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March/ April/ May 2003 Headlines

Week of May 31 2003

  • Hip Hop Summit to Touch Down In Denver
  • Is Hip Hop's State of Emergency Self-Impossed?
  • Hip Hoppers Set to Take On Viacom & Clear Channel
  • Snoop & Magic Don Juan to Sell VSOP
  • Ras Kass Arrested Awaiting Extradition To LA
  • Jdee of the Lench Mob Heats Up On Ice Cube
  • Shots Fired at Death Row Records
  • Howard U Forms The Hip Hop Republicans

    Week of May 25 2003

  • Hip Hop Meets Civil Rights in LA
  • R Simmons Set To bring 100 thousand to City Hall
  • Hip Hop Exchange Brings in Cuban Groups
  • It's Tough Being A White Long island Rapper
  • Onyx Member Big DS Dies From Cancer

    Week of May 18 2003

  • Canibus On Active Duty-Set to Release album
  • Dr Dre's Mom Hit w/ Gun Charge
  • Another Murder Inc Employee Shot
  • Star & Buc Off Hot 97-MTV's Sway Replaces Them
  • US Armed Forces Ignoring Rap & Hip Hop
  • Detroit's 'Hip Hop Mayor' Blowing Up The Spot
  • Baker Boyz, Big Tigger Do the Damn Thing in Miami
  • Mos Def & Rakaa Iriscience Called 'US Traitors'
  • Malcolm X & Hip Hop: Happy 78th
  • Remembering Malcolm X on His B-Day
  • Cold Crush Brothers Respond to Jay-Z
  • Was The Matrix Reloaded All That?
  • Hip Hop Appreciation Week Kicks Off
  • Hip Hop Connects w/ God More & More
  • Actor Danny Glover Being Silenced
  • Proof of D-12 Attacked by Murder Inc

    Week of May 12 2003

  • Snoop to Remake Airplane Movie: 'Soul Plane'
  • New Hip Hop Play: 'Facing Mekka'
  • Hip Hop Legend Surpasses Financial Goals
  • Rosa Parks vs 'Rosa Parks' Again
  • Indianapolis Can't Prove Hip Hop Ban
  • Apple iTunes Causes Stir w/ RIAA
  • Detroit Mayor Runs on Hip Hop
  • Sharpton to Register Hip Hop Voters
  • Bloomberg LP Rap Video Insults Blacks
  • Fat Joe Opens Restaurant
  • Sarah Jones Rocks the Bay Area
  • ODB aka Dirth McGirth Records w/ Neptunes
  • Wyclef Heads Over to J Records
  • Rappers, Celebs & Activist Protest Drug Laws
  • P-Diddy, Simmons & Clinton Fight 'The Roc'!
  • Roc-A-Fella Records Exec Busted for Growing Pot
  • Hip Hop Activist Stop Superjail

    Week of May 5 2003

  • Ja Rule Didn't Invent Hip Hop
  • GM Flash Is Still On the Trail
  • 50 Cent Sued For Unpaid Medical Bills
  • DJ Vlad Arrested in NY For Unpaid Parking Ticket
  • Pioneers Launch Hip Hop History Tours
  • Roc-A-Fella Set To Take On Hollywood
  • Fredwreck Slams Bush w/All-Star Anti-War Crew
  • Ray Benzino Opens South Beach Miami Nite Club
  • Hip Hop Version of the Play:'Jesus Christ Superstar'
  • Oakland's Foreign Legion Is On A Mission
  • Gangsta Rappers Facing Growing Call for Peace
  • Asian Beats Influencing Hip Hop
  • Murder Inc Accused of Intimidation
  • Another Rap Feud: Def Jam vs TVT
  • DJ Kay Slay Featured in NY Times
  • Clear Channel to Sell Live Performance Concert CDS
  • An Open Letter to Russell Simmons
  • The Term 'bling bling' Added to Oxford Dictionary

    Week of April 27 2003

  • An Open Letter to Russell Simmons
  • The Term 'bling bling' Added to Oxford Dictionary
  • Daz & WC on New Anti-War Song: STOP
  • Simmons, Clear Channel & 20 Million Voters
  • Public Enemy to Take on George Bush
  • 50 Cent Lands Book Deal w/ MTV Books
  • 17 Thousand People Attend Detroit Hip Hop Summit
  • Another Take on the Detroit Hip Hop Summit
  • No Leads in Jam Master Jay Killing!
  • Freaky Zeeky Shot Over Traffic Dispute
  • Anti-War Raps Under Wraps
  • Suge Knight To Pen Book: Calls Nas Disrespectful
  • Consent to Represent: Freedom Fighter Steps Up!
  • The Freshest Spin: History of Mixtapes

    Week of April 21 2003

  • Anti-War Raps Under Wraps
  • Suge Knight To Pen Book: Calls Nas Disrespectful
  • Consent to Represent: Freedom Fighter Steps Up!
  • The Freshest Spin: History of Mixtapes
  • Cincy Leaders Accuse Def Jam of Being Hypocritical!
  • Should Dis Records Be Played on Radio

    Week of April 14 2003

  • A New Wave of White Rappers Hit the Scene!
  • Foxy Brown Breaks Down on Radio Show
  • Van Diesel Handpicks Rapper Buddy Klein
  • Najee Ali Smashes on TV Show 'Platinum'
  • Student Poets Victimized For Anti-War Stance!
  • City of Cincinnati Steps to Def Jam
  • Suge Knight Responds to Lawsuit Charges
  • Congress Passes Rave Act!
  • Najee Ali Calls for Hip Hop Ceasefire
  • Death Row Named in Lawsuit About Cannibalistic Rapper
  • Detroit Gears Up For Major Hip Hop Summit
  • Hollywood is on the Hip Hop Tip
  • Damon Dash Set to Premier New Film at Tribecca Film Festival
  • Sean P-Diddy Combs Lands Major Movie Role to Play the Blues
  • BET Hip Hop Fest Marred by Shootings-2 Arrested
  • Snoop Dogg's Posse Survives Drive By Shootings

    Week of April 7 2003

  • Al Sharpton Holds Hip Hop Rally
  • 50 Cent Short Changes Sold Out Chicago Show
  • Method Man Eyes 'American Idol' Star
  • Common Calls For 'Real Hip Hop' to Return
  • Nate Dogg Speaks Out on Movie Role
  • Dick Gregory Set to Keynote Hip Hop Conference
  • FBI Targeting Hip Hop Artist For Peace Songs
    Week of April 1 2003

  • Singer Edwin Starr Passes Away Today
  • Chuck D Recording in New Zealand
  • New Drama For Ja Rule
  • Simmons & Wyclef Are Principals for a Day
  • Juvenile Returns to Cash Money Records
  • Aaron McGruder Attacks Queen Latifah
  • Ed Lover & Dre Get New Radio Show
  • Who is Feenom Circle?
  • Who Really Owns Hip Hop? April Fools
  • Paris Set Screen 9-11 Documentary

  • Hip Hop Task Force Formed in Indianapolis...
  • 50 Cent To Pen Memoirs...
  • Jay-Z & Nas Voted Most Hated...
  • FBI Targeting Hip Hop Artist For Peace Songs

  • Oscar Winner A. Brody Is A Hip Hop Producer
  • Snoop Being Sued Over 'Pimp Slap Song'
  • Dame Dash Arrested
  • Congress Wants 3 Years Jailtime for Downloaders
  • Fabolous Arrested for 3rd Time This Year
  • Def Jam & Lyor Cohen Found Guilty of Fraud

  • Russell Simmons Blasts Demos & Hillary Clinton
  • Big Daddy Kane Says Bush is Gangsta
  • Actor Morgan Freeman to Hip Hop Musical
  • Common Does an Un-Common Performance in Hollywood
  • P-Diddy Speaks Out on War
  • Eve Set to Do Sitcom For UPN TV...

  • UPN Set to Launch a Hip Hop Drama Tv Show
  • Jay-Z Does A Tribute to Aaliyah-and Disses Star from Hot 97
  • 50 Cent Hooks Up w/ Mary J Blige
  • NY Corrections Officer Suspended For Working w/ Rappers Who Done Jail Time
  • RZA Says He's Ready for WAR
  • Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta Postponed;
  • Fred Durst and Jay-Z Record Song Together
  • Mc Lyte Set to Drop New Album
  • Da Brat Ready to make a Comeback
  • Foxy Brown Releases a New Street Anthem Called 'I Need A Man'
  • Beyonce Jacks 50 Cent and Remakes 'In Da Club'
  • Ice Cube Ready to Make 3 New Movies Including a Sequel to Barbershop
  • P-Diddy Set to Open a Chain of Boutique Hotels

  • Ja Rule Gets Dissed by TV Reporter in New Zealand Who calls Him the 'N' Word
  • UK's Imperial College Set to Hold First Beatbox Convention on April 26
  • Fox News Blasts Hip Hop w/ Crime-Rap Industry Links Story
  • Advertisers Turn to Hip Hop Artists to Sell Products
  • Advertsiers Turn to Hip Hop Artists to Sell Products
  • Rosa Parks Says 'No' to NAACP and Cedric the Entertainer
  • Queen Latifah Speaks on Racism and Classism
  • Suge Knight to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Show Tonight [Mon, March 10 2003]
  • Master P's Stalker Sentenced to a Year in Jail</a>
  • Luther Campbell Facing Felony Charges for Raunchy Show in South Carolina
  • Hip Hop Journalists Brutalized By Oakland Police
  • History of Puerto Rican Hip Hop Eevnt in NY
  • FCC Hearings in Seattle: Chuck D and Davey D to Speak
  • Billy Jam returns to KALX radio w/ Hip Hop Slam
  • Jermaine Dupri Named VP of Arista Records
  • Tyrese Speaks Out Against War: He Clowns George Bush
  • Al Sharpton Gets Down w/ P-Diddy for Presidential Bid
  • Was There Beef Between Ja Rule and Busta Rhymes at Last Week's Grammy Awards?
  • Queen Latifah Says Oscar Nomination is a Win for Hip Hop
  • KRS Gears Up For Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2003
  • Hip Hop Speaks-to Screen 'No!' as they Speak Out on Hip Hop Mysogony

    February 2003 Headlines

  • Russell Simmons and Hip Hop Summit Action Network Join Anti-War Movement
  • Miss Jones to take Place of Angie Martinez on Hot 97 for Next 6 Months
  • Trick Daddy Arrested For Pulling Gun During a Basketball Game
  • MTV Cancel Rap Contest After Times Square Melee
  • Keith Murray Injured In Car Accident
  • Clipse Concert Cancelled For Fear of Gang Violence

  • P-Diddy Set to Open Eatery in Detroit

    Ice Cube Disses Actor Samuel Jackson and Rev Jesse Jackson in a New Song

    Eminem 'Bank Robber Bandit' Caught

    Dave Mays of the Source Smashes on Bill O'Reilly

    Muslim Group in Seattle Uses Hip Hop to Get Message Out

    Turn Off The Radio Rally Today in NY

    Music Industry and RIAA are Trying to Get Rid of MP3 Players

    Jay-Z Joins Sneeker War as He Launches His Own Line Called the S. Carter

    Jigga Also Set to Star in Heineken Commercial

    Jurassic 5 Wants Love From the Radio w/ the Release of their new single 'Thin Line'

    Jewish Rap Group Mixes Biblical Versus and Hip Hop Music

    J-Lo's Callabo w/ LL Helps Boost His Sagging Album Sales

    21 People Killed at Southside Chicago Nite Club This Weekend

    Patriotic Group Calls for Banning of Rap: They Say It Encourages Terrorism

    Mos Def and Russell Simmons Featured in Anti-War Commercials

    Cam'ron Snubbed By NBA as they Seek to Ban Rap

    Pepsi Reaches Final Agreement w/ Hip Hop Community

    Are Oakland Police Targeting Hip Hop Clubs to Be Shut Down?

    Oakland Has a Hip Hop Church That's Making Moves

    Warren G returns to the Scene

    Common Reps for the Vegetarians

    New Book on History of Puerto Ricans in Hip Hop

    Russell Simmons, Ludacris and Pepsi Reach Agreement and Call off Boycott

    Big Pun's Widow Starts Foundation

    50 Cent Says It's Fun Being Shot

    Bill O'reilly Threatnes Physical Assault on Spokenword, Anti-War Activist

    DMX To retire from Rap

    Haystack Challenges Benzino to a Rap Battle

    Oakland's Blackdot is Making Big Moves

    Grammy Party for Universal Records Canceled for Fear of Rap Feud

    Nas Completes 'I Can' Video Which is Directed Toward Kids

    Hitman of the RBL Posse Killed In Hunter's Point

    Ice T Caught Up in Baby Mama Drama: He's Ordered to Pay Child Support

    Bill O'reilly Continues to Attack Hip Hop But Won't Go After Ozzie-Why Is That?

    Funk Flex Gets His Own Driving Shoe

    Snoop Dogg Catches Heat For Hosting Players Ball Party in ATL

    New Trial Sought In Slaying of Lost Boyz Member Freaky Tah

    January 2003 Headlines...

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