You Must Love Me-
Dont tell me how to live my life After all that weve been through And dont tell me what I do aint right After all the dirt you do I always took your side whether you were right or wrong I sparked that flame that lit the bomb Through the years, I shared your struggle And when your time came, I watched you bubble We were together through thick and thin When they put you out I let you in I kept your buisness on the hush When you sold gunz, slang crack and fucked I was wit you before your money ever stacked Friend or foe , I'll always have your back I showed you love when they pushed you away And you are the reason I'm all that I am today I kept it real wit you without the bullshit I was even there to hear the iron spit I stood with you when shit was goin down I ran with you after the blood stain the ground I never had an angel whose love is so deep And I know deep down you must love me in detication to Nasir-one love-

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