Rico's Words On Peace

Yo,whats the deal peeps this is Rico Enforcer coming to you about the word "Peace" Peace ment to some as good bye or something in that sort of nature. But peace to me means to stop all this maddness and lets come together as a culture and show the whole DAM world what REAL HIP HOP is made of. This whole Pac and Biggie thing was a media hype and as they let it get under thier skin it took place in there real lives and look what happened BOTH GONE.This crazy stuff needs to STOP. It's died down when they died, but why does it have to come to this to stop things. Hip hop isn't bout death til' you part cause it's supposed to be a culture, a way of life, a fire burnning in you soul. Not all this East vs. West sh*t. Do we need to lose some else to figure out some other problems. Let this stop end the hate, love your brothers and sisters....Cause we all we got.Don't let Hip Hop die cause of some media bull. We as a people should be bigger than that....

C- cause


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