Chris's Word On The
2Pac/ Biggie Beef

My name is Chris Johnson, and I'm just a regular old nigga from Oakland California. I'm very confused about the whole situation. I myself am a big Tupac fan, and I hate to sound so small minded, but really in all honesty Biggie and Puffy put this shit on thereselves. I don't no what happened, but I will say this. This is not an east vs west cost thing. It was a Death Row vs Bad Boy thing. I'm from the west cost, and if I see a nigga from New york I'm not going to dislike that nigga just because he's from the east. Because that my friend is what's called a playa hater, and thats not in my nature. Any nigga who dislikes me because I'm from the west cost is small minded anyway and I'm sure he dosen't represent the majority of New York. Now that we've got that cleared up; lets go back. The Death Row vs Bad Boy beef, which is what this whole things about anyway (or should I say was about) is obsolete, because The great Tupac nor the infamous Death Row is no longer with us. Do I think the beef between Bad Boy and Death Row was legitmate? Yes, because I'm a long time follower of Tupac, and I believe what he says that happened. He's always portrayed himself as anything but a liar, and he's always seemed to be a true man who sometimes even seemed incapable of lying. Furthermore like I said "Im a Tupac fan" , and I stand by him 100% . Really in conclusion, like I said no-one really Knows if biggie& company hit em up or not , and I could be wrong, but that's just how I feel. I love niggas from the east cost as long as they love me,but if a nigga from the east cost wants beef; I'll put him on his back just like I would do a nigga fom the west cost. Other fools might say no more beef. I say never was beef.

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