FNV In Today's Issue: July 11 2000
*Chuck vs Hillary Rosen
*Drama In Detroit
*Russell & Puffy..To Vote or Not to Vote?
*You Know Your Old School..
*Letters & feedback..[Hip Hop Wizard of Oz]

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Tuesday July 11th.. As folks know the RIAA vs Napster debate is heating up.There has been more testimony before Congress.. Yours truly has been trying to hold it down on local news stations.. In case you missed it my boy Chuck D came out and represented in a major way on The Brian Gumbel show this morning. He debated Hillary Rosen and clearly exposed the weak position that has been harked by the RIAA when it comes to music distribution on the Internet. If folks didn't catch it this morning Chuck will be on CNBC tonight with Brian Williams debating Ms Rosen again. Folks may wanna peep it out and let me know what you think... mailto:kingdave@sirius.com


It appears that what up till now has been a popular and wildly successful 'Up In Smoke Tour' has hit some major snags in Detroit and it's surrounding cities. The first big problem occurred when Detroit city officials threatened to either cancel the show or make arrests if Dr Dre and company showed a controversial video which depicts naked women and a bloody shoot out. The charge would've been contributing to the delinquency of a minor. For those who haven't seen the show, this is the 5 minute video that is shown before Snoop and Dre make their entrance on stage. Detroit city officials felt they were within their jurisdiction since the city owns and operates the arena. Rather then go through a long drawn out battle, Dr Dre removed the controversial film from the show.

The following night when the Up In Smoke Tour went to neighboring the Palace of Auburn Hills, similar requests were made for them to censor the video. This time a US District judge named Nancy Edmunds intervened and ruled that city officials could not interfere with the content of the show. Hence on their Friday performance the video was shown and the show went without a hitch.

However more drama ensued after the Friday performance when hometown hero Eminem discovered that his wife Kimberly attempted to kill herself by slitting her wrists. Police discovered her along at the couple's home and took her to the hospital. There was no direct reason given for the attempted suicide, although many people would suspect it may have to do with all the recent controversy surrounding the couple which resulted in Eminem being arrested and brought up on charges of assaulting a man he accused his wife of creeping with. In an official statement that Eminem released he explained that he was concerned about his wife's well being and that the they would address the issue privately. Unfortunately the drama didn't end there...

Auburn officials were steamed at the showing of the video and despite the court ruling they handed out citations to Dre and company. They also filed a complaint to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission complaining that the video was a violation of Palace's license which prohibits live or televised nudity. Now if the complaint holds up the arena could be fined 300 bucks which is chump change. But they also could lose their liquor license which ain't exactly small potatoes.

So while the attacks are being launched against Dre, he and his lawyer Howard 'I Hate Napster' King plan to file a lawsuit in federal court claiming their civil rights were violated.. This should be real interesting to see how this unfolds after all, Dre and the City of Detroit have a long and contentious history.. Years ago when Dre was a member of NWA., more then 20 undercover police officers bumrushed the stage and disrupted their show when the group attempted to perform their controversial song 'Fuck Tha Police'. One can only wonder if they haven't forgotten that incident or that song.. mmmmm We'll keep you posted on the latest developments..


Russell Simmons and Puff Daddy find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Over the past couple of months the pair have been attempting to bring the Hip Hop arena into the political fold by launching the Rap The Vote campaign. Last October Russell hosted a Hip Hop fund raising dinner of sorts for Senate candidate Hillary Clinton while the Puffster donated money to her campaign. In launching his new Internet venture, Russell jammed up New York Mayor Rudoulph Giuliani by lampooning him some provocative ads that showed the Mayor frowning and the words 'I'm Not Hip Hop ' scrawled across. Russell attempted to hold his kick off Rap The Vote rally in front of New York's city hall only to have the plug pulled by Giuliani. The Mayor accused Russell of deliberately applying for a permit at the last minute knowing that it would result in him not being able to use the grounds. he claimed it was an attempt to bring attention to his website as well as make the Mayor look bad.

Last week, Puff participated in a celebrity football game that was sponsored by Russell and Rap The Vote. However the New York Board of Elections show that Puffy has not registered to vote and Russell is registered twice but hasn't voted since 1992. Hence he didn't participate in the election that allowed Giuliani to be re-elected.. No doubt with all the involvement with Hip Hop and politics, Russell and company will be sure to set a good example to the Hip Hop generation by not only registering but also participating in the process by going out to the voting booth.. Even if there aren't any worthwhile candidates on the ballot, you can write in a name of some one you find desirable..


Here are the answers from last week's You know your old school..
Kamron was the lead rapper for the Young Black Teenagers..He came on the scene before Cam'ron. He was also featured in one of the House Party movies..

A Ceasar haircut back in the days..was actually closely shaved hair cut that had raised ridges going around your head. You got the ridges from brushing your hair in the opposite direction of its growing pattern and by wearing a stocking cap at night..

Before crystal and moet the Hip Hop drink of choice was none other then the Old E.. Guys like Run DMC made it famous.. The Beastie Boys tried to put Brass Monkey on the map..But most cats hit up the beer...

Kool Moe Dee set of his battle with 'How Ya Like Me know'.album which depicted Kool Moe Dee's jeep rolling over LL's trademark Kangol cap. LL returned fire with Jack The Ripper.. Kool Moe Dee immediately responded with a serious clown in the form of a song entitled 'Lets Go'. He started off the song with a string of stinging words that started with the letter 'L' in his assault on LL. He also taunted LL for taking the bait and stepping into the arena..

Def Jam CEO, Russell Simmons thought it was a bad move on LL to respond to Kool Moe Dee. He felt Moe was trying to ride LL's famous coat tales.. Anyone who knew Kool Moe Dee knew that he just liked to battle..

Here's some more old school tidbits....

You Know Your Old School if....

*If you're from New York City you may remember the names Mike & Dave who threw parties. Only the true old school recalls that Mike and Dave were founding members of a famous crew. 64 thousand dollars if you know Mike & Dave's crew...

*Your truly old school if you recall that OJ was more then just a famous football player amongst early Hip Hop circles.. How many of you all recall the famous line by Sugar Hill Gang about going for a ride in a 'def' OJ? What was so unique about OJ back in the days?

*If you ever used the words or phrases 'def', 'down by law', 'sure shot' or ski at the end of your name.. then you're old school..

*LA cats if you recall a group named Formula V and a song called 'Killer Groove' then you are truly old school. If you remember a guy named Greg Mack or Emcee O or the booming voice on KDAY that would do the news and lambast gang bangers for the havoc they caused over the weekend then you're old school..

*If you can recall a song about Janet Reno put out on Luke Skywalker records then your old school. How many of you remember that record by Anquette in which she gives Ms Reno props for going after trifling delinquent dads? How many of you remember that Luke records was originally named Luke Skywalker records and he wound up getting sued big time by George Lucas..?

*For the truly old school..When break dancing first emerged.. there was another dance that people used to do.. It was a sexy dance.. Who recalls the name..?


LETTERS & FEEDBACK [Hip Hop Wizard of Oz]

We got a ton of feedback from the Hip Hop Wizard of Oz Piece..
Most people thought Meth or Red man should play the Tin Man.. We also got a lot of suggestions for Lauryn Hill to play Dorothy.. Apparently IMX has been casted as the flying monkeys, but we got feedback with everyone from the Ruff Ryders on Flying motorcycles to the Wu Tang as flying Killer Bee Monkeys being..Here's a sample of letters..

I think the Tin Man should be none other than Methodman or Redman...either
one would play that part off the hook!!..Dorothy should be, like you
suggested, Lil Kim!!...picture how she would turn the regular Dorothy into
the real Queen B!!!...I'm out!!!


I think they did that all wrong. I believe that Latifah should be Dorothy. Heavy D should be the Cowardly Lion. Ginuwine's a good candidate for the Scarecrow. Busta Rhymes needs to be the Tin Man (think of him in all that silver -- i.e. the "What's It Gonna Be" video). I think that Heather B should be the Wicked Witch. Ol' D B should be casted as all the flying monkeys. I think that Bushwick Bill should be casted as all of the Munchkins. For shock value, MC Hammer or Young MC should be the Wizard. Naw, seriously, I think that Chuck D or KRS-1 would make the best Wiz. But most importantly, they should just find spots for CL Smooth (what happened to him?), LL, and Common (just because sistas need juicy lips to look at periodically.


First, Meth and Redman should definitely head up the flying monkeys. As for
Dorothy and Tin Man, I'm not sure who I would pick, but definitely not DMX.
Let's be real, the man can not act.

Thomas Watts-Walton
Oakland, CA

Yo Dave,
I think they should cast Lauryn Hill as Dorothy. She's lovable but still hard core, you know?
What about the Wu-Tang clan as flying monkeys? I think Meth would make a cool Tin Man (that is, if he's not a flying monkey with the rest of the brethren).
Joe A

Wasup Dave.

Yo, HANDS DOWN... the Tin Man should be EMINEM... he has that robotic flow
and crazy-pitched voice fit for a tin man... and HANDS DOWN TWICE for Lauryn
Hill to play DOROTHY....that's real

This is Mecca17 from Richmond, California...

I think producers need 2 seriously consider for the part of Dorthy: Da
BRAT... give it up...she been holdin it down 4 da longest and you goota admit
the girl iz FINE


========END OF NEWSLETTER================

Send comments, questions and concerns to
The FNV Newsletter
written by Davey D
c 2000
All Rights Reserved

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