September 20 2002
In this week's issue

*Wildstyle 20th Anniversary Reunion
*Boston Hip Hop Youth Conference
*Hip Hop Speaks Youth Townhall
*PE vs MTV: The Protest
*Ban The Video Ho by DuEwa M. Frazier
*Male Supremacy by Kiilu Nyasha

The FNV Newsletter c 2002
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***This week we have two excellent essays coming from two dynamic
sistas of different generations..  We felt it was important that folks
peep what they had to say and really reflect on where they are coming
from.  Afterwards we should all ideally step up and make a personally
commitment to bring about change..  In the mean time, here's a couple
of updates.

First we have to take a moment to acknowledge and pay tribute to the
20th anniversary of Wild Style-the Movie.This was the landmark film
put together by Charlie Ahearn back in 1982 that became many people's
first introduction and insight into Hip Hop culture.  It was the flick
where we got to meet Fab 5 Freddy.  It was the flick where the
collective activities of graffiti, b-boying [break dancing], DJing,
and emceeing [rapping] were shown together as a lifestyle that we now
call Hip Hop.  Wildstyle is considered to be one of the top ten best
'Rock-n-Roll' films of all time.  That's according to the Rock-N-Roll
Hall of Fame.

If you happen to be in New York City tonight [Friday Sept 20 2002]
there will be a Wildstyle Reunion.  This is going down at the East
River Amphitheater [East River Park in Manhattan] starting at 6pm.
For those who are unfamiliar, this is where the film's famous outdoor
jam session was filmed.  All sorts of pioneering luminaries will be on
hand including Fab 5 Freddy, Grand Master Caz, graf artist Lee Quiones
who was the central figure in the movie, the Queen of graf Lady Pink,
Grand Wizard Theodore, Chief Rocker Busy Bee and Crazy Legs of the
Rocksteady Crew.  There will be special performances, an old school
fashion show and a special screening of this classic movie.


***If you happen to be in the Boston/New England area do not forget
this weekend's Hip Hop Youth conference.This is the first annual
Active Arts Youth Conference which will be dealing with a variety of
issues ranging from youth activism, social justice, politics, health
issues and other issues that impact the Hip Hop community.  Of course
there will also be open mics and performances.  There will a keynote
speech from Minister Ben Muhammad of the Hip Hop Political Action
Network.  Other guest include dead prez, Medusa, Jahi, Welfare Poets
and local artists.  For more info peep out


***On Monday September 23 hundreds of people are expected to converge
down to historic Riverside Church in Harlem for the Hip Hop Speaks
YOUTH TOWNHALL MEETING.  Also on board for this important gathering
will be Russell Simmons and his Hip Hop Political Action Network.  The
theme is Education and founder Kevin Powell has thus far done a good
job creating a space and lining up a panel of young people to speak
about education and the issues impacting their generation.  Hiphop
Speaks believes that a quality EDUCATION is a human right, not a
privilege, and that budget cuts to education, after-school programs,
or other activities that can help young people improve their lives are
equal to turning our backs on our communities and our future.  Toni
Blackman of Freestyle Union will be moderating.  Kuttin Kandi will be
on the one and twos..  There will be an emcee battle afterwards..

For more information or to set up an information/organization table,
mailto:hiphopspeaks2001@aol.com.  You can also phone us at
718-399-0695 between the hours of 9AM and 6PM, Monday-Friday.


First if you happen to be in NY or New England
Here are some quick tour dates for Public Enemy

Sat Sept 21 Worcester, MA -Palladium
Sun Sept 22 Providence, RI -Lupos
Mon Sept 23 Amherst, MA-Pearl Street
Tues Sept 24 NY NY-The World

Looks like more then a few folks are upset and ready to make moves.
The context in which to put this PE situation is not to see it as
'poor Chuck D didn't get his video played'.  It's about seeing the
long term impact such blatant actions have. Over the past year we
have seen a 'silencing of 'political voices' and views From Tavis
Smiley being removed from BET to me losing my spot at KMEL to Bill
Maher getting canned at ABC to Gil Noble on the verge of losing his
excellent show 'Like It Is'.  The message that resonates is from corporate
controlled outlets is clear: if you make speak out  we'll shut you down and
shut you up..  I'm glad folks are stepping up..

Here's a recent press release:


What's most important is that women should be respected and defended,
not disrespected and abused.

Sisters of the world unite, resist all forms of oppression, and
struggle to abolish White and male supremacy.

Kiilu Nyasha
Black Leadership Owes Hip-Hop An Apology

Kiilu is a long time activist, freedom fighter and community elder who
is well respected and very muched loved here in the Bay Area.  She's a
former Black Panther who has sat down and worked directly with many of
Bay Area west coast artists early on who are now considered
'conscious'.  Kiilu was one of the few elders who was willing to break
bread with Hip Hoppers when so many adults were thumbing their noses.
She's the one who hipped a lot of cats to the Prison Industrial
Complex, Black August, Political Prisoners and Cointel-Pro.  Her
articles are often featured in the SF Bayview..  and she can be heard
on KPFA and KPOO..  Drop her a line at kiilu1@mindspring.com

The FNV Newsletter c 2002
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