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There's a lot of noise and controversy brewing over a record that has just come out by New Jersey based rapper LP. It's called 'The Truth', and here LP rips into just about every major rap star that's on the map. He starts out by rapping about Ice Cube and his Westside Connection. He notes that they should be on the WB. He comes back and rips into E-40 by saying his style is so annoying he needs to be smacked. He calls DMX 'big headed' and Foxy Brown a man. He talks about Snoop and how skinny he is... He tells Noreaga that he sounds much better without Capone. The lyrical assault continues with LP screaming on Cam'ron and how wack he's become. He talks about how Charli Baltimore 'sucks... No really you suck!'. The chorus chirps 'If Your Wack Your Wack-If You Suck You Suck-The Truth Hurts'.

Now there's no doubt this is a gimmick type song that's in line with the blazing new joint by rap star 50 Cent entitled 'How To Rob An Industry Nigga'. Here 50 Cent does a humorous song in which he fantasizes about running up and bucking down all of today's rap stars.. The LP record has caused a sea of controversy. Here on the West Coast folks don't take to lightly to dis records. While many may see the LP cut as a battle record, others are taking it personal. For example, LP's remarks about E-40 and Snoop prompted folks to call the station and issue threats. What's ironic, is both E-40 and Snoop have been in lyrical battles and have never shied away from such challenges. I personally thought the record was funny.. Peep for it because it will likely show up in your mail box real soon. Just don't expect LP to do any record signings any time soon. Finally just to clear the air, the LP from this song is not the same ElPee from the group Company Flow.


With Hip Hop celebrating it's 20 year anniversary, everyone is scrambling to document and archive things. For example, Cleveland's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is set to host a conference around Sept 10-12th as they will open up an exhibit and get the ball rolling to acknowledge and eventually admit rappers into the Hall Of Fame. Since you have to wait 25 years from the release of your first album, it may take some time for some artists to get placed. The Cleveland conference will feature Chuck D and KRS-One giving key note speeches.

Meanwhile back in Mount Vernon New York which was home to Puff Daddy and Heavy D, Mayor Ernest Davis is set to turn an abandoned firehouse into a Hip Hop Hall Of Fame.The Mayor has already gotten a 50 thousand dollar grant to get the ball rolling. He plans to open the museum in the heart of the city's toughest neighborhood as part of his urban renewal strategy.

Historically speaking, others have laid down crucial groundwork for a Hip Hop Hall of Fame. Most notable is Hip Hop Media Assassin Harry Allen who several years ago launched the Rhythm Cultural Institute {RCI}... Harry went so far as to not only research the whole concept and methodology behind properly doing a Hall of Fame.. He even moderated and hosted seminars under the RCI banner. Years before folks were even up on the whole internet thing, Harry had put out a Hip Hop newspaper called Rap Dot Com, led a panel discussion during the New Music Seminar on Music and the Internet. He even recorded a song on Public Enemy's album called Harry Allen's Super Information Highway. He was definitely years ahead of the curve and hopefully anyone planning to do a Hip Hop Hall Of Fame will no doubt contact him for advice and his assistance.


Violetta Wallace, mother of the late Notorious BIG along with Bedstuy's Finest Barbershop is putting together the the 2cd annual 'Think BIG Basketball Tournament' in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The event takes place this weekend and will feature performances from acts like Shyheim, Mad rapper and Lil Cease. Basketball stars like Rod Strickland and Charles Oakley will also be on hand. WEe wish everyone who participates good luck.


Aug 18th 1999 Tonight the entire Hip Hop community will be touching down in LA for The Source Awards. It will take place at the Pantages Theater and everyone from Puff Daddy, Master P, Juvenile and Nas are expected to perform. DMX is looking to take away all the top honors. The taping is tonight and yours truly will definitely be in the house. Everyone else can peep out the event on Friday when it's shown on UPN television. Check your local listings.. The following day every West Coast Hip Hopper will be escorted to a secret location for 'A Day In The West'. This is a photo event that is similar to 'A Great Day In Hip Hop' which was organized by another West Coast native Sheena Lester.There will also be the filming for an upcoming documentary. I will be there as well. Both events along with their respective after parties should be off the hook. Check back next week for the full 4-1-1.

After the Source Awards and A Day In The West, everyone will be headed up to Northern Cali and the Bay Area to celebrate KRS-One's birthday. In case you don't know, KRS has made his new home in Cali and has just recently opened up a Temple Of Hip Hop chapter in Oakland. He will be hosting a huge dinner for the Bay Area deejays and headz and then doing a show at San Francisco's Maritime Hall this Saturday. Earlier that day he will be giving a lecture for the Temple at Lowell Middle School in Oakland. The week will end with a huge gathering of Bay Area artists and deejays for the second annual Ill Trendz Promotions and The Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition Barbecue and Picnic in Hayward, California [Hayward is right outside of Oakland]. This year all those Bay Area deejays who have been putting it down on radio for 10 years or more will be honored and receive special awards. That will include Sway & Tech of KMEL, Kevvy Kev of KZSU, Billy Jam, KK Baby, DJ G and Marcus Clemmons of KPOO, Beni B, Tamu & Sadiki of KALX and myself, Davey D of KMEL/ KPFA.. Last year close to 500 people attended the picnic.. This year because of The Source Awards and KRS's birthday bash the numbers are expected to be significantly higher.

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The FNV Newsletter
written by Davey D
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