Return of the DJ Album

Be on the lookout for The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine¹s latest musical compilation ³Return Of The DJ². The album features well known scratch DJs in the cut. This release is currently available on double vinyl (CDs and Cassettes to follow in October). To order a double vinyl copy by mail send $15 per album, please add $3 per album for shipping. Make money orders payable to The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine, NO CHECKS! Send To:

The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine 4104 24th Street - Suite #105 San Francisco, CA. 94114 phone #415-821-7965 fax #415-285-3518 Title: RETURN OF THE DJ (double vinyl release)
Artist: The Bomb DJs

Platter One - Side Numark

Platter One - Side Gemini Platter Two - Side 1200 Platter Two - Side 1210

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