September 5 2002
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*Hip Hop History Quiz #1 by Davey D and producer Mark Skillz
*KRS-One Set To Invade KPFA 94.1
*Power to the Peaceful Concert Update
*Tajai of Souls of Mischief Also Set to Teach in Oakland Schools
*One Big Trip and Pep Love
*Goapele Gets Even Closer
*Ludacris' Mom Slams Bill O'Reilly
*What Backpackers Need to Do by - Shamako Noble
*Will I Am Speaks on Hip Hop Materialism by Dove
*The Call Out by JDL of the Cold Crush Brothers and Troy L Smith

The FNV Newsletter c 2002
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There's a gang of folks who pride themselves on knowing what Hip Hop is
and isn't and where it came from and where it didn't etc..  Hence we
decided to do what Hip Hop always does ..  TEST YOUR SKILLZ.  Each
week we will be issuing a Hip Hop History quiz to test your knowledge
and to have a fun way to impart some history on folks..  We have a
number of folks who will be contributing including Popmaster Fable of
the Rocksteady Crew, Kool DJ Red Alert, Oakland's Bas-1, Yoda of the
Crash Crew, myself and few other cats..

This week we gonna kick off the quiz from myself and my man producer
Mark Skillz.  He's an old school cat who came up in the 70s and has
one of the largest old school taspe colections around.  Take 10 points
for each correct answer..  we will send out the answers next week.
Special prize package will be mailed off to the first three people who
has all the correct answers..Also folks may wanna peep out the
incredible story written by JDL of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers
called 'The Call Out'

send answers mailto:historyofhiphop@aol.com

1. Name the 2 dee jays for the Funky Four Plus One?

2.  What was the name of the rapper who gave us the classic song
'Super Rhymes Rap'?

3. Name 2 dee jays that spun for Dj Hollywood?

4-Before Salt-N-Pepa came along there was an original male duo known
as Salt-N-Pepa.  In fact the song 'My Mike Sounds Nice' came from a
routine this male S&P did.  Who was the original Salt-N-Pepa?

5.  What record did Hurby LoveBug sample for 'the female' Salt and
Pepa's classic "My Mike Sounds Nice"?

6. What famous rapper was known as 'The Son of Kurtis Blow'?

7.What record did Marley sample for the Juice Crew classic "The

8. Name Craig Mack's first record

9.  Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc had a massive sound system which
included 2 huge speakers.  What was the name given to those speakers?

10.  Name the Hip Hop artist who has put out more full length albums
then anyone else?

Bonus 11.  What was the name of the artist that did Super Sperm was a
classic break beat..  What was the name of the album that the cut
Super Sperm was on?

send answers to Hip Hop History Quiz  mailto:historyofhiphop@aol.com



As we kick things off, a few things to note.  First, if you happen to
be in the Bay Area this weekend be sure to peep out our Friday Nite
Vibe radio show 94.1FM starting at midnight.  Blastmaster KRS-One will
be taking over the airwaves.  He's gonna be filling in for me and my
co-host T-Kash.  So you know its gonna be off the hook.  You can also
peep the show on line at www.kpfa.org.  The next day [Saturday Sept
7th 11am-6pm ], KRS will joining the huge line up for the Power to the
Peaceful Free concert at Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park.
Michael Franti & Spearhead will be headlining.  Mystic is also on the

Here's the official press release..

Unifying the Peace Community is the mission of the 4th Annual 911
Festival.  Franti states  911 began in 1999 as an international day of
art and culture in support of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal.  The
eleventh day of the ninth month (911) was chosen to call attention to
the emergency status of Mumia s impending execution.  In 2000 the
event was expanded to show support for all prisoners on death row, and
to speak out against the exponential growth of the prison industrial
complex.  In 2001 the day of September eleventh took on a wider
significance as a result of the tragic loss of life which took place
on the attacks of the day.  At our 4th annual 911 Power to the
Peaceful Festival, we will create a compassionate space of healing for
ALL those people killed or displaced by terrorism and by the war on

The main stage will be hosted by Davey D and Weyland of KPFA's "Hard
Knock Radio" and will showcase keynote speakers, spoken word, and live
musical acts with Michael Franti and Spearhead headlining.  Amy
Goodman, (award-winning journalist of National Radio and TV program
Democracy Now!), Mario Africa (MOVE and AWOL organization), Krist
Novoselic (formally of Nirvana), Jello Biafra (social commentator and
spoken word artist), and Medea Benjamin (Global Exchange) are the
confirmed speakers.  KRS-One (hip-hop pioneer), Mystic (hip-hop
artist), Los Mocosos (SF Latin-based rock, funk, salsa band), Medicine
Drum (electronic/tribal band), New Soul Singers (gospel band), JahYzer
(Jah Warrior Shelter), Garth (Wicked), Ms. E (FutureBreaks FM), DJ
Soulsalaam, Sake 1 (Local 1200) and DJ Adnan (Uniting Souls) are
confirmed musical acts.


Last week we ran an article about rap artists who are also school
teachers.  We focused on Boots from the Coup being the newest arrival
to this rapidly growing group.  He has committed himself to teaching a
class on Hip Hop and Social Issues at an Oakland high school.  In the
article I ran down a long list of folks and forgot a couple of
artists.  We have to give a shout out to Grammy nominated Mystic.
This Oakland rapstress who blew up the spot with hit songs like 'The
Life' used to teach kindergarten.

We also have to give a big shout out to Tajai of Souls of Mischief.
This Stanford graduate will be joining the teaching ranks this fall as
a substitute teacher.  So now Oakland school kids will have two well
known artists breaking down the lessons in the classroom.  In the next
couple of weeks we plan to do a big TV and radio show with all these
artists who are making moves in the classroom.  We'll keep you
posted...  I wonder if being the teacher's pet means having to bust a
dope freestyle as opposed to bringing an apple..


Speaking of Tajai, we got a chance to chop it up the other day when I
stopped by the mighty Hieroglyphics West Oakland office.  I came away
with so much new product I needed a new Hiero record bag and Hiero
hoodie to carry everything.  Hiero and the Living Legends Crew have
got to be the most prolific artists I know.  They always have some new
material for cats to check out.  Almost all of it is banging..  .

A few things to look out for the.'One Big Trip' album and DVD is off
the hook.  Its being positioned as 'Hip Hop's 1st ever single disc DVD
+CD.  On one side we get a chance to peep some dope songs from artist
like Jurassic 5 ['Verbal Gunfight'], Magic Disco Machine ['Make the
People Sway'], J-Ro of the Liks 'What U Lookin At', Royce Da 5'9"
['Runnin'], Dilated Peoples ['Downtown' ] Loot Pack ['Movie 2
Groupies'] and Swollen Members ['The High Road'].The Hiero Crew also
delivers some off the hook songs including 'Hydra' , 'G.U.O.M.D.'  ,
'Think Again' and 'Soweto' which is done with Oakland's rising star
'Goapele'.  Lastly we can't forget the title cut which is done by Del
Tha Funky Homosapien.

Now after you get done listening to one of the better albums for 2002,
 flip the DVD over and watch the movie 'The Search Continues' which
is about a road trip and the people encountered on that trip.  I
haven't watched the whole thing yet so I can't give you a full run
down...  But in talking with Tajai he noted that he felt it was
important to come with some 'extra stuff for the consumer'...  Trust
me folks you get more then your money's worth with the album alone.
The movie takes it over the top and I'm sure we will now find more and
more artists moving in that direction.

Other projects to look out for from the Hiero camp include Pep Love's
'Ascension Side CO.  This 11 song album features songs that didn't
make the Ascension album which was released earlier this year.  Most
of the songs are dope-This isn't a throw away LP..  The standout cuts
are 'Sabotage', the politically laced 'Fallen' which calls for Black
unity and 'Relief' which I think is Pep Love's best work ever.  His
flow is incredible.


We also have 'Even Closer' by Goapele which is being put out on
Hiero's label.  Folks here in the Bay are familiar with this soulful
songstress.  Her voice is angelic and her music is incredible.  She's
a familiar face and voice at a lot of rallies and Hip Hop showcases.
In fact she toured with Michael Franti of Spearhead.  She used
to catch everyone's ear by singing politically laced songs over
popular Hip Hop beats.  During the height of Cali's fight against the
Juvenile Crime bill-Prop 21, people were treated to a song done by
Goapele titled 'Ain't No Sunshine' which was sung over the beats used
by Nore in his song 'Oh No'.  It gave a insightful break down about
the pending legislation and was later featured on a compilation album
put out by the now defunk Blu Magazine.  Even the most hardened cats
have been peeping her material for the past couple of years.

Her most recent offerings include already popular songs like
'Childhood Drama' which initially used a sample from Herbie Hancock's
Headhunters.  The new downtempo piano laden version is featured on the
album.  Even Closer includes 'Catch 22' and 'Closer' which is are
heard on some of the commercial stations out here.  Other cuts include
'Red, White and Blue' which is a introspective guitar laden take on
this country's current 'war time' situation.  Hiero crew rappers Pep
Love, Casual along with local artists Zion I step up and drop flows on
some of Goapeles hotter songs like 'Ease Your Mind' and 'The Daze'.
Soulive help round out the album on a jazzy flavored song called

My personal favorite 'It Takes More' which talks about the plight of
young kids growing up in West Oakland without parental guidance.  This
particular song skillfully uses a sample from Gladys Knight [ 'And
This Is Love'] and had been out for about a year.  DJ Fuze of Digital
Underground is featured on the cuts.  The song was set to be featured
on an upcoming movie soundtrack until my good friend Scarface and his
producers somehow got a hold of that beat and used it in their song
'In Cold Blood' which is on the new Fix album [That's another good LP
to peep].  So needless to say the song got pulled..  You'll probably
see Mr Face blow up with this cut, but I gotta note for the record, it
was a Oakland homegirl that was rocking that beat and flipping it
around for a full year before Face's LP dropped.

In any case 'Even Closer' is an incredible album that'll leave you
wondering why more artist don't bring this much heat to the table.

Check out her website www.goapele.com.  For more info on other Hiero
projects like the new Del and Casual albums check out



Below is a written statement from Ludacris' mom addressing the
O'reilly Factor crusade to boycott Ludacris and Pepsi...  There are
also a number of petitions being circulated around the net to get Luda
reinstated..  Lastly there are a bunch of feedback letters that one
can peep at

Ironically there has been more energy, press and clamoring about Ja
Rule vs DMX then this O'Reilly bit...I Guess that's just a sign of the

Ludacris' mom writes:

Mr. O'Reilly, how irresponsible, arrogant, erroneous and slanderous of
you to call my son a thug.  I am referring to your statement,
"O'Reilly believes that the company (Pepsi) was irresponsible for
hiring a "thug" to represent their product."

Not true!

Ludacris is an entertainer and an artist, and just like every artist
in music, video, movie and the arts, he has the right to artistic
expression.  Let's keep it real.  Fox cannot take the high ground with
respect to artistic expression.  Fox produces shows, movies, video
games and air commercials that depict violence and sex, and offend and
degrade women.

Furthermore, I take exception that you call my son "a dumb idiot who
got lucky and exploits the system that we have."  That comment is an
oxymoron and it, too, is untrue.  He has prepared for his
opportunities since he was 8 years old when he said, "Mom I love music
and whether I am in front of the microphone or behind it, I will be in
the music industry."  He pursued his music vision through effective
relationship building, academic studies and hands-on experience,
including internships in radio and entertainment law.  How
inappropriate of you to minimize his accomplishments due to ignorance.

As for your statement, "I don't want antisocial behavior to be
rewarded in our society," what antisocial behavior has Ludacris ever
demonstrated?  None!!!!!!  He is a hard working responsible young
person.  He has integrity and does not prejudge a man before meeting
him.  Have you met my son?  Mr. O' Reilly takes the mirror test.  How
righteous of a man or even responsible of a journalist are you?  You
prejudged Ludacris and shared misinformation as if it was a universal
truth - information that is damaging to him as an artist.  It is you
who is demonstrating antisocial behavior and slander.  However, we
take the higher ground and do not call for elimination of the rewards
that you receive through your exploitation of artists.

Let me enlighten you about Ludacris and why we are proud of him.
First, my son has always been tenacious in seeking his goals and has a
strong sense of community responsibility.  His first major
accomplishment was at age 21.  He took his life savings and, together
with good credit, purchased his first house.

Secondly, Ludacris is self-motivated and self-directed.  At age 23, he
self-funded, produced and successfully marketed his first album.  This
album was repackaged, released by Universal and received a Grammy
nomination!  Thirdly, his most recent accomplishment is the
establishment of The Ludacris Foundation.  The Foundation provides
gifts, grants and scholarships to Foster Care Shelters, Stay-in-School
and High School athletic programs, Book Drives/Reading and Art
Appreciation programs and many other initiatives designed to increase
self-esteem and motivate young people.  The Foundation board includes
members from the art industry and corporate executives from Fortune
500 companies that share Ludacris' passion and concern for young
people.  In closing, Mr. O'Reilly my son will continue to be
successful despite you and others like you who rail against artistic
expression.  He is blessed with success because he has faith, vision
and is willing to work hard.

by - Shamako Noble

Backpackers and G's ladies and gentlemen.  These are two very
prevalent stereotypes in the world of Hiphop.  I don't really think
I'm either one of the, Don't get wrong, I use to wear a backpack.  But
a lot of the time, because of the promotions company I work for, it
would be carrying a bunch of G shit which makes it and me kind of a
dichotomy.  I've talked to a lot of people about this recently.  And
in fact, if any of you caught Davey D's column in the Eye [San Jose
Mercury]the other day, then you probably noted that T-Kash from the
group "The Coup" was commenting on the fact that Hardcore Rappers and
Conscious rappers (the more politically correct terms for backpakers
and G's ) need to band together if the South bay scence is to ever get
any props on any level.  Here's where we have the problem.

From what I've seen on both ends, nobody really seems that interested
in bridging the gap.  Some people believe that the burden of
responsibility falls on the shoulders of conscious Hiphop heads who
are typically the ones that chose to state what is and is not Hiphop.
Naturally, if you are going to make a statement, you should be willing
to make some sort of step to rectify this problem.

I am personally in agreement.

To get straight, to the point, one issue I have with any degree of
conscious complicated rhymes, especially ones of a revolutionary
nature, is "Who are you talking to?".  Historically speaking, the
number of revolutionaries that come from the middle class is much
higher than that of the lower or higher economic class.  Some assume
that's because of this simple rule-poor enough to pissed off, rich
enough to have time to do something about it.  Nevertheless, I think
oft times, with revolution, as with Conscious Hiphop, people forget
that in order to understand revolution, well you have to be able to
read the word.

"People don't understand my lyrics, I'm just too complex!"  Then why
not start an after school reading program in an area of the community
where it's badly needed.

"Fuck that yo, that fools not real Hiphop, he doesn't represent any of
elements!"  Well, why not ask him why he doesn't represent any of the
elements.  Surprisingly enough, you might find that most people, G or
Backpacker have all participated, through action or observance, in the

Pride and arrogance has been the downfall of many an empire, leader,
and nation.  I would hope, that those involved in the Hiphop community
are inspired to humble themselves, and just ask questions, make
inquerries, seek out the information, do the research, implement the
plan.  We can make it happen.

Hit me at freshcoasttrippin@yahoo.com.


written by Dove

Widely known as one third of the eclectic Black Eyed Peas crew,
Will.I.Am is steadily proving that his work ethic carries three times
the weight of an average emcee.  He and his partners in rhyme,
Apl.de.Ap and Taboo, have established a respectable spot in Hip Hop
music, and Will has been striving to expand upon his own unique

Since the Black Eyed Peas debut album Behind The Front was released in
1998, Will.I.Am's mysterious yet approachable demeanor has earned him
many a devot ed fan.  In 2001 he ventured out on his own to record the
'soundtrack' Lost Change - not to leave the Peas behind, but to set
foot on the trail of his personal passions.  Although Lost Change
received ardent critical acclaim, the album did not sell particularly
well.  Will explains that album sales were not a focus to him.  "It
wasn't really supposed to [sell a lot].  The only people I really
cared about listening to it and liking it was the Okayplayer community
and the Breakestra community.  That's not really a lotta people - it's
just tastemakers, people that care about music integrity.  That's
pretty much all I cared about.  I got the video played on MTV - shot
the video, paid for it myself, and I took it to MTV's offices and they
added it.  That was kinda surprising cuz it wasn't like it was
[selling] mad units, and there were a whole bunch of other groups that
they weren't playing."

The Black Eyed Peas recently did a Dr.  Pepper TV commercial full of
their larger-than-life flair for entertainment.  When approached with
the fickle Hip Hop stance that artists getting endorsement deals
equates to 'selling out', Will expresses irritation.  "I think that
the people that are fickle are these new cats.  The people that are
saying those things are those cats that really have no clue on
entertainment - not just Hip Hop, but the entertainment industry.
They expect artists to be their secret little discovery.

If I was really worried about 'keeping it real' then I never would
have put an album out - I would still be in my neighborhood doing
music for my homies.  When we went to the next neighborhood to do
music for other people, my homies on the block said 'y'all sellouts,
why the fuck y'all goin' to Hollywood?'  If I really cared about that
I would have stopped it back then, cuz in actuality those are the real
cats - the people I grew up with that dug what I did.

There's a time when you gotta grow as an artist, as a businessman, and
as a human.  I gotta take these steps - people ain't gonna like it but
as long as I feel good - you can't please everyone.  It's those cats
that don't understand that mentality - they're selfish.  'Aw fuck that
shit!  The Roots won a Grammy?'  'Jay-Z's jiggy!'  - I was talking to
Rakim about that - I was like 'yo, you said yourself: I cold show my
rings and my fat gold chains, rock the mic like I'm on Soul Train.
You was boastin' and braggin' about gold.  What's the difference
between that line and any Cash Money [song]?'

"Hip Hop has always been about that.  Hip Hop was never supposed to
stay in the South Bronx - it's whole purpose was to be the biggest
form of music in the world and do the things that people we're doing.
Run DMC would never have made a song called "My Adidas" - muthafuckas
didn't get a dime for it.  They were selling Adidas and Adidas didn't
even have to do a marketing campaign - they didn't have the little
marketing meeting - 'let's get these Black guys to sell our shoes with
laces that [aren't suited] to fit the shoe and have all these urban
kids buy our gear'.

These corporations - Nike, Sprite, Coke, Panasonic, Motorola - they're
gonna utilize urban music anyway to sell their product because most
urban people buy these products.  Every rapper talks about Motorola in
their video for fuckin' free.  So why not get paid for a commercial
when people are doing it for free anyway?  Why not give it back to Hip

Coke is gonna get some corny dude from the suburbs that don't really
know about Hip Hop history, and he's gonna be rapping on TV selling
Coke.  Why not the Roots?  Do they not deserve it?  I'm pretty sure
they got Coke in their muthafuckin dressing room.  Why not the Black
Eyed Peas to do Dr.  Pepper?  We' re the only muthafuckas that like
that soda.  I don't see nobody drinkin no Dr.  Pepper in no video.
We're an odd ass group - why not us?  I don't understand why people
hate.  As long as the Roots next song isn't 'Yo, say Coca-coca-cola'."
Will laughs.

"Artists are not making as much money on record sales as they used to
because of the internet," he continues hurriedly.  "So many people get
the stuff off the internet and it's the same damn quality.  Artists
are gonna have to scrounge up new ways of making money to make music
for these fans.  What do you expect groups like us, J5, and the Roots
to do when we ain't gettin' record sales to give you the music that
you like?  Y'all muthafuckas better be happy, because that way we can
take more risks creatively."

The Black Eyed Peas are back in the studio working on their next
album, Elephunk, and Will is working on yet another step in his career
- the "I Am" clothing line.  The fashions will be boutique style
pieces in limited editions, and will be mostly for the ladies.  "I
ain't tryin to dress no [guys].  I'm trying to dress women, and
undress women," he says with a coy smirk.

Will.I.Am is a man of many talents, and his deep-rooted confidence
blossoms daily with new ideas.  People's definitions of what he
represents don't make or break him - because when it comes down to it,
Will knows exactly who he is.

~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~
dove@rimemagazine.com Courtesy of RIME Magazine

Issue 4 out now: Snoop Dogg, Blackalicious, Public Enemy, Slum
Village, Paris, Kenny Muhammed, E-Swift, Res, Zion I, Motion Man,
Lords Of The Floor B-Boy Competition, Cormega, and much more!
http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/rimemagazine for more info

The "Call Out!"   by J.D.L.

I was asked by Troy L., to let the hip-hop world know about the time
when "Flash and the Furious Five" called out the top M.C.  groups.

Well it happened on a Thursday night.  It was the grand opening of
"Skate Fever".  A roller rink on Mc Combs road in the Bronx, (across
the street from the Estacy garage) It use to be called Jerome roller
rink until Sal, the owner of "Disco Fever" bought it.  It was real big
and spacious and had a hollow wooden stage in the middle of the
skating rink.  So if somebody was performing the crowd could either
skate around them or if it was real crowded just stand, dance and
watch the ghetto superstars perform.  However when Sal bought it he
had it remodeled.  He built a stage upstairs elevated next to the D.J.
booth.  He also built a bar and dance floor downstairs that had that
had a big screen T.V.  so the downstairs crowd could see the
performers perform while enjoying there drinks.  He did not take down
the stage in the middle of the rink.  It just was never used anymore.
A lot of groups came that night for the grand opening of "Skate

It was the winter time, this was after the Busy Bee, Moe Dee battle
and Us verses the Fantastic 5.  Star Child was the D.J.  for the night
and when Star Child plays who ever comes in gets acknowledge on the
mic.  So all at attendance that night was Kurtis Blow, Love bug Star
ski, Busy Bee, Dougie Fresh, Treacherous 3, Fantastic 5ive and us..The
Cold Crush Brothers.  Fearless Four was performing that night.  The
Furious Five and the Treacherous 3 was already having beef with each
other at the time.  The hip-hop world was just waiting for the battle
to jump off anyway.

The party was jumping hard, jammed packed.  All the M.C.  crews was
playing high post (meaning each crew was positioned in the party) not
really mingling with one another even though some groups was cool with
each other.  Us (Cold Crush) and Fantastic wasn't cool, they wasn't
digging us too much cause they couldn't handle the fact that even
though they won that battle, that in reality we really won, just
listen to the tape.  The truth was that after the battle their careers
went down and ours went up, up to the point that we ran N.Y.C.  and it
was all about us!  So it was a little tension in the air but they did
not want it with the Cold Crush 4!  So the fearless 4 got on.  They
were dressed in leather suits.  The M.C.s had on red leather suits,
the D.j.s had on white leather suits.

So a lot of people came from downstairs and the skating stopped and
the Fearless Four did their show, which is a real good show too
because the fearless is a real combination of the Treacherous 3 and
the Cold Crush with there own signature flair and pizzazz rolled in
one.  They was well respected for being that way.  That's why we
formed the alliance (Cold Crush, Treacherous 3, Fearless 4 and Dougie
Fresh) Cause we were all each others mirror.  They was doing their
show and the crowd was responding to them real well and in the middle
of there show, (I think they was doing there hit "Problems of the
World") and a tour bus pulls up in front of the skating rink and the
bus said "Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five" on the side.

Everyone could see the bus because the front of the rink has a big see
through glass windows.  So the bus door opens and in walks Flash, E-Z
Mike, Mele Mel, Scorpio, Rahiem, Kid Creole and Cowboy (R.I.P.)
dressed to a tee!  With no security!  They had on tailored leather
suits with mink vest, Mele Mel had an exclusive black mink vest with a
bunch of little minks biting on the edges of the whole vest.  So they
came through stomping there way to the old stage.  Flash and E-Z Mike
went towards the D.J.  booth.  When Flash got to the D.j.  booth he
made O.C.  and Crazy Eddie cut the music off, by this time the
Fearless show was stopped and they didn't know what was going on, all
they could see is the Furious Five up on the stage stomping around
causing a crowd frenzy and you could hear people say "oh shit", "oh
shit", and being that the old stage is hollow, the stomping from there
boots is making a loud bassy sound.

The crowd is wondering what's going on, the Fearless is tight now they
are coming down from the new stage to see what is going on.  All the
M.C.  groups are looking at them like what the fuck is these cats up
to now interrupting the Fearless 4 show.  Now all the groups are on a
B.Boy stand at this time.  That's when Mele Mel screamed out to Flash
"send a mic down here" E-Z Mike and one of the other weekday house
D.j.s set up 4 mics with stands.  Now shit is getting quiet cause
everybody wants to see what they have to say.  The mics come on and
they check them and Mele starts off by saying "The Furious and
mysterious ever so serious five m.c.s in this mother fucker and we
just came off tour as you can see our bus is right out side and we are
the number one group in the world.  So we come home from tour and we
hear mother fuckers talking shit about us, like we ain't got it no
more and all we got is records and we can't fuck with this crew or
that crew.  And you hear Cowboy in the back ground saying "say some
names Mel say some names"

Then Mel said "Naw I ain't going to say names, they know who they are"
The crowd was feeling all the hoopla and was amped up on the fact that
something was going down tonight.  People in the crowd was looking at
groups.  I looked over at the Treacherous 3 as they approached were we
was at.  Around this time the groups all started forming on the rail
facing the Furious 5.  I was getting a feeling in my stomach that what
they was saying was a message sent indirectly to us and the
Treacherous.  Everybody in Skate Fever was in awe the way the Furious
5 was prancing around striking all kinds of poses.  The people also
knew that when they leave that night they will have a story to tell
those who did not attend, what will go down in history as "The Call

So we were standing there listening to them pop mad shit and I really
wanted to step to them right then and there but Caz was like "Chill
L., Chill" So I chilled and watched them carry on.  So Cowboy said
"Fuck that I'm going to say names" and he say's "We talking about Busy
Bee, Fantastic 5, The Treacherous 3 and especially the Cold Crush 4"

Now Mele Mel said we got one thousand dollars cash right here" and he
takes two nice stakes of bills and slams them together in front of
him.  The crowd was bugging now as Mele Mel continues, and says "Yall
can come up crew by crew or yall can gang up together but whatever way
it goes were ready to battle all yall right now"

Mother fuckers is like "of shit" at this time you can see Kool Moe Dee
and L.A.  Sunshine breaking on the Furious saying "Lets go anytime any
place".  I totally flipped out on them and started barking on them
with some "Cowboy you..ain't shit and the rest of yall is riding on
Mele Mel's coat tail cause he write all yall shit.  Cowboy was saying
"I'll take you out, I'll take you out" and I was "come on, all yall"
"Come on fuck yall" "Yall just jealous cause we run shit"!!!

Fantastic was saying something and then about as minute later they
(Furious) walked out got back on the bus.  "The call out" has been
made in front of a capacity crowd on the grand opening of "Skate
Fever" The Furious 5 definitely showed there asses that night.  Out of
all the groups that were there that night it was only one group there,
that would of gave them a run for there money and that was the
Treacherous 3 m.c.s.  However there was another group that was there
that night that would of busted the Furious Five's mother fucking ass
and set the record straight once and for all!!!  The only group in
there that nobody wanted it with period!...  AND THAT'S CHARLIE CHASE,
EMCEE'S!!!!!!!!!  And The Furious knew this!!!!  I will explain why.

Later on that night when me and Caz went to Disco Fever for the after
party, while we was in the V.I.P.  room Mele Mel had came in, so I was
like "yo Mel what's up with that shit y'all pulled tonight?  He told
us that they had to do it that way because they been on tour so long
that when they came back they found out that N.Y.C.  wasn't there's
any more, it was ours.  And he also said and I quote "if yall (Cold
Crush) would of battled us tonight yall would have beaten us hands
down" unquote.  Then he said "we just did that to get things going our
way because were going to be doing some shows in the city, that all".
We told him we respected that and thanks for his honesty.  But right
after that night we decided that we were going to say there names in
our Rhinestone Cowboy routine and not giving a fuck no more.  The
Treacherous 3 started saying their routine off of boogie wonderland
with the Furious name in it too.  So whenever Chase used Planet Rock
in our shows we did Rhinestone Cowboy with the Furious call out.  We
did not see the whole Furious too much after that just Mel and Scorpio
in the Fever and shit, nothing else was said about that night but we
never slept on them or no other group neither!

There ended up being a battle but not until the middle nineties and I
was not there, Cowboy(R.I.P.) was not there either.  The Furious 5
lost to the Cold Crush Brothers in the Paramount theater!

Note: Portions of this monthly editorial are excerpts from J.D.L.s
forth coming book titled J.D.L.  THE MAN THE MYTH..THE LEGEND.(The
Untold Truth)

Also due to J.D.L.'s drop in security classification he has been moved
to a camp.  Anyone wishes to write him his new address is.Jerome
Wilson#01R4437 Camp Georgetown Road#1,box48 Georgetown, New
York-13072- Holla at me!  ONE.

This story comes courtesy of Troy L Smith and Jayquan of the
Foundation Website.  Be sure to peep them at


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