What's The Politics Behind the DC Snipers
by JR of SF Bayview

During this week in Pan African Liberation Month, we wanted to up ya’ll on our beloved African revolutionary researcher Steve Cokley who was recently in Oakland doing some community lectures with Give Back 2 Black, a Black community organization that is based out of Marcus Garvey Liberty Hall in West Oakland. I’ve been up on Steve Cokley since about ‘96, when somebody in the Pan African Student Union at San Francisco State slipped me some of his tapes. On those tapes he was confronting Maulana Karenga on radio about his working with the FBI as well as speaking on the international Zionist structure that has been shaping world politics at least since 1948. Last Monday, after his appearance on Hard Knock Radio, Cokley sat down for an exclusive interview with the Bay View discussing many things. In part 1, check out Steve Cokley and his views on the D.C. snipers …

JR: What are you views on the “snipers” and how did you come to those views?

Cokley: “In regards to the sniper, it appears that the alleged snipers - two Black men, one older and one younger - my perception is that this is an off the books government operation run through U.S. Army Special Forces. And in fact, there is a whole stream of programmed killers prepared to be used by Mavericks at any time, for any reason. I believe the Republicans were assisted by this U.S. Army operation that showed Black men allegedly killed ‘white FBI people’ in a way that makes other whites vote for the Republican operation.

“It was a Willie Horton of a more violent sort, the process of the sniper being used to neutralize democracy, the spirit of democracy in Amerikkka. They in fact killed one of our biggest and best self-help Black selling structures, the Matah Network, (with) the killing of Ken Bridges, the head of it, a man with a wife and six children who in fact had built the greatest Black selling structure since Marcus Garvey. And so I do not find that happenstantial.

“They aren’t prosecuting or investigating the murder of Ken Bridges, and soon the Bridges family will join a lawsuit filed by the family of Brother Conrad, who was the Black bus driver who was the last person shot, in Aspen Hill, Maryland. With one other victim, a Hispanic, they filed a lawsuit against the gun seller, the man who sold the rifle to the alleged sniper, John Williams and Malveaux.

“And as far as information goes in the case of the sniper situation, I must have about 64 videotapes full of news from NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, all of it. When a crisis develops, you set up a mechanism to tape everything. You don’t make judgment on what is quality. You don’t even judge it when it gets repetitious, because in one hour they could say, ‘He was honorably discharged from the Army,’ and two hours later they could say just ‘discharged from the Army,’ which is to take away the word ‘honorable’ when they in fact need to make a point. In Birmingham, Alabama, they said that the initial weapon in the liquor store robbery was a handgun. Then they switched it to a rifle. Then they switched it back to a handgun to match evidence that they had sitting there. So in the process of collecting information, you collect all of the information.

“I have newspapers from all over the world about the sniper (from) friends of mine in different cities. If I miss something on the evening news in Washington that comes on at 6:30 in the evening, I can call a friend in Los Angeles who is three hours behind us and have them tape that same news show that I missed because of the timeline. So we play the time zones to catch information. So once you have a total saturation, once I had all of these newspapers and articles stacked up (from) magazines, then we started the process of analysis.

“In analysis you come up with several themes. One theme was, who does this man really work for? Another theme, where did he get his money? How was he homeless flying all over the country selling birth certificates and driver’s licenses? How was he able to do these things? What is his connection to other Black people that we know? In this case it was in the Nation of Islam. We have people in the Nation that could make judgment about the validity of his activities in the Nation of Islam. Then (comes) looking carefully at what certain whites said.

“We found several other very interesting themes in the process of the sniper story - every expert of Amerikkka on terrorism, on profiling terrorists, on profiling snipers, on profiling serial killers (has been) revealed. In other words, on ABC they had three or four experts in this area, so over the course of the 28 days to 38 days of the sniper activity, they talk. Every station has four or five of these people. Then they start to bring ‘em in from the universities. Then they bring ‘em in from Europe. If you are really paying attention, you may look up and find 178 so-called experts on killing something.

“These are flush outs. For them all to be revealed on an unrelated story gives me an advantage, so that I can show you 37 different experts’ faces. I can show you everyone that said that the killers appear to be white males of military background. I can match up every forecast that they made and match up who in fact was correct and how almost 99 percent of them were incorrect, if these are truly the snipers. And I said one real profound conclusion was this must be mind control or programmed killers.

“I remind people of a movie Warren Beatty did years ago called ‘Peralex View’ about programmed assassins. There was another movie, ‘Telefan,’ with Charles Bronson and Lee Remick about men during World War II who were programmed to blow up things, who if you read a code to them across the telephone, a (hypnotic) trance would develop that would in fact make them transact what they have been (subliminally taught) to do.

“The book ‘Operation Mind Control’ by William Bowart has a good series of chapters on mind control and the CIA, mind control and other countries (and) mind control and programmed killers. And it found commonalities in the shooter of Martin King, the shooter of John Kennedy, the shooter of Robert Kennedy, the shooter of Malcolm X. It found commonalities in the style and the mental state of these ‘alleged killers’ such that themes were developed. So I look to these two guys.

“We said yesterday at the lecture, ‘How can two guys, who weren’t even suspects in 20 something murders, all of a sudden call a white Catholic priest and confess on the telephone when in fact they’re “alleged vegetarian Muslims”?’ It’s not logical to me. It’s almost if somebody snapped ‘em out the trance, and they began to in fact incriminate themselves when in fact they were scott-free.”

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