Sean's Second Statement
I Need A Ballot

How's this struggle of hardship and pain that we call life treating you brother? It is pretty hard to maintain and achieve that inner peace, but thru hip hop and my music I can try and attempt. Point blank, I need a ballot so I can exercise my right to vote. I appreciate it.

One word of wisdom on this birth of Christ, I believe in order to achieve unity of all men, we must first start with our home life, family, not race, and once we smooth that out, then work to destroy the jealousy and envy of fellow man. Thru hard work and silence, one will enjoy the result, rather than that of laziness thru blame, complaining, and asking for free handouts. If you want it, set the goal, and achieve it.

This message was not to you, just a release of drama and stress in which my baby's mother casts on to me, making me lose control thru my inability to control my temper and switch like a skitzophrenic to the point I am ashamed because I let it get physical. I just want the best for my son. Thanks for letting me talk and release things without talking, it is often hard to maintain. Keep it real( to what your feelings really are) Papaloco in Los angeles

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