Tanya's Peace Poem

peace can't be limited by the tongue 
we gotta love one another
peace must come soon
because im tired.. and those of you who
really are in the struggle know 
that i mean tired
my own sisters look at me 
and my locks as if i was 
the enemy.. brothas fronting on the
knowledge to get in bed.. or not educating their
women... no peace can come until you
share and care for you and me
we can't slide , like him, the devil
slithering about your mind
promising you the most high
mad love for lauryn hill and miss badu
powerful sisters gave birth yesterday
so i say ... hey...
if it means a means to an end 
bring forth mad drama and fight until 
we win
i love u

tanya heard  / aheard 7220@aol.com   
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