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A bit of sad news awaited me when I stepped off here in 'The East'.. My good friend Thembisa of Sony Music dropped this heart wrenching press release:

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:32:00 -0400
Subject: Producer Sam Sneed Diagnosed w/Cancerous Brain Tumor

Dear Music Industry/Media Professional/Friend:

This is not your ordinary press release with the who-said or
who-did-what-to-whom. This is an alarm sounding, an urgent call 
to action. We witness so much untimely, senseless death to be so 
young, vibrant and full of promise. We have at this moment an 
opportunity to keep one of ours alive instead of shaking our 
heads and shedding tears questioning "why?!" The news was brought
to me, and as a writer, I felt compelled to share the story and 
DO something about it to bring about a happy ending.

Music producer Sam "Sneed" Anderson, co-producer of "Natural Born 
Killers" and "Keep Their Heads Ringin', as well as producer for 
Capone-N-Noreaga ("Closer")and Cherelle ("Sleeping With The 
Enemy"), has been diagnosed with Astrocytoma Grade 3. This is a 
malignant brain tumor the size of a golf ball or a plum in its 
third stage of four stages of growth. Sam is only 31 years old.

Though he has no health coverage, the migraines he was 
experiencing forced him to visit the emergency room on August 3. 
"The headaches were unbearable", he recalls. "I went in after 
three weeks of pain, and they [the hospital] kept me."
The tumor is too large and Sam is too young for surgery to be the 
first option; he must undergo CT and MRI scans plus radiation 
therapy in order to slow the growth and reduce the size of the 
tumor. This 5-day per week, seven-week therapy begins August 30. 
The "Peacock" delivery technique of radiation therapy,practiced 
in only 6 of America's hospitals, is Sam's best option. This 
therapy is estimated at $35,000. When surgery becomes necessary, 
the costs increase--but so do the risks: due to the position of 
the tumor, surgery could permanently impede Sam's speech, 
cognitive ability, and control over the right side of his body.

 I personally cannot imagine the man who created those bangin' 
tracks doing anything but more incredible music. The exercise of 
creating music has probably contributed to his brain's power, 
sustaining him beyond the point of the average brain cancer 
patient. Amazingly, Sam has not suffered the usual seizures and
impediments that come with tumors of this magnitude. In fact, 
before his diagnosis, Sam was keeping a full production schedule 
with Jay-Z and Peter Gunz.He and his family view his endurance to 
this point as a miracle, a testament to his will to live. Sam's 
faith is unwavering and he believes he will recover
fully. But time is of the essence.

How can you help? If you have a label/company expense account, 
send Sam a tax deductible "gift certificate" to Three Rivers 
Bank, where a fund has been established to cover his considerable 
medical expenses. If you have a job and can spare a few bucks or 
wait on those new shoes, send a check to:

Sam Anderson Fund
Three Rivers Bank
 c/o Laura Walker
 P.O. Box 3045
 McKeesport, PA 15134-3045

If you can get artists involved to hold benefit shows, tell them 
they will be joining Scarface and Eightball, who have already 
committed to performing for Sam. Sway & Tech, The Poetess, and 
KRS-ONE got the word and your help is needed to get the word out 
and the funds coming in. Send this email to the high-powered
label presidents, indies, mouthpieces, promo pros--we all have a 
positive part to play. No amount is too little or to large. But 
doing nothing, remaining silent, is unacceptable. If you can do a 
story or an item on this, Sam is available for interviews. Please 
contact me at and I'll put you in contact 
with him.

 One Love, Thembisa S. Mshaka
"I want to thank the hip-hop community that has supported me in the music that I've done, especially Dr. Dre and Big Chuck. I also want to thank my fiancee'Celsie for all her love. I have faith, and the support of my family and friends.I'm ready to fight. I'm jumpin' in the ring." -Sam Sneed
Addum: Since word of Sam's condition got out Busta Rhymes, Goodie Mobb and The Young Bloods have all stepped forward to help out. Dr Dre has also been in close contact with Sam.. A lot of this is directed to industry folks.. We all need to take a long hard look at some of the many imbalances that exist within our profession.. This is the second well known artist this year who is in need of finacial support because of cancer. Earlier this year Poetic of the Grave Diggaz was in need of our help because of liver cancer. When will rap artists start getting some sort of comprehensive health insurance. It may seem like it because of all the videos and fancy trimmings that get sported in public settings..but the sad reality is many artists are flat broke.. This is one reason people like Wendy Day has been striving to get some sort of Hip Hop union/coalition together so these performers are protected.

In any case this newsletter reaches scores of industry professionals so please chip in.. As for the fans of Sam Sneed please drop him some get well cards at the email address that we set up: . Sam will get everything and he will appreciate the get well wishes.. Lets not take our health and life for granted.. For more info folks can get a hold of Thembisa..If you're in the business, you'll know how..

Shame on the individuals who are out there trying to stir up some mess. I got an email this morning that was typed out like a newspaper article. In it it claimed that Mobb Deep was attacked and beat up by the Outlaw Immortals during an autograph signing in Studio City, California. The article talked about arrests being made and made reference to the now defunct East/West coast wars. After a few phone calls to Loud Records which is Mobb Deep's record label and Where House Records in Studio City. The story proved to be false. Even LAPD had no idea of what I was talking about.. Now either everyone involved is good at covering things up or we have some knuckleheadz who would love nothing more but to set some stuff off.. Nice try fellas.. In the words of Chuck D 'Don't Believe The Hype'. Hopefully any mainstream journalist who gets this false report won't print it without double checking the facts..

Last FNV I told you about the after party incidents that took place in LA, where the police went berserk. I have since written a letter to Chief of Police Bernard Parks requesting an explanation as to why his police force was so antagonistic. I also voiced my disdain for his departments unprovoked behavior. I also placed 6 more phone calls to LA's Eyewitness News to inquire why they referred to the Source Awards After Party as a 'riot'. I wanted to ask them why they chose to call the event a riot and then during the same report note that there were no incidents of violence or arrests. If there was no violence how can it be a riot? If you keep tossing inflammatory words at something long enough, people will quickly make a connection whether it's positive or negative. This is what is happening with Hip Hop. To this day all I get is an answering machine or I'm placed on hold while I wait for an operator. One time I stayed on hold for almost 20 minutes..and I was calling long distance. I can understand why people get frustrated and don't bother to protest wrong doings. I also understand that this is a tactic to discourage people from trying to step up.. I will continue to call these folks. I will not let this get by.. The number to LA's Eyewitness News is 323-644-7777.

Props to former Black Panther Chief of Staff David Hilliard who is running for an Oakland city council seat. Unlike many other candidates, he has been aggressively been seeking the Hip Hop audience to vote for him. In fact he has Eric Arnold one of the writers and editors for The Source Magazine running around helping set things up. Hilliard noted the importance of engaging the youth in today's politics.Many of the issues he and the panthers faced in the 60s, the Hip Hop audience is facing today. Most notable is police brutatality.

He spoke about how many of the Black Panthers were young people trying to make a change during the 60s. He made reference to Bobby Hutton who was the first Black Panther killed by Oakland police.. He was only 17 when it happened. With that in mind, Hilliard understands that politics is not beyond the reach and understanding of the Hip Hop generation. The thing one must do is actually go out and talk to them. Hilliard realizes the importance of grassroots organizing and being an example to those he wishes to break bread with. He makes no bones about trying to court the Hip Hop audience. He noted that within West Oakland there will be a lot of changes that will take place that will adversely effect that generation. He intends to address those issues which range from gentrification to providing funds for those who wish to explore the artistic side of life.

Hilliard also comes to the table with a strong track record within the Hip Hop community. A few years ago he had done a few projects with Boots of The Coup including helping him set up an organization called The Young Comrads. Many people are skeptical about reaching out to the Hip Hop audience. The belief is they don't vote and they'd rather wear gold teeth and act thuggish. Hopefully Dave Hilliard will prove them wrong. I see him at almost every Hip Hop event that takes place in Oakland. It's both a trip and somewhat of a pleasant sight seeing a graying man who is in his 50s jamming to Mobb Deep which is his favorite group.

Question Of The Week..

The Hip Hop arena is flooded with all types of fashions..It's hard to go anywhere without seeing someone sporting Tommy Hilfiger, Fubu, Karl Kani etc.. My question is which clothing company best represents Hip Hop culture? Yes it's an open ended question..I want you to look in your closet and ask yourself why did you buy the clothing that you brought? Some support certain designers for political reasons.. Others are trying to keep up with the latest fad.. Others never paid it any mind..All I know is that from day one fashion has been a aprt of Hip Hop. We started off wearing sharply pressed bell bottom Lee jeans and evolved all the way up to Troop, Cross Colors and beyond. So who in the fashion world is seriously representing for Hip Hop and why? Are we being tricked or is there some deep connection to the clothes that we buy and Hip Hop?

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The FNV Newsletter
written by Davey D
All Rights Reserved

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