Sean's Statement
Be Responsible

First off I would like to state that the following is only my personal opinion, so upon reading open your mind to my perspective and try to acknowledge the truth in it and if my suggestion fits, then try to incorporate it into your life. You can only advance by making an attempt, through trial and error. You can learn something off of everything and everyone, no matter how the positive or negative qualities that they emulate.

I feel that all people, regardless of race, nationality, sex, or age, have an obligation to themselves, and can only advance themselves efficiently through the setting and accomplishing of significant goals. This takes hard work, dedication, struggling, and the ability to finish your important task, and to never give up,

Everyone struggles, has hardships, and must overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, regardless of their social status in life. This can be done in many ways. The strongest people often are the quietest, never giving up, taking what life throws at them, and working to improve their individual or home life. Others don't put their heart into it, but still stick to the task, often complaining and choosing to blame their problems on the next man. By blaming your problems on others, it creates separatism, hostility, and eventually a false oppression. Then others just point the finger, and never take responsibility for themselves. They choose to blame society for their setbacks and don't do anything, except wait for a free handout or something that will never be achieved without personal dedication. These people are indeed selfish, causing additional problems to a gullible audience, while drowning their concerns with alcohol or drugs.

We each are responsible for ourselves and our advancement, and can't keep running away. Without need, to ask a hard working man for money trying to support a family and maintain through a stress related often suicidal life is fine, if you really need it. But if you have the ability to do something for yourself, do it, you are holding everyone back with the negativity you display. I have been on the verge of suicide due to problems concerning money and people, but that is the easy way out. And then when faced with refusal of help by someone, I believe it is ignorant to get mad, as if they were really obligated to help you in the first place. To help out is truly positive, if one feels that it is appreciated, or for a better purpose.

By drowning and escaping your problems through drugs and alcohol, is only temporarily putting them off, and once they return it is a great deal more worse, with more time wasted than needed. It is healthy to acknowledge and to reflect on the pain, and to feel sorry, but to let it overcome you is not good.

Also, for a mother to give birth to a child on her own is a struggle many endure, but to continue to have children with different fathers is irresponsible. It only creates problems for the children. The father no matter what is responsible for that baby, and shouldn't run from his creation. It is sickening and also sad, to think of all the unwanted babies being supported by the state, not the mothers who didn't take appropriate precautions to avoid this nightmare. Mistakes do happen, but one must learn off of it and take care of their responsibility. Sex shouldn't be taken lightly, already innocent babies are being killed and placed in the trash. How selfish could you be, that is another living person, that you created through your own blunder. Children bring the ultimate happiness, and teach you to forget your own selfish needs.

You cannot judge people on one person's actions. That is very unfair. One must ignore the rage from within and accept the wrong, in hopes of a realization by the bad. To act in hostility is to only prolong problems and create a stirring of negative interest in one's opinion.

People are so quick to believe and follow, that they live for others. We must get our life together at home with family, then worry about your people, and attempts to unify all. Everything you do in some way will come back to you. Things happen for a reason. One must get to know theirself better, and trust intuition. How can one follow man, knowing how deceitful and untrustworthy we can be. Religion has contributed to the fall of all stages from past to present. We must have faith in ourselves, and learn to start trusting ourselves. For every reaction, there is a consequence, and no matter the situation, you are in control of your own life. One must think and not just react, it could lead to a lifetime of regret.

I started out from selling narcotics, to getting busted, having a kid, moving in with the girl I thought I loved to have my son raised in a family, going through despair and denial, struggling with a woman that constantly is negative towards me, to a drug phase, being broke having the state take care of us, until I stopped and looked at myself. I then got it together and looked within for what is needed for my inner peace, of course after my son is tended to. We must sacrifice in order to succeed. I then set goals, and made my mind to stop living by just getting by, but to forget everybody else and their problems, and concerning myself with my own. Once this happened, it went smoother.

You can't believe anything you hear and half of what you see, and one should take note that every one has their own opinion. We must not force it on to others creating tension that could be easily avoided by acceptance. If you don't like what they do, don't worry about them. We love in a free country no matter what anyone says, at least the most easy going anywhere on Earth. You can't keep going the negative route forever, without expecting some sort of a harsh reality happening. That way, you have ony yourself to blame for your actions, when you should have taken that responsibility of self that needs to be practiced by all.

This is to all of you that have it tough in life, those enduring a neverending battle with stress and pain. Keep it real, TO YOURSELF, and maintain, with positivity and recognizing your problems without ignorance. Much love to all nations, races, sex, and age, in other words, people.

Two last words of wisdom, it doesn't cost a penny to be nice, and if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your opinion to yourself, and think of other's feelings.

Papaloco, the stressed Puerto Rican trying to maintain and raise my seed down here in Los Angeles.

No offense to anyone or thing intended.

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