NEW YORK, N.Y. FEBRUARY 11, 2003 On the eve of when the "Campaign For Respect" was to be launched, an agreement was reached between Pepsi, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and the Ludacris Foundation. Pepsi and the Ludacris Foundation having entered into an agreement that will distribute million of dollars in charitable contributions from Pepsi to grass-roots, nonprofit organizations serving the needs of disadvantaged youth throughout the United States. This is a multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement reached late yesterday between the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Pepsi, and the Ludacris Foundation.

According to Pepsi Public Affairs person Bart Casabona, Pepsi released the following statement today, "We've come to an agreement where the common ground is young people. We're working together on a multi-year, multi-city effort that will encourage kids to express their creativity in the visual and performing arts.

"What we're planning will be an extension of our longstanding community relations and urban marketing programs. We will focus particularly on young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to get involved in art and music."

Ms. Roberta Fields, the mother of Ludacris and Chair of the Ludacris Foundation, responded: "This agreement with Pepsi will help us help others. We are committed to the empowerment of youth through helping youth help themselves."

Russell Simmons, Chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, stated: "Pepsi's commitment should be followed by others in corporate America who desire to empower youth."

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, commented: "The agreement is a victory because it shows that the respect of hip-hop culture must be taken seriously, and the generation of youth today are taking leadership responsibly. Lastly, I'm going to emphasize that the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network will closely monitor the implementation of this agreement."

Other specific details of the agreement will be released at a later date.

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