Hip Hop: The Sound Of Terrorism
Ban Rap For The Sake Of Our Children--And America
Feb 13 2003

The Washington, D.C.-area shootings by two negroes provided America with its first solid link as to the strong connection between rap music and terroristic groups. John Lee Malvo and the other pro-Muslim killer were apparently sympathetic to the Al-Queda murder crew, including their vile 9/11 acts of war against America.

What fueled the connections? These two terrorists-in-action were fans of hip hop (a music form especially enjoyed by Blacks, Arabs, and Caucasian teenagers and pre-teens), particularly a pro-terrorist anti-American group named Killarmy. This fact was broadcast on many news reports and alerted America to the possibility of their children's favorite "music" brainwashing their children with pro-Muslim, murderous ideas. The name Killarmy (pronounced "kill army"), at first, does seem to invoke patriotism through a love of American military might, but this group is anything but pro-American. In fact, they appear to be amongst the strongest connections between dreaded rap music and terrorism.

On a song entitled "Fair Love And War", one of Killarmy's rappers makes it known that "war is never pretty, but there is something dirty and disturbing about today's world conflict, because today's battles are fought with the dark heart of terrorism". Is that right, rapper? You are a terrorist? Correct--that line alone is enough to connect militant black negro rhyme-sayers to the murderours Satanic al-Queda warriors that seek to destroy America.

These terrorist-affiliated rappers spew hatred and terroristical threats all throughout their catchy songs--yes, catchy enough to gain young, impressionable audiences. "We are the men in war", they say. A chorus on a song "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars", screams "Grab your army suits and your fat black boots, military gear, and go up like troops", signifying their intention to imitate Great American Soldiers, but murder American innocents, rather than spread world peace.

These al-Queda sympathizers go even further: "Ain't no remorse in my source of madness", on the track "Soldiers Of Darkness", is an admission of loss of control over terroristical impulses. Obviously, this group has no intention of not killing civilians. On the same song, they rhyme, "I burst like lions among the slaughter". This appears to be terrorist codespeak--"lions" likely refers to great fireballs of radioactive death, and "the slaughter" probably refers to terrorist-led genocide of millions of civilians.

Of course, terrorist threats and ideas are not constrained to the evil recordings of this single group. Anti-American sentiment is apparent throughout the entire rap music world.

The world's most popular and likely "best" rapper, Ja Rule, and his compadres, on "Connected", claim to be "worldwide connected" and that you "don't wanna f--- with us", which we can infer refers to their links with terrorist organizations. Later in the song, Rule goes on to further these links, rapping, "I'm the avenging angel and earth be my claim"..."these negroes is my sons, I've praised them [since being] young". Ja is currently king of rap, and these statements offer credence to him also being leader, or king, of a youth-focused worldwide terrorist organization, as well. What better way to recruit terrorist youngsters than appearing on MTV hourly? Interestingly enough, Rule denied our multiple requests for an interview.

Nas, also a popular rapper from terrorist haven (due to its large multicultural demographic) New York City, seems to be closely connected to evil ideologies. "Revolutionary warfare is all fair", he preaches, on "Revolutionary Warfare", defending his terroristic ambitions. On "Book Of Rhymes", he mumbles, "the US army is a school that teach the plights of conquest". Huh? More like "plights of spreading freedom throughout the oppressed world", schmuck.

In the above examples, some drastic pro-Osama, pro-Hussein statements have been highlighted. Yet none of the above groups are as clearly anti-American as the communist-like duo, the Dead Prez. To not equate this group with terrorism is to deny that God Himself exists. Their blatantly terrorist track, "Know Your Enemy", reads like a bible-of-terror, in musical form. "George Bush is way worse than Bin Laden is...FBI, CIA, the real terrorists", they proclaim! It would not be surprising to attach a microphone to a bomb headed toward a terrorist bunker in Afghanistan, and hear this song playing on the lone al-Queda cassette player after the smoke clears. And these evil crusaders-against-freedom don't stop there.

"What you think the war is for--because the greedy are wanting more and more...holler if you hear me!". Yes, I holler, because I hear you, dear rapper--and now hear me: you are an evil terrorist sympathizer. "I'll be damned if I sit here and let them put us back in chains". After you say things like this--"Bin Laden was trained by the CIA, but I guess if you're a terrorist for the US, it's okay"--you DESERVE to be in chains. In prison. Being raped. These rappers spew hateful comments, insisting that George W Bush is worse than Osama Bin Laden, broadcast this Satanism to our youth, and THEN tell us that we've got to "watch what you say in these days and times"? FBI, CIA, Homeland Security--I urge you to dispose of these menaces.

The connection between rap music artists and terrorism is sickeningly clear. If it isn't groups closely affiliated with terrorism itself, it is rappers spreading pro-Muslim and anti-American, terroristical ideas, to the easily-penetrable minds of today's youth. It is not enough to slap a "parental advisory" sticker on these artist's albums anymore. It is not enough to censor MTV, VH1, BET, and "urban" radio stations. These young, criminalized African-Americans have moved from spreading the evil of drugs to our children, to infecting them with these hateful, terrorist-sympathizing computer beats and droning monotone word rhyming (also called "rapping"). America must take an active stance against such filth, and ban all rap music, period. The only individuals who would be genuinely concerned about such a notion would be Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein themselves.

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