July 11 2002
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What up folks..  right now I am over here in Barcelona, Spain with 20
thousand people covering the World AIDs Conference..  I was asked to
come because folks are gearing up on finding ways to reach the Hip Hop
community...  Sadly, whether we are in HP in San Francisco or in
Harlem, New York City in Johannesburg South Africa and now
India,China, Brazil and other spots, our ranks are getting wiped out
left and right by this dreaded disease...We're talking entire
generations and entire populations..Its real sobering when you see and hear
whats going on.  For us many cats are getting it at real young ages..like
12, 13 and 14..

A lot of it comes from cats being sexually abused, being
institutionalized and having sex..getting HIV and never even knowing
when they hook up with a girlfriend and have unprotected sex..Others
are so tramautized by day to day life in the hood they just stop
caring about themselves and life in general..The end result is far too many
cats participating in wreckless fatalistic behavior..  The estimates are that

68 million people will die from AIDs over the next 10-15 years..Hopefully
will stay up on this cause its no joke..There will be more info to come in

As for Barcelona..  its a beautiful city..but don't be a Black man
here trying to catch a cab..You think New York City is bad..  Drivers
here will straight up tell you 'No I ain't going in your direction'
and drive off...Things got so out of hand one night that I had to walk
about 8 blocks to a nearby hotel and get the bellhop to flag me down a
cab and even then 3 cabbies wouldn't take me..  The last guy wanted to
charge me double...I'm hearing the same complaint from the African
folks who are hear at this conference..  The few that were allowed

I don't know if folks heard what has gone on here..  Perhaps FOX and
CNN haven't covered this whole thing, but the Spanish governement
denied visas to all types of cats from Africa and South America..This
was after cats were being sponsored by the Spanish gov't to come to
the conference..  Suddenly Spain came up with all sorts of last minute
technicalities to jam up folks at the border.  The rule here with the
new European Union is you can be denied entrance into for any
reason..No explanation is required.

Hence cats from Africa were being asked if they had health insurance
and if not then they were being asked to put up all types of money
especially those who were HIV positive...  That in itself was a
hardship for some who are coming from impovershied situations..Other
cats were getting clowned by the Custom agents who would tell them
they could come back to Spain in 3 months..  What good does that do
after the conference is over?  The Spaniards here at the conference
were so pissed they shouted down and booed the Minister of Health when
she attempted to speak..Also quick note before
we in the states go dissing Spain..  keep in mind that apparently their
was one that was adapted by us here in the good ole US of A.

What else about Spain?  Well, I h
                                                        eard some Spanish Hip
Hop.  There is scene
here from what I'm told..  I ain't peeped it yet..  I do know that PE
and De La Soul are scheduled to be here.  I've seen the posters
adverising them around town..

Folks here speak a different type of Spanish here..  It ain't like the
Puerto Rican and Mexican Spanish I'm used to...  In fact some cats
won't even speak Spanish..  They speak Catalan which is like a mixture
of French and Spanish..The food is good..  Tapas folks..  It's all
about the tapas.Clubs stay open all night..people don't really hit the
bricks until midnight...That's when cats show up to eat dinner at the
restaurants..Aside from the cab drivers, Most of the folks are
friendly..  The women..??  From what I can see the stylo is definitely
more Penelope Cruz then J-Lo.

If you wanna find out what's going down..  be sure to check out KPFA
or any of the Pacifica stations in NY, LA DC nd Houston..  I've been
filing daily reports.  Today Bill Clinton and MTV touch down to do a
big event...

Also Bay Area rapper Naru hit me up, mad as heck..  Cats was having a
big party in celebration for the 150 anniversary of San Quentin
prison..  A party and celebration??  Cali got more people on lock down
then any place in the world..Do we now look at prisons as home where
we should celebrate?

Also some cat was promoting a party where folks could come in and peep
the R.Kelly video with him peeing on this underage girl..Isn't that
illegal?  And why do so many people wanna watch kiddie porn?  If R
Kelly is guilty..  a whole lot of you are also guilty for buying and
in some cases selling and distributing that kiddie porn tape...What if
the girl was 10 would we be rushing off to buy it?  Where do we draw
the line on this one folks?  Remember folks John Ascroft just
tightened the laws around this..Don't get caught up..

In the meantime here are some articles of interest..

by Davey D



Greetings: On Tuesday July 9, 2002 I attended a music industry summit
in Harlem at the headquarters of the National Action Network.  The
Summit was called by Rev.  Dr.  Al Sharpton, Johnny Cochran, Michael
Jackson and many other prominent people in the entertainment, legal,
and political activist communities.  Contrary to what some of the
media has been reporting, the Summit was not solely for the airing of
grievances by Michael Jackson.  As you may or may not know, Michael
recently said some very candid, open and straightforward comments
about the historical racism and economic disparity that is prevalent
in the music industry.  This has been extremely detrimental,
specifically to the African-American community who has historically
been at the forefront of innovation in America.  One cannot talk about
the history of the United States without talking about the
contributions African-Americans have made.  Most notably, all
recognized popular American musical art forms have been created and
developed first from within the African-American community (i.e.
Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul etc...)

Our music was often called "race music" by white Americans to
highlight the fact that as a people, the African-American experience
is unique and our expressions culturally rich.  Let me emphasize once
again that the focus of this Summit was not on Michael Jackson.  No.
The focus of this Summit was on calling attention to the historically
corrupt, exploitative and one-sided business dealings perpetuated by
the music industry.  The focus was on what particular strategies can
be implemented to end the injustice.

Let me clear up some of the inaccurate reporting being done by the
larger media outlets.

THE LIES: Michael Jackson is disgruntled because his last musical
project "Invincible" only sold 2 million copies and he is desperately
trying to save his career.

THE TRUTH: Michael informed the audience that Invincible has actually
sold 10 MILLION copies worldwide to date and he is personally
satisfied with the numbers.

THE LIES: Michael has gone crazy and this is just another "bizarre
publicity stunt" to call attention to himself.

THE TRUTH: The larger media outlets have always been fond of attacking
him at random.  Michael was in Harlem just 7 weeks ago along side the
likes of former President Bill Clinton at a fundraiser for the
Democratic National Committee and the larger media outlets called him
an ICON then.  Why is he "Wacko Jacko" now for bringing up some very
real issues that directly impact peoples lives?

THE LIES: The idea that racism and economic disparity exists in the
music industry is farfetched considering the success of certain
individual artists and people like Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Sean "P
Diddy" Combs etc...

THE TRUTH: There are absolutely no Black owned public relations firms,
travel agencies, advertising agencies etc...  that have contracts with
any of the major corporate labels.  If $20 million dollars is being
spent on marketing and promotion of an African-American artist or
someone doing a recognized African-American art form, then why have
the talents of African-American business men and women been overlooked
and not deployed to help facilitate the process?  Are African-American
businesses unable to effectively market, promote and work in tandem
with any of the major labels?  With African-American consumers making
up a large percentage of the buying public through our extensive
spending power, how much of the monies generated from successful
commercial endeavors pushed by the music industry goes back into
African-American neighborhoods?  For every Will Smith who has
generated tons of income for his employers you have a multitude of
artists stuck in unfair contracts that find them in debt to their
label for expensive which they have no control or say of.

THE LIES: Many African-Americans in the music industry do not support
this cause.

THE TRUTH: This has been a long-standing concern in the
African-American community.  A broad based coalition has already been
mobilized.  Some of the supporters who were in attendance included:

Londel McMillan - the legal mastermind who helped Prince free himself
from a horrible contract with Warner Bros.  He also represents the
Artist Empowerment Coalition which includes members such as Stevie
Wonder & Chaka Khan.

Terrie Williams - founded the Terrie Williams Agency in 1988 and is
recognized as one of the top public relations and communications
firms.  She has written a number of best-selling books and has a
client roster which includes Fortune 500 companies.

Dave Mays - founder of The Source magazine.  One of the more popular
and influential publications geared towards Hip Hop music, culture and

James Mtume - Musician and Producer extraordinaire as well as a
longtime community activist and spokesperson.

Shakim Compere - Manager of Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit Enterprises.

David Patterson - New York State Senator.

Doug E.  Fresh - longtime Hip Hop entertainer and grassroots community

Also in attendance were reps from National Music Distribution, family
members of W.C.  Handy (credited with pioneering Blues music), the
daughter of Otis Blackwell (the man responsible for writing many of
the hit records for Elvis Presley) and many others just too numerous
to mention.  The room was packed and the media turnout was extensive.
There are many who support the issues being discussed and are
committed to lending support whether quietly behind the scenes or by
more visible and public actions.  Look for a possible Class Action
Lawsuit to be filed as well as an upcoming meeting being called with
the heads of the 5 major distributors and their respective label heads
(i.e..  Tommy Mottola, Clive Davis, Doug Morris etc...).

In closing, please don't believe the false hype and negative media
propaganda tactics deployed by the larger communications outlets.
They are only presenting distorted facts in an effort to discredit
what is credible.  They are trying to put the emphasis on a few people
(i.e..  Michael Jackson...  who happens to be the best selling artist
of all time and has generated BILLIONS of dollars) to fool you into
believing that this issue is irrelevant and inconsequential to the
lives of the everyday person.  If you have any sort of conscious or
soul, please don't make snap judgments as to the motives of this
movement and the people who are spearheading it.  It is really the tip
of the iceberg of a long overdue need to reform how big business
operates in the United States and globally.  It is also tied into the
growing Reparations Movement that has also attracted many heavy
hitters (i.e..  Russell Simmons).  It is time for this generation to
pick up the torch and continue to build on what our ancestors have
accomplished so far.  As Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently
stated, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".  Thank
you for reading and Blessed Love!!

Ayana Soyini, CEO Goldeneyes Entertainment
http://www.goldeneyesonline.com http://www.ayanasoyini.com

by Chuck D

This article originally appeared in the June 19th edition of Chuck D's

Yes, the T-Domes will be running again...Forgive the delay, it was
just that the final deliverables for 'REVOLVERLUTION' had to be turned
in and it now seems that the record is on the way.  I have no
expectations whatsoever, and look forward to playing a PE record
across the earth again, meeting peeps from the ENEMY BOARD, and in
some cases performing with them as many have works placed on
www.slamjamz.com.  With 8 new tracks, 4 interactive remixes, and 3
live joints peppered with collectible recordings, I suppose some
journalists might make it seem like a copout.  But again, I don't
really think journalists are doing a thorough job of really listening
to 12 plus, new tracked rap albums like they say they do.  All the
major writers are reporting on how the music business is crumbling,
looking for a new sound somewhere, someplace, somehow, yet
increasingly being over-swamped by the high stacks of CDs on their own
desk.  So, it becomes convenient to only cover the already covered.

Seriously, I'm very tired of the double-standard by the music media
when it comes to rap and hip hop.  We get treated in an infantile, yet
disposable manner.  We get ghetto-ized and pigeon-holed into being
considered past prime because of the lack of a teenage audience.  I
overstand all of this, mainly because that demographic is religious to
responding to BET and urban radio for their answers.  The egg controls
the chicken and the chicks.  Yet, we still have to hear and hail
HENDRIX and SLY.  Rightfully so, as understandably there's no such
format as classic rap radio as there is in rock radio.  Sheeee, what
made OZZY remain relevant past his BLACK SABBATH prime and way before
his twisted family show?  The music...  It never dies, and
increasingly more classic rap artists are learning you don 't fight
your creative past , you work with it, and this is what the people

The generational divide was bound to happen...and...  NELLY vs.
Blastmaster KRS-ONE...  is a fine example on the one sided brainwashed
fact that major artists, and the volume of sales they do is the most
important aspect of the music business.  That's a fallacy.  While I
dig NELLY I'd be damned if an accounting department should have say so
on what's hot and what's not.  I took my kids and nieces to peep NELLY
and the ST LUNATICS with DESTINYS CHILD and others during the MTV
Tour.  They were tight, and great for that audience.  However, like I
said earlier, the generational situations of rap are coming into play
right now and KRS-ONE is playing entirely at another level.
Recordings to add to the shows, no doubt.  Still in anything else
newness bows to experience, whether it's sports, art or professions
that require full knowledge of that game.  The 60 meter dash and the
marathon are two different glories that are run differently.  I for
one hope that NELLY gets a greatest hits album worth of material, at
least getting to his 3rd album, as well as understanding that his art
and rhymes should speak for themselves instead of UNIVERSAL gassing
him up to feed their bottom line.

DAVEY D...My man DAVE is probably one of the most underrated
contributors to hip hop, and the rap field period.  Radio serpent
CLEARCHANNEL fired him late last year after he eloquently grew hip hop
in the BAY.  Then they have the nerve to see if they can put hiphop in
motion in the NYC area with Power 105.  Moves like this make no sense
at all.  During the convo I had with DAVE driving down from BOSTON we
talked about...

THE DOWNTOWN RALLY IN NYC...One thing that was convenient was the
accessibility of the F Train on getting downtown to city hall.  I love
taking the train because it s the real deal.  Especially to the rally
after being invited by RUSSELL SIMMONS to give hip hop statements
against the butchering of the school budgets by
BILLIONAIREMAYORBLOOMBERG.  I commended RUSSELL on using his music and
his influence to get the JAYZs, PUFFSTERS, NOREs and WYCLEFs to
further make statements.  After I came up outta the ground "the
the peeps escorted me to the stage amongst signing autographs and
conversations.  I got to the stage and RUN brought me on so I could
say that the mayor was prohibiting the cities youth from having the
proper tools and foundation to become what he is, a billionaire.  In
these money focused blingin times it resonated quite well and I was
out.  I wondered why so many cats took car services and limos to the
rally.  It was funny, seeing some cats protected by the police,
rallying against the police and made me think about 'thespians'
etc.  My point was also that the superstars  who the peeps
make should sometimes roll up their sleeves, catch the bus and the
train, wash a car for the fans instead of believing the star shit.

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