Fab Arrested again!
That makes 3 Times this Year!
March 26 2003:

They say fact is stranger then fiction... such is the case with Brooklyn rap star Fabolous who was arrested for the third time this year. On Monday he was pulled over by officers who searched his car and found a 9mm pistol. In accordance to NY state law the four passengers who were riding with Fabolous were also arrested and charged with weapons possession.

Fab and his crew were leaving Webster Hall in downtown Manhattan when a security guard noticed the gun and tipped off police. When the police found the gun Fabolous's body guard fessed up and told officers it was his.. Unfortunately Fab was the one who everyone including the press zoomed in on..

In a recent interview, Fabolous explained that he is being targeted because he's a high profile celebrity. He noted that all the charges will and should be dropped.

For those who don't recall Fabolous was arrested twice in the same day back in January. The first arrest was for driving on a suspended lisence. Less then 24 hours a later he was arrested for gun possession. Fab may wanna consider taking the subway.

written by Davey D
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