“Nothing But A lot of Bullshit”
All Star Weekend

There is a four letter word to describe the All-Star Game in Atlanta this weekend, M-E-S-S.

That’s all that it was. This weekend had more issues than Whitney Houston. For the last 2 weeks, all the media has done is predict how many people will “visit” and how much money will be generated for the City of Atlanta and surrounding cities. I seriously doubt that if Christ, Himself showed up He would get as much media coverage. I hate to make race an issue for everything but the chaos and lack of organization that surrounded this weekend was clearly due to race. I’m still mad as hell but I will try to be brief.

Player’s Ball – The so called “Player’s Ball” which was supposed to be headlined by “Bishop” Don Juan and Snoop Dogg was picketed by some yocals (not locals). They claim to have such a beef against prostitution but I doubt if any of them have gotten their hands dirty really trying to stop the rampant prostitution that goes on in Atlanta. All I’m saying, if you really have a passion for “saving souls” and the exploitation of women, then volunteer somewhere where prostitutes actually are! They knew this was coming, so why didn’t they organize their boycott prior to this weekend and actually contact the club owners, sponsors, and stars slated to appear (i.e. Snoop Dogg). Their attempt was shallow and transparent.

Traffic – Everywhere! How does the presence of City cops, County cops, State Troopers, Special Forces, and borrowed cops supposed to help the flow of traffic?

Shutting The Malls Down – The largest shopping malls closed at 5:00! Can you believe that shit? They say it was because of overcrowding and people loitering. Well I expect them to be closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas. What they were pissed about was the fact that 90% of the shoppers were African American. Yes there was a fight, but there’s a fight every weekend at Lennox Mall! Why don’t they just hang signs “WE DON’T WANT THE BLACK DOLLAR!” I’m not trying to start a boycott but I won’t be shopping there anymore. I thought all money was green? Maybe the mall and store owners would be more comfortable if they let African Americans in 10 at a time so that an “ocean of black faces” won’t detour the locals from coming to the mall. Pure racism and bullshit ya’ll.

Over Priced Clubs – These club owner’s acted like All Star Weekend actually meant “New Year’s Eve”! Clubs that normally cost $10 - $15 were charging $50 and up. Get the FUCK out of here! So there is a $40 increase to come party with some stars that you don’t have access to or that show up for a bout an hour. By the time the word gets around the club – they are gone out of the back door. I can’t say it was like this at every club but I made it to 5 myself this weekend and it was the same old shit. We had to wait 2 hours or more in line AND damn near two hours in traffic to get there AND to leave!

Hoochies – just like traffic everywhere and unnecessary. The most they caught was a cold!

The Mayor of Atlanta – Otherwise,this lady has been kicking ass as the new mayor after Bill Campbell robbed the city blind his entire term(s), but she missed the boat on this one. She estimated that there would be over 60,000 visitors but did she forget the other 100k that live in Atlanta? Anyway, why do they even try to guess how many people are coming into town? What is that supposed to do? So if she had known how many people were going to be out and about would she have requested the assistance of Canadian Mounties? The Homeland Security was bored all weekend but I’m sure they got paid double time to do nothing.

Overall – It was chaotic, racist, and disappointing. My kids enjoyed the Jam Session at the GWCC (Georgia World Congress Center) but I’m sure a majority of the people had fun anyway. It was just like Freaknic so I am sure native Atlantans were nostalgic. If you came here to meet people, then you probably had fun, cuz you could learn about a person’s whole family tree in traffic. People on foot made out better than people in cars. I suggest that next time, Atlanta should treat this even like the Master’s or some huge business convention – let people have fun. Don’t fucking panic – we don’t bite – DAMN!

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