"Why Yoo Lookin' At Me Like That"

Yo man, why tha fuck you trippin'?
I ain't tha one tryin' ta catch ya slippin'.
But see what all this bullshit has done to you?
Tryin' to mad dawg me cuz you wanna represent your crew.
Yeah, and I bet you're tryin' to be harder than all the othas,
tryin' to start shit with peeps instead of recognizin' they're your
See I'm out here tryin' to represent somethin' too
and it ain't about no bullshit crew
I'm talkin' about knowledge, wisdom and understanding
seek the truth and love is what you might start findin'
cuz Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red we're all in this world togetha
But I'm still hearin' ya say, "Yeah, whateva!"
pick up a book kid and see what you may find
take them mental locks off your mind
I understand all this Euro-centric mis-education has got you runnin'
But it ain't neva too late to get your sight back
Your first step is realizin' fighting your own people is hella wack
so tell me again kid, why are yoo lookin' at me like that?

by Juan Maldonado
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