This article was written as a rebuttal to a recently published article by Bakari Akil II called The Cultural Jacking of Hip Hop

Why is there so much racist banter on your site? It is pathetic. All I have been reading lately is how so much is being "stolen" from black people. I am white and I love hip hop, and this garbage really ticks me off.

The people who have done the most to ruin hip hop and sell out have been the black artists themselves. Stop blaming white people for everything. White people don't have to steal anything, these guys are just giving it away for the money. Has anyone done more to prostitute hip hop in the name of cash than Puff Daddy or Dre? Has Master P proved anything other than you'll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator? NWA did more to ruin rap than any white person ever could have.

Blame black people who love money for the death of black culture, but don't ever say it was stolen. Before you guys start blaming others and acting like victims, you need to take a long hard look at yourselves. The very word "steal" is misleading. These people say it like there are white people with guns sneaking around stealing your culture while you are sleeping and helpless. I am white and I know all about classic hip hop and the great rappers of the past. I'm not stealing anything, I am just a consumer of what I believe is good music. I take enough crap from ignorant white people about my choice of music, I don't need to hear it from racist black people as well.

Life is progress. Life is change. The question is why are these people so quick to assume that white people do not respect hip hip history? That is such a pathetic and racist stereotype. Look around, most of the black kids on the street don't even respect hip hop history. Its not a race issue, its a stupidity issue that transcends race. I try to talk about Rakim and EPMD and kids look at me like I am some old idiot. Look at the whole dirty south and gangster movements.

White people didn't inflict those plagues upon us. It was black people. Why does everyone hate on Eminem? That man can rap his ass off, and he is actually talking about something other than Money, Hoes, Jewelry, and Champagne (Thank you for Bling Bling P-Diddy, Biggie, and Jay-Stupid-Z).

I'd put Eminem up against just about anybody living or dead and take my chances. You guys should be happy that there is someone out there who is popular because of the the unbelievable complexity of his lyrics and the speed with which he delivers them. He has changed the whole game and you guys should be happy. He makes the gangster rappers and bling blingers look like the grammar school drop outs they are. He has put the popular focus back on lyrics instead of bullshit. Why do you want to divide?

Why is it such a bad thing that there are blacks and whites are jamming the same beats and spitting the same lyrics? Is there really a white person out there that DOESN'T know that black people came up with hip hop? Every time you see a white kid listening to rap and living the hip-hop lifestyle you are seeing white people paying homage to black culture. They ARE a walking talking living tribute to black culture. Am I supposed to walk up to every black person I see and verbally thank them and go into detail about my immense knowledge of hip hop? Would that make these people feel better. Should black people walk up to me everyday and say "Thank you white person, I want to thank you for the the English language, western style clothing, record players, speakers, cars, shoes, and music that your culture invented and we have now adapted and transformed into something that is uniquely black?". Of course that doesn't happen and it would be retarded if it did.

America is about progress. We all stand on each others shoulders. America is about INNOVATION! It is its strongest point. It is why we are the world superpower. Americans take things that they see and like and we adapt and experiment with them. WHITE PEOPLE LIKE HIP HOP. BE HAPPY AND GET OVER IT.

Thomas Schuman

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