Tallboy's Ideas On Peace

True Peace is a wonderful concept. But unfortunately it can only be a concept. I'm not trying to advocate violence, i myself am a pacifist by nature. There are basically three problems with True Unrivaled Peace. 1) people will always have a difference in opinions, and their passions for their oppinions will lead them to defend their oppinions at almost any cost. I'm talking just about race relations, but other things, that are truly insignificant in life. 2) As much as the black race needs peace and unity within itself, but the problem with that is that everyone needs unity, as one Human Race. Until this happens and we can all look beond skin and ethnic background, there won't be peace. and 3) In our world, everything must have a converse to exist. For Summer, there is Winter. For love there is hate. For day there is night. For dark there is light. For Yin there is Yang. And for Peace to exist there must be turmoil. That is the way the world works. I don't like saying it as much as you don't like hearing it, but that is the truth of nature, and the truth of our world. The best way to fight a battle is through peace, because peace is the opposite of violence. There will always some sort of struggle in our world, and it is through that that peace will exist. So you see there will always have to be a struggle for all of us (as a human race) to face, in order for there to ever be any kind of peace. The best way to defeat a struggle is not to fight it, that in essence creates peace, but there's always going to be some sort of problem for mankind to face, in order for there to be any sort of peace.


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