Turn Off The Radio Rally

In a follow up to the January 14th Community Tribunal that revealed censorship of, and separate standards for Black Music on New York music media, Bob Law of the National Leadership Alliance announced today that a coalition of prominent community leaders, ministers and elected officials including Rev Calvin Butts, Dr Leonard Jeffries, and Rev Richard Ashley, have joined with hip hop activist as well as R&B and hip hop performers, like Chuck D and Dead Prez, in calling for the first major Turn Off The Radio Rally Tuesday February 18.

Charging that New York airwaves that target the Black community are filled with a preponderance of negative, violent, and destructive ideas the coalition of activist, community leaders, and performers will ask the community to on selected days to turn off the radio.

The turn off the radio strategy say’s Law came from the young brothers in the group Dead Prez, "In our conversations with young people in the hip hop community we learned that there is a great deal of music both hip hop and R&B that is positive and nourishing but music radio and music TV simply refuse to play it." The National Leadership Alliance say’s that this programming policy is part of the assault on the spirit and physic of the Black community.

At the rally the organizers will issue an open letter that will articulate the community’s concern and they will announce the first radio off day.

The Turn The Radio Off Rally will be held at 7 PM at Harlem’s noted Abyssinian Baptist Church. 138 street between Adam Powell Jr. and Malcolm X Blvd

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