On May 18th – 25th 2003, true Hiphoppas from all over the world will come together in celebration of the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week: A time set aside for all true Hiphoppas to appreciate Hip Hop and its contributions to world culture, business, education, art, science and of course, music! This year’s theme is Responsibility. Hiphoppas are encouraged to reflect upon their productive roles and responsibilities toward themselves, their families, their communities and their world.

Anyone with pure intentions and a true love for Hiphop Kulture can participate in the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th- 25th 2003. All that is required of you is to recognize Hiphop as a legitimate international culture for peace and prosperity. Such recognition is expressed and established in a variety of ways. A few suggestions are as follows:

First: Talk with your children about Hiphop as a culture that unites a wide section of people toward peace and prosperity. Let your children know that they do not have to be a criminal to participate in Hiphop Kulture. Let them know that Hiphop is all about peace, love, unity and having fun.

Second: Hiphop Appreciation Week is an international cultural celebration that elevates Hiphop Kulture beyond presenting itself exclusively as entertainment. In reality, Hiphop is a community of responsible adults. During the 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th-25th 2003, let us present the more mature and culturally accurate aspects of Hiphop Kulture to the world. Let us stop treating Hiphop Kulture as a thing to sell. Hiphop is not a product—it is a way of life! It is a community of real people! It is a movement! Rap is something we do, Hiphop is something we live!

Third: Familiarize yourself and others with the Hiphop Declaration of Peace. This document, presented to the United Nations on May 16th 2001, legally establishes Hiphop Kulture as an international community of peace and prosperity. Such a document protects Hiphop Kulture from self-destruction and corporate mishandling. For a copy of the Hiphop Declaration of Peace you can visit

The 6th Annual Hiphop Appreciation Week, May 18th-25th 2003, is a time for reflection, maturity and Hiphop cultural unity. Do not sit around wondering what you can do. Now is the time to act! Visit for updates, events, and guidance. And remember, you are not just doing Hiphop, you are Hiphop!

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