nov 19 '99 Rosa Parks Loses/Willie D To Box

FNV Nov 11 '99 Mos Def Touches Down/ Boots' 35 Emcees

FNV Nov 6 '99 EPMD Cut Show/ Asian Hip Hoppers

FNV Oct 25 '99 Common Says Hands Off Assata

FNV Aug 26th '99 Sam Sneed Has Cancer

FNV Aug 20th '99 Reporting Live From LA

FNV Aug 18th '99..The Truth Hurts/ A Day In The West

FNV Aug 16th '99..Rakim Returns/ Puffy Walks Out

FNV Aug 13th '99..Jesse Jackson's Hip Hop Summit

FNV Aug 13th '99..KRS-One Commentary

FNV Aug 12th '99..The Coup & Dead Prez/ Ed Lover Quits

FNV Aug 2cd '99..Baka Boyz Quit

FNV July 23 '99 Father MC Arrested/ Gays In Hip Hop pt2

FNV July 21 '99 UK's Tim Westwood Shot/ Eve is Robbed

FNV July 21 '99 Stop Blaming Hip Hop! Blame Woodstock!

FNV July 19th '99 E-40 Clears His Name..

FNV May 28th '99.. Ice Cube Starts Filming

FNV May 21st '99..Hip Hop's Multi-Cultural Myth

FNV May 18th '99.. Happy Memorial Day

FNV May 10th '99 Slim Shady Causes Brawl

FNV May 6th '99..What's The Next Hot Spot?

FNV April 22 '99..Did Suge Knight Kill Biggie?

FNV April 20 '99..Dwayne Wiggins Is Filing Charges

FNV April 12 '99..Suspects Arrested In Freaky Tah's Murder

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