This letter is a letter formally declaring my independence from the so-called Hip Hop Nation. This culture of Hip Hop mentality has grown to become a cancer on the minds of young America. If those in the so-called Hip Hop Nation would be truthful, you cannot deny that this culture has inspired the most fratricidal, homicidal suicidal woman hating, drug using tendencies in Black people and others since man could record his days..

Instead of developing into a true social and political force, Hip Hop culture has evolved into the prime distraction from the freedom, justice and equality that African-Americans so desperately seek as we approach the next millennium. Under the illusion of being 'revolutionary' and 'progressive' the so-called Hip Hop Nation has done nothing but ensure the financial longevity of the Europeans and white semites who run a majority of record labels, media outlets, distribution and clothing companies you beg to 'be down' with. For every Ice Cube and Luke there are thousands of MCs who can hardly pay a light bill. Meanwhile, the Rubin, Heller and Hilfiger families will be secure for generations to come [see the April edition of Forbes Magazine]

The Black woman's self esteem has suffered intolerable and inexcusable amounts of humiliation in the name of 'keeping it real'. It has reached the point where many of our sisters have chosen to play the 'bitch' and 'hoe' roles given to them by the Black male via white supremacy. This is sick behavior and will only prove to further decimate what is left of the Black family in America.. [see Dr Nathan and Julia's Hare's 'The Endangered Black Family'].

KRS-One stated that Hip Hop began in August of 1970. If one agrees , then it becomes self evident that after 27 years, the so-called Hip Hop Nation has yet to produce one social, economic, political or educational institution of value.. Therefore as a tool of helping to achieve freedom, justice and equality- Hip Hop is useless. When weighed against how much money rap music alone has generated, this fact is nothing short of a travesty. Every organization founded in the name of Hip Hop is either dead or floundering. Brothas need to forget about 'the illuminati' and Freemasonry and get jobs and act responsibly. This is not to say that other political, economic and social forces have not attributed to the demise of the young. But hip hop culture has not and cannot do anything to alter the effect of these negative forces. What was once thought to be a 'movement' has only proven to be stagnant.

From this day forward I formally defect from the so-called Hip Hop Nation. I will work and live to ensure the preservation of my people and culture at all costs. I will make special efforts to be respectful of all women. At the same time I will seek to create relationships of truth, peace and balance with people of all colors, creeds and religious persuasions.. Henceforth, I relieve myself of all excuse making regarding the credibility, integrity and overall lack of character within the so called Hip Hop Nation... If you agree with this assertion... sign this document..copy it three times and email it 3 friends who you care about..

Very Truly

Adisa Banjoko
The Biship Of Hip Hop

& Scape

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